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None taken man
But when did he know this ? he already has MS pumping when the fight started he got more lucky this time and yea danzo was retarded pulling out his big guns so early too haha it was a rushed fight but if he pulls this against a fighter who is as analitical as Itachi was he's going to lose
Yea i do bu the things i ask for are but only one 2 pages at most just a realy quick 2 pages not even just 2 slides per chapter enough to keep some of what's going on in konoha ... i'm using my head bro just thinking different
i see sasuke fighting like a bull who sees red ... he just picks his target and goes in swinging with big fists to kill him thats all it's going to hurt him in the end of the manga more then it'll help him unless he takes EMS ...
He actually should have made the same against Hachibi.. Once he pulled out Amaterasu,was over for the beast..

At first he was attacking Danz ruthlessely because of what everybody already knows.. It's only natural i would have done the same but then he realized the technique and kept on striking. Which in the end worked out as he planned..

Your dear Naruto is an hot-blooded character much more then anyone in the series.. And i don't read comments of that type about him..
People should be less biased..