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    Awards Showcase

    ✖ Review Template



    General Info:

    Series Name:

    Year of Serialization:




    Current Status:

    Moment of Reviewing:

    Other Format(s):

    Series Summary:

    Critical Review:
    REVIEW TEMPLATE (Explained):

    General Info:

    Series Name: Here you state the name of the series you are reviewing; it's possible it has different ones depending on the language used.

    Year of Serialization: Here you state the year the series first got published/animated.

    Author(s): Here you state who created the story, though it's not always clear for series that are based upon the same series on another format who exactly made it.

    Artist(s): Here you state who created the artwork, so this mainly applies to written media, not animated ones.

    Genre(s): Here you state to which genres the series belongs.

    Current Status: Here you state whether the series has finished, is on a hiatus or is still ongoing.

    Moment of Reviewing: Here you state up to which chapter or episode you have followed a series and reviewed it. For example if you reviewed an ongoing manga that has at that point 34 chapters, the moment of reviewing would be the 34th chapter. This is important as your impression of the series might change and the review might become less representative depending on how long it continues.

    Other Format(s): Here you state whether the series also exists in another format, for example many manga get turned into anime and vice versa.

    Series Summary:

    Here you give a short summarization of the series' plot as an introduction, so try to avoid major spoilers.

    Critical Review:

    Here you give your own critical feedback on the series you watched or read. Try to avoid spoiling the story too much as after all the point of a review is for people who read the review to decide whether it's worth watching/reading the reviewed series or not.
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