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    FC Rules

    ~ Fan Club Rules ~

    FanClubs must follow a rough template; please read this: FanClub Template
    Any FanClub that isn't of suitable standard will be trashed.
    Only one FanClub per character/pairing
    Off-topic posting and chat is allowed in fanclubs, but it must follow the forum rules
    It is down to the FanClub owner to keep their FanClub in order, if the owner remains inactive in their own FC then you can request to take over leadership. If there is no response within a week you may pm a moderator/super moderator and request the membership from them.
    Member FanClubs are okay as long as the person the FanClub is based on is okay with it.
    If you have a signature/user bar relating to your FC that you would like added to your signature, please pm Lawliet.
    To join an FC, all you have to do is make a post in that specific thread asking to join.
    If you need any help, please contact Lawliet.

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