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Never listen to Kuroi honoo.
Danzou deserving death, LOL.
He deserves a medal for killing of the uchigays.
No, his only mistake was listening to itachi and not killing Sasuke.
Besides, Itachi is so much stronger than Sasuke anyway, could'nt they just kil lSasuke and let itachi live?
Gets rid of a lot of the emo factor.
Listen, if they choose to or not it is their prerogative to do so not you putting words in their mouths. You are a Grottomon and your insolence has no limit. For your information, Danzou did not personally kill the Uchiha but rather sent Itachi to do his dirty work. "Itachi is so much stronger than Sasuke" well sure if you meant in the past but as of currency, Id have to say in my opinion they both are somewhat on equal ground. You know trolls like yourself give the forums a bad reputation and or annoyance to no end which turns out to be a bad experience for us dedicated readers. It is such a simple fact to fathom. If you have something negative to say then do express it but do it in a civilized adult manner. In other words, leave out the insults/nonsense. You and many other haters/trolls use the emo term incorrectly. If you use the term in which people commits suicide or feel depressed than that label does not fit Sasuke. Everybody in reality and fiction express/possess emotion and that does go for Sasuke but also every other character in the Narutoverse.