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    Re: Naruto Manga 478 Discussion and 479 Predictions

    I have suddenly so much to write, so this probobly going to take awhile.

    First of all i would like to give Pervy Sage cred:o But You haven`t won yet, Itachi will be back later, it`s just too early for a comeback right now

    Second of all i would like to start where BigBen left of in the last prediction thread:

    "Anyone who has seen kakashi fight knows he has more then 2
    He can use water attacks
    chidori lightning attacks
    fire attacks and also earth style
    the only thing i have never seen him do is a wind attack but 4 out of 5 is why kakashi makes people crap themselfs
    he studied under the 4th so no doubt he is a animal too"

    Well, Kakashi has lightning element. But all the rest can be copyed techniques.
    Remember that he`s the copy Sharingaan Kakashi after all.
    Well when he fought Zabusa he copyed his water dragon tech. as we have seen him use later on.
    He could probobly copyed a Uchiha member`s fire tech. whice he used when he tested Naruto and Sakura in the beginning of Shippuuden.

    And when did he use earth element?:confused: Can`t really remember that

    Thirdly: I can`t believe that some people was right about Inazagi. Have you guys scaned the whole historie of Japan or something?:confused: Where do you guys find these stuff
    The only problem is that you thought Itachi would use it

    Danzo is after NARUTO?!:confused: Danzo is going to be killed of by Naruto in an epic fight, i just know it. Sasuke`s is going to be left to die by Madara when he teams up with Danzo in the next chapter. And Madara`s going to say that he dosen`t need Sasuke anymore because he can use Danzo instead. So Sasuke will open his EMS in a different way than taking Itachi`s eye later on.

    Then Naruto and co will find Sasuke unconcious, and take him back to konoha

    So now that Danzo can use Inazagi and have the Mokton, Madara will probobly try to steal something from him or make him join forces with him.

    Naruto is probobly going to learn Mokton, since the first learned it, and aren`t Naruto suppose to be of the Senju. Then he and the first will be the only ones to learn it That`s going to become Naruto`s Kekkei Genkai.

    Imagine Sasuke with all of Naruto`s ability and the fox He would be unstoppable.

    Susano, sage mode, the fox, Rasen Shuriken, Amaratsu, and so on

    I think i know why Inazagi become a forbidden Uchiha tech.

    It looks like the tech. needed the user to take a lot of Uchiha Eyes, meaning that it would whipout the Whole Uchiha if every member started collecting eyes.
    Like two eyes to get EMS wasn`t enough. But back then everyone would have to watch their backs because they might never know when someone plucked out their eyes

    As someone said. Danzo probobly teamed up with Madara on sending the Fox to Konoha so Danzo could get the tittle of Hokage!
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