Yo bishes! so first of all mi will start with mah Theory/Prediction but before that

If some of yah have been wondering whut Nw and Pw stands for then it means : Nw : New
Pw : Power Up ( mi couldnt write all of et down)

K now to normal formal or normal way of writing t_t

First of all

Lets start off with Kuramas ying/yang chakra! aka the the one which Uzumaki Naruto and his dad are wielding / using

Have some of you noticed something very awsome about the cloaks? well the thing which i want to look at is

(btw sowwy for not knowing how to use URL nor bb code or whutever t_t)


If you have noticed it then in that pic inside that then the (Blue) circle that i made was to show you guys how Yang looks like aka (Demostration)

Narutos Lines or silhouette or these black things which is on his stomeck and at the neck / then he got it from the neck to his (under life or genes) hmmmm so why not check out how Minato looks like ? with his (Ying) chakra

k lets go straight to it!


yeah! right there his Silhouette dam it lets just call it for Line to make it a bit more simple for me too t_t k

Have you noticed it yet here too ? with the Yin Chakra then it goes from all the way above to the bottom aka ( neck close to the shoes ) t_t

So my Theory about this is that (IF) Narutos gift is (Yin chakra) then he will 100% of the lines maybe? and also Minatos Hands got the line too so i guess that naruto will also get it from there / sowwy for not painting it so you guys could see it t_t/

Now i want to talk about my Prediction ( FINALLY YAY NOW PREDICTION TIME)

Before i start my prediction i want to make something clear just so some ppl can remember it incase if they forgot about it

(Yin Chakra = Spiritual aka Pure chakra) Fx Mentality like Sharingan which is a spiritual thing or trait and Uchihas bloodline / thats my example of it t_t

(Yang Chakra = Physical Power and Body) Fx Running very fast or jumping very high could also be punching harder than before t_t AAA Could also be Tsunades half or quarter or whutever but atleast her bloodline AAA ( wont mention the bloodline due to so i wont get confused in mixing Uzumaki and Senju traits and things t_t )

Side note : I just wanted to Explain something before starting it so the ppl would get a little more relieved and happy D: ( YAY!)

K so now we will Finally 100% start with my prediction lol... sowwy for the wait t_t

1. Naruto couldnt mix with Yang chakra + Sage mode or / maybe then its cus he havent shown it yet =)

2. Then why not do it or try it out with Ying + Yang Chakra and mix it with sagde mode? instead of Ying and SM alone or Yang and SM Alone

K now the part which i really wanted to write down :

I think that the MOST POSSIBLE way to mix Sage Mode with something else then the FIRST Prioty is

For Naruto to have Yin And Yang chakra my reasonings for this is

In the manga then it was stated if you dont got Yin and Yang chakra together then it wont turn out well due to

1. Yin chakra can ONLY CREATE things out of NOTHING if it has some sort of balance and thats where Yang chakra comes into play because you need both the Body and the Mind to make a perfect balance in your physical and Spiritual/Mental movements

Sage Mode if it only has the Body/Yang then it will feel a bit thick to mix it due to the Natural energy around you its like lets assume that theres Water around you outside of a ball/ circle wall and you are thin and lets say you get too easy distracted and anoyed and borred for staying there just for 1 min

BUT then suddenly since you get so anoyed and borred also distracted then the Water will come INSIDE you and make you heavy (Fat) so you wont be able to move LOOOOL

So if Naruto get both of em the Body/Yang and the Mind/spiritual then he wont get distracted an example could be

When Naruto started to learn Sage Mode for the first time and he tried to meditate for it but he was close to be a frog and die

And the most amazing thing i think would happen

1. i told you about my theory that Naruto will look diff

2. Naruto will get both FASTER AND HIT STRONGER! also his Jutsus might get stronger

Q : Why would his Jutsu get stronger ?

Me : Larger Chakra you got then it will be Easier to (PERFORM) it and also make it BIGGER! an example could be

Rasengan lvl 1 /Odama Rasengan lvl 2 /Chou Odama Rasengan lvl 3

Futon : Mini Rasenshuriken lvl 1 /Futon : Rasenshuriken lvl 2 /Futon : Chou Odama Rasenshuriken lvl 3

LOL do you see now ? D::::

So thats why i think and believe that Sage Mode + Yin/Yang chakra is important and possible t_t

now as for Sasuke

If Naruto get this then i believe that Sasuke will be the Jubis Jinchuriki

Q: Why do you think that?

Me: The Jubi is pure Natural Energy or was it Nature i forgot it lol... and due to a thing which has been on my mind and that Jubi was the one who wielded the sharingan right ? the former beast of spritual things right ? as simple as that and that means

Jubi isnt only a Nature/Natural energy but also Mind/Spiritual Chakra beast which would make the Uchihas eyes more powerfull than EMS or just normal Sharingan like many more double ups for spiritual/mind power

Side note : that would also mean his Jutsus will be much more (Powerfull) not only that but MOSTLY his GENJUTSU SKILLS / Eye Techniques

(now to mah own way of writing)

If yuve readen this bishes then mi really apreciate it mi just used mah IMAGINATIONS and as for explaining things was also used by mah Imagination