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    Awards Showcase

    Photography of the Month - Rules

    This contest is designed to bring NB and Real Life together into a contest. To achieve this, the contestants must enter each month with 3 photos, taken by them, which will have to fullfill a simple requirement: the presence of "NarutoBase" in the picture. This can be done in any way the participant wants, from a simple piece of paper with NB written on it to more elaborate situations such as having a phone with the site's logo on the screen showing in the picture.Users will have the option to submit one picture with the NB proof on them, which will proceed to voting (note that this image doesn't have to be supported with other pictures)
    The overall theme every month is broad but you can choose to show how far NB goes in the globe, where you log on NB or simply find a normal, every day scene of your life, and introduce NB somewhere. You can show us your desk or work station or a picture of your pet with NB somewhere. Photography is all about capturing the moment and showcasing what it represents by using a simple still image. It needs to be appealing visually yes but that doesn't mean high end technology or highly digitally edited photographs, so you don't need to go all out into semi or professional photography level pictures.

    If you wish to discuss or give your opinion or suggestion on the contest, please use the PhotM Discussion there here.

    -You can enter with 1 photo by filling in the template provided
    -Photos must have been taken by you
    -The contest will be open for submissions for 3 Weeks minimum.
    -You can use any device capable of taking photos such as Cellphones, Cameras, DSLR Cameras, etc
    -Photos must have been uploaded into a 3rd party photo hosting site such as Tinypic or Imgur
    -Photos need to abide by the global rules of NB (no cursing, no foul language, no adult content, etc)
    -You cannot submit photos of yourself and photos of people may only be used if you are taking a picture of a public scene
    -Voting will last for a week.
    -Photos are evaluated individually and not in relation to each other.
    -Participants cannot vote for themselves with their main or an alt account
    -One submission for each member
    -No suggestive pics either and no bikini and underwear pics. Keep it clean and according to the rules.
    -A generic theme will be given and the photos must relate to it in some way to be viable[/B]
    -Pictures taken must be from actual sights, so no photography of scenes from other images or movies are allowed (only a theme choice that revolves around taking out pictures from movies or from other pictures would negate this rule)
    -2nd and 3rd places will only be announced if submissions are more than or equal to 10

    Note: Timings and schedueles may change or be slightly altered due to moderation needs or staff issues.

    1st Place - ✪ PhoTM

    Cyan 1 Month
    2nd Place - ✪ PhoTM
    3rd Place - ✪ PhoTM

    1st Place - ✪ Contest name

    Cyan 1 Month
    Premium 1 Month

    2nd Place - ✪ Contest name

    Cyan 1 Month

    3rd Place - ✪ Contest name

    Cyan 1 Month
    If Submissions are more than 20

    Submissions must be posted in this thread using this template:

    ~I wish to take part and agreed to abide by the contest rules~
    [B]Photo #1:[/B]
    [spoiler][img]LINK TO PICTURE#1[/IMG][/spoiler]
    [B]Photo #2:[/B]
    [spoiler][img]LINK TO PICTURE#2[/IMG][/spoiler]
    [B]Photo #3:[/B]
    [spoiler][img]LINK TO PICTURE#3[/IMG][/spoiler]
    PS- To post an embeded picture please follow these instructions if you don't know how to do it FAQ - IMG Codes

    Quote Originally Posted by Example
    ~I wish to take part and agreed to abide by the contest rules~
    username: Scorps
    Photo #1:
    Narutobase and coffee...

    Photo #2:
    NB Food

    Photo #3:
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