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    My Failed Naruto Predictions 635

    Another day, another chapter, this one specially dedicated to pandu and to sagemode07, one for giving the idea, one for being right.




    Chapter 635: Madara Vs Orochimaru

    Madara: Sage mode? Well, well…looks like I underestimated you…despite that, you are still no match for me. But I will give you a chance, let us see how you dance…

    Orochimaru (thinking): It worked! Absorbing my essence back from Kabuto also gave me the power he implanted on himself…the power to easily absorb natural energy. This power…this astonishing power…

    Orochimaru: Didn’t I told you already not to subestimate me? * Bites his left thumb and brings hand down on the ground* Summoning Jutsu. * Five giant snakes (Same size of the snake that Naruto fought on the chunnin exams) are seen rising from the smoke with Orochimaru on top of the middle one. * Lets see what you can do… * One snake dashes at Madara but he manages to jump high in the air before it hits him, a second snake tries to get him while in the air, but Madara puts the snake in a genjutsu before jumping on its head.*

    Madara: You really seem diferent…*Jumps towards Orochimaru but is caught by the first snake midair, moments later the snake explodes with an angry Madara coming out of it*

    Madara:*Rape Face Mode Activate* You will pay…* Orochimaru noods with his head and his left and right snakes dash towards Madara who activates his Eternal Magenkyo and grabs them with his Susanoo before choking them, he then looks towards Orochimaru* Amateratsu! *Orochimaru jumps away right before his snake`s head ignites with black flames and lands on the ground.*

    Orochimaru: Its not over yet…Formation Of Ten Thousand Snakes! *Orochimaru Vomits and army of snakes who dashes towards Madara*

    Madara: *Makes the Horse handseal* Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation *The snakes and the fire wall launched by Madara clash before Orochimaru comes out of the flames with his lower body as a snake and lands a punch in Madara`s face, throwing him back*

    Orochimaru: Too slow. *Puts his hand on the ground as Madara lands and wood envelops the Uchiha. He then lifts his head up and the Kusanagi comes out of his mouth with seal marks on it* This will take care of you…* Orochimaru extends the blade to pierce Madara, but before it can reach him Madara uses almighty push to get rid of his wood prison and stop the sword from piercing him.*

    Madara: Enough of games, the real battle starts now!

    *Tobirama arrives in another place in the battle field followed by Obito*

    Obito: So this is your preferential battlefield… *Observes that at Tobirama`s feet there is a small FTG marking* Interesting…

    Tobirama: *Enters battle stance* This is were you die.

    Obito: I would say the same for you if you weren’t already dead.

    Tobirama: You cant seriously believe you can fight two kage on one on one, one after the other.

    Obito: No…not a kage, a hokage.

    Tobirama: What do you mean?

    Obito: I have research on you, Tobirama Senju: Highly trained with the sword since childhood, Master at the water style, developed the flying thunder god technique, managed along with his brother to learn the darkness manipulating jutsus of the first Kazekage due to a temporary alliance…there is nothing you can do that will catch me off guard.

    Tobirama: We will see about that. *Disapears and appears behind Obito but is thrown back by almighty push, lands on his feet and makes a fast handseal*Water Style: Water Fang Bullet * Out of the ground a Drill made of water comes out of Tobirama`s feet and towards Obito, who simply jumps back dodging it. Before Tobirama appears o top of him bringing down his blade that only passes right through Obito.*

    Obito: Back away! *Uses almighty push to throw Tobirama back again* This is a battle you cant win, don’t you see? Without any markings your teleporting has a reach of 20 metters and has a 5 second cooldown, compared to the 4th`s perfected Flying Thunder God, your teleporting is poor and weak.

    Tobirama (thinking): Hum…maybe…yes, I may even be able to use that two Jutsu on him! If I get the chances I may even succeed against all odds…still, I must try… *Dashes again against Obito.*

    Madara: *Makes a set of handseals* Lightning Style: Multi Currents! *Madara slams his fist on the ground causing various electric attacks (similar to Chidori current)*

    Orochimaru: *Makes a series of handseals before putting his palm on the ground* Wind Style: Wind Wall * A wall made of air comes out of the ground anulating the underground current`s effect.*

    Orochimaru: Give up, my sage chakra is unlimited! *Maddara jumps and attacks Orochimaru with his fan but Orochimaru blocks it with his Kusanagi*

    Madara: Don’t take me for a fool, Orochimaru. Why are you here?

    Orochimaru: Lets just say your young prodigy…intrests me…

    Madara: You`re after Obito…but if the rumors about you were true that means-

    Orochimaru: Guessed, huh? Not surprised…yes, I am after “Madara`s” eyes…

    Madara: …you will never get your hands in MY eye!

    Orochimaru: Your eye? So you gave your student a present…how sweet of you...unfortunately for him, he wont have it for long. *throws Madara back with his sword*

    Madara: But if you want him why did you come after me?

    Orochimaru: Well, at this very moment the second is trying to get your student, however he does not know my true objectives, the thing is: I have to appear there as an element of surprise and take Obito`s body, however Tobirama will of course, try to stop me, and I don’t honestly think I have a chance against the Hokage and a Uchiha, mainly because I was unfortunately forced to bring them back full power. So I will need help, and that’s when you come in.

    Madara: Why would I help- * An Orochimaru shadow clone comes out of the earth behind Madara and stabs his neck with a kunai sealing amulet.*

    Orochimaru: You don’t have to do it at will. You see, I have the DNA, and therefore, the essence of the one who summoned you, If I use a sealing kunai whose power overcomes the other one and that limits your powers but erases your personality I will have a fighting chance against an uchiha and a hokage combined

    Madara(talking with difficulty): You bastard… I will never let you do that…

    Orochimaru: Oh, but I already did… *Does an Orochimaru laugh (Kukukukuku…)*

    Madara(still talking with difficulty): *laughs* No…you only think I did…*Turns into wood*

    Orochimaru: A wood clone…?

    Real Madara:*Comes out of the ground with hiding like a mole technique* Indeed… *Lands a kick at Orochimaru`s head, throwing him right before unifying his hands and creating a prison made of wood around him.*

    Madara: you may have intelligence in overall, however you are no battle tactician…

    Orochimaru: Im not all out yet!* Goes snake form, destroying the cage and tries to bite Madara but has a susanoo blade stab throught the roof of his mouth.*

    Orochmaru: You…bastard…

    Madara: Humpf… *Uses Tsukuyomi on Orochimaru before setting him to flames with Amateratsu.* You subestimated the power of the Uchiha. *Pulles Susanoo sword of Orochimaru`s mouth and watches him burn to the ground leaving only the Kusanagi sword amidst the flames.*

    Madara: A sword huh…? * Grabs blade and evaluates it before smilling and disappearing in a body flicker, leaving the pieces of Orochimaru`s dead Corpse behind.*

    Extra note: Killed Orochi, honestly I didn’t see him making much in the future at the time I had the idea… PS: the extra note will now be placed AFTER the chapter due to containing spoilers.
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    Re: My Failed Naruto Predictions 635

    Cool chap, keep at it!

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    Alrighty then!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: My Failed Naruto Predictions 635

    So you took my word huh.Finally some important char's dead
    Great chap btw

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