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    lets have some fun now

    This thread is for those who are sick and tired of all those hokage threads,compairing threads,pairing threads..etc

    i am going to ask you a very simple question(a riddle)..there are some rules..try to follow them

    1. You can answer only once
    2.if you gave answer 2 times then second answer will be considered as invalid..even if its right..
    3. This comes without can post more than 1 time but posts after 1st reply should be irrelevant to the answer
    4.if you already know the answer..vm/pm me..dont worry i will give you rep points if i can
    5. I am currently on my its difficult to give reps.. if someone gives the right answer i will declare that member as a i am requesting all the browsers of this to give him reps as a reward
    6.try to be honest

    have fun is the question-

    You are sleeping...
    At 7 in the morning you hear the door bell....
    Unexpected guests.. Your friends came over to have breakfast.
    You have following things
    1. A pack of strawberries
    2. A bottle of honey
    3. A packet of cheese
    4. A bottle of wine
    5. A bottle of a softdrink
    6. Recently delivered pizza
    7. A bottle of water

    What do you open first???
    (its a riddle,so there will be only correct answer)

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    Re: lets have some fun now

    My eyes?

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