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    baka !

    naruto used to have very strong side story that backs up every fight scene. The story, which usually synched together with character development,and the battle ends in a dramatic way that touches our heart.
    but now twist is everywhere, to the point where sakura think she's on par with naruto / sasuke.
    also sasuke soloing the juubi. *just like that

    yeah sasuke who used to have place in my heart as symbol of rebellion and badassness. now, he's none other than a lame kid who whines too much, cries too much, and avenge, avenge, avenge.
    and the worst part is how easy he became a good guy *just like that

    as for uzumaki Naruto, the character, used to cry when he needed to, when the story required him to. And we, the readers usually cried along with him. Now, he turn to be self-centered and overconfident and has the most ego and so dreamy about peace when all that he do is fight, talk, fight, talk. like a saint holding a shotgun

    and the bad guy.. oh my GOD
    dafuq happen with madara and the plan, this war is now a picnic and almost like kids story. just making a lot of scenes, not even the slightest battle have impact in story. so it seem neeji died for nothing.
    and where is tenten ?

    I would have to admit even if I'm not satisfied with how some of the things are going now in Naruto, I still can't stop reading the manga and watch the anime.

    and that p*ss me off

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    Re: baka !

    Well that's the miraculous series called Naruto.

    Even if it goes downhill, you just can stop.

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