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    The Best Gameplay Footage of E3

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or better known as E3, is one of the largest events in gaming. The event allows various companies to present to fans, investors, and anyone interested in their plans for the oncoming year, but this year was slightly different from others. Two new console were explained, and detailed, by Microsoft and Sony. This resulted in all the spot lights pointing toward them.

    However, the true joy from E3 is having your eyes light up as footage from a new games displays on the screen. The crowds go insane as the fresh footage floods in to their mind and their imagination runs with all the ideas the new game could present. Every lover of video games should be able to experience the same rush and excitement, but the new consoles distracted from this enchanting feeling.

    Below, you’ll find the best gameplay footage of some of the newly announced and previously announced games from the E3 presentations and floor displays. (Links to the Actual Footage is below the Article)

    5. Final Fantasy XV

    Final Fantasy is a favorite among the entire gaming community, and the fifteenth installment of the extremely popular series was first shown off by the long time producer of Final Fantasy games, Square Enix, right before E3.

    At the time, Square Enix simply provided their fans with a trailer, but during Sony’s presentation, they finally gave the fans what they wanted, the gameplay. The video begins, the way any game footage should, with the protagonist fighting a huge demon like a monster hound. From there, the gameplay shows various powers that will be accessible in the game, such as deflecting bullets and teleporting. This also truly expresses the quickly advancing technology of the world by demonstrating gun fights, stunning architecture, and playing what seemed like police radio in the background of fight scenes.Lastly, Final Fantasy XV will also support a truly smooth and exciting weapon switching mechanics, which was revealed and expertly shown off via the new video.

    4. Battlefield 4

    Not much was known about the highly anticipated Battlefield 4 before E3. Luckily, during Microsoft’s stage time EA revealed the first gameplay footage of the next game in the extremely popular, Call of Duty defying, Battlefield series.

    Instantly, the audience is taken into battle on a quickly sinking aircraft carrier. A group of soldiers, including the player, clear out the enemies as explosions and large waves continually rock the boat. Once the boat begins to lean toward one side due to the lack of buoyancy, the player begins shooting the brakes on nearby planes which causes them to slide across the deck and kill opposing soldiers. After the boat reaches critical conditions, the player jumps into the raging ocean and swims toward a rescue boat and automatically takes control of it.

    Multiplayer gameplay was also shown during E3. The most impressive aspects were the presentation of battles that seemed to have, at least, 100 soldiers involved. Also, the scale of the battles were ridiculous, with some battles being waged in slowly collapsing buildings, while other war-zones emerged in a subway, or in a park. In addition, the introduction of the commander role, basically a non-soldier player who calls in air strikes and has a multitude of other features, was truly entertaining to watch.

    3. The Wonderful 101

    Although Wonderful 101 seemed to stay off the radar this year at E3, I feel that the demo visitors were permitted to play on the show floor deserved some attention.

    In the game, players control a large mob of superheroes, I’m guessing up to 101 of them. Players then can draw shapes onto the Wii U’s gamepad and change the group of heroes into different shapes to attack enemies. For example, drawing a squiggly line on the gamepad caused nearby heroes to turn into a large whip and depending on the size of the shape the weapon can be smaller or larger.

    Also, certain weapons must be used in specific situation, a sword is used to unlock key holes while a whip can pull armor off armored enemies. Lastly, another exciting aspect is the addition of ”Special Skilled Heroes” meaning that a new hero may have a special ability that could come in handy.

    2. TitanFall

    Leading up to E3 Microsoft was continually ridiculed for their poor performance during there press event for their new console, the Xbox One. They made a bold claim that there would be 15 exclusive titles to their new console, but failed to show any of them. However, during their conference at E3 all the critics were silenced by the gameplay of the Xbox One exclusive Titanfall.

    Masked soldiers were shown quickly jumping from wall to wall using a unique rocket pack. Also familiar and exotic guns were shown blowing players to smithereens. The true show stealer though were the Titans. Large mechanical armored Mech suits with rocket guns, gatling guns, and more killer weaponry. These mechanical monsters were shown shredding players apart, and also engaging in exciting battles with each other. In one instance, one Titan destroys another and rips the pilot out of the suit. He then throws the pilot across the map.

    Titanfall simply looks amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    1. Tom Clancy’s The Division

    Just as Watchdogs had done the previous year, Tom Clancy’s The Division stole the show and presented to the audience a world they couldn’t wait to be a part of.

    Not much, however, is known about the game, but the gameplay shown does give a small hint.It takes place in New York in an apocalyptic like environment, where players must fight enemies in hopes to attain vital resources.

    After a gunfight, the group of survivors searched a building where they not only found a sweet new gun, they grabbed some water. Literally, instead of opening a menu and and moving it into your inventory, the player actual grabbed it, a little but impressive detail. Also, neat gadgets were shown off, like a grenade that was set down and rolled toward its target before exploding. The most impressive piece was a drone-like robot that was controlled by another player via a tablet, which assists the players on the console by shooting at enemies and marking where they are hidden.

    In addition, a remark from one player claimed they should explore Manhattan later, hinting that the game is a massive open world. In the conclusion of the gameplay, players signaled for an evac but were then confronted by another group of survivors and a large PVP brawl began, establishing a survival of the fittest mentality. Ubisoft’s next big project turned out to be the best gameplay footage of E3.

    In conclusion, E3 was a massive event this year for gaming and provided a long list of great videos of gameplay for the crowds to enjoy. Although the new console were a bit distracting, the amazing videos were still there and were still able to blow our expectation of games out of the water. Newly announced, and previously announced, games were played on the largest screens imaginable and made gamers crave the game on another screen, their own. The games and companies mention above were the best at this and proved that E3 is all about the gameplay footage.

    ———————————————— ———————————————— ———————————————— —————

    Thanks to all who read my article and as I promised here are the links to the videos referred to:

    Final Fantasy XV-

    Battlefield 4- and

    The Wonderful 101-


    Tom Clancy’s The Division-

    Make sure to visit GameNTrain each day for new content on gaming and fitness and again thank you for taking the time to check out my article.

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    Re: The Best Gameplay Footage of E3

    The Witcher 3 is what I'm looking for
    Also, I liked Micro$oft fail with PC's as Xone :D

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