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    Next Username Change Event..??

    Hii Guys....

    I was just viewing the Announcement Section.... And I guess the last username change event NB had was in 2011.... There were a couple of those events in 2011 and around 3 or 4 in 2010....

    I didn't find one in 2012.... So I just wanted to ask whether we are going to have A Username Change Event in 2013....

    Now I know there are other ways to change your username -
    1.Premium Membership
    2.1st Place in Contest

    Still I thought I'd just ask when we'll have it.... If at all we are going to have a Username Change Event.... Thank You.... Also I know there's no need to make a Thread and I should have asked a GMod or Admin.... I actually did a few days ago but didn't get a reply....

    Thank You....

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    Re: Next Username Change Event..??

    There will be no more Username Change events.

    If you want to change your username you can either win one of our official contests or purchase a premium membership.
    You can message me if you have any more questions regarding this.

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