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    Chapter 9: Welcome Back Test!?

    A.N. Soooo sorry for the delay! I have been really busy with family issues, friend issues, financial issues, and work related issues (DON'T WORK FOR KIRBY! Or at least be prepared to be mislead and pulled in deep then all of a sudden learn what your real job is and that you should have read your contract more carefully)

    Anywho, I missed you all and I hope you enjoy where I go from here!

    Chapters 34 "Intruders!?", 35 "Iruka vs Kakashi!", 36 Sakura's Depression!" bring you...

    Chapter 9: Welcome Back Test!?

    |Arriving to Konoha Gates|

    Team 7 are finally returning from their mission too wave and the Village's huge gates are in view. Sakura is the first to point it out.

    Sakura: "Finally! My feet are killing me! Sasuke, Naruto, Aren't you exited to be back!" Sasuke: "Hn." Naruto, zoned out looking through the ground rather than at it: …... Sakura, snapping Naruto out of his daze: "Naruto?" Naruto, forcing his feral grin: "Hell ya! I can't wait for some Ichiraku!" This was enough to bring an relieved smile to Sakura, satisfied with his answer. However, Kakashi was different.

    Kakashi: 'Hmmm... Naruto, ever since we left wave, you have been wearing that mask, just so your team doesn't get worried... Ironically, this makes me more worried than it would otherwise... They haven't seemed too notice, but I will have to talk to you before to long...' Sasuke, only semi-suspicious, but indifferent: 'Hn, why does that loser's normal personality seem so fake lately? Sakura doesn't seem to notice, and I can't really read Kakashi on the matter... I am probably just imagining it...'

    Kakashi, walking up to the gate guards: "Izumo Kamizuki, Kotetsu Hagane, Team 7 returning from our C-Rank escort mission to Wave Country, requesting entry." Izumo taking the papers of confirmation from Kakashi, examining them with his eye that isn't covered by his hair: "Alright, everything checks out, welcome back Kakashi." He nodded to his friend with the bandaged up nose Kotetsu to open the gate.

    Naruto, walking into the village, holding his stomach: "Oh boy am I hungry, if it's the same, can you guys handle the mission report to old-man Kage for me? I am starving!" Kakashi, before anyone could throw there two cents in: "That sounds like a great idea, you are all dismissed early, you've earned it. ^_\" Sasuke, turning to leave: 'Hn... Something seems off, but I am to tired to think about it too hard now...' Sakura, leaving the scene aswell: "Oh, okay, well, I guess I will see you all tomorrow... goodnight everyone!"

    Kakashi, making his team face fault as he called out too them: "Get your rest, because we are meeting at the usual place at 5 tomorrow morning, sharp!" Naruto walking to the slowly setting sun: "Alright, sounds great, I'll catch you guys tomorrow then. Peace out Cyclops-sensei!" Kakashi: …...

    |With Sasuke, 2 hours later|

    Sasuke is laying in his bed, accounting all that has transpired in the last few weeks.

    Sasuke: 'So, I technically was dead... Huh, that wasn't very exiting, I didn't see any bright light or anything, I just woke up with Sakura crushing my chest... And to a blood covered Naruto in the distance... When he fell, I thought HE died... Neither he nor Kakashi told us how Naruto survived and saved everyone, and what he did to get so, for the lack of a better word, drenched... I after a while of being back, I will try digging something out of them..'

    He turned his head to a pile of scrolls that have been given to the precious Uchiha by his teachers and council members over the years. He never really gave them to well of a look, he only cared about the ones he picked up around the compound before moving. After a traumatic event when he was only about 6 years old, the entire Uchiha clan other than himself and Itachi were slaughtered, slaughtered, by his very brother Itachi himself. Sasuke's goal is to one day learn Itachi's true purpose and deliver any necessary justice aswell as restore his clan, raising the Uchiha compound from it dust, revive the ghostly homes and streets.

    Sasuke could no longer live in the compound and the Hokage and the Counsel helped him find a good apartment for him, him saying it would be all he would need. Before he fully evacuated the area, he grabbed several personal possessions, a few scrolls he found lying around, and left everything else behind. The compound remains untouched, no one will go near it little loan buy any of the property for two purposes. 1 It would be too disrespectful to the clan and their tragic end, and 2, they were scared that it was haunted.

    Sasuke only ever looked at the scrolls of his clan, believing they would hold all he would need or want. But, after his last mission, his first real mission, he decided it was time to get over himself. He would master the taijutsu, ninjutsu, and other clan secrets he could find in his scrolls first, then he would go over the others. He realized that one day, he will have to go back to the compound if he wanted to get stronger, but baby steps, he would work with what he had first, starting now...

    |With Naruto, 2 hours later|

    ?: "Hey, papa, whats wrong with Naruto..?" ?, watching the blond draw spirals in his Ramen with his chop sticks: "I don't know Ayame..." Ayame: "He has been here for 4 hours now and is only on his 9th bowl, and he's hardly touched it other than playing with it, it's probably cold now..."

    Naruto: "Teuchi-san, Ayame-chan, check please, I need to get some rest, you know, training tomorrow and all..." Ayame and Teuchi have always been like family to Naruto when he had no one, they were the only ones other than the Hokage himself to treat him like a person and not look at him as though he just sprouted 9 tails or something. They were the only business in Konoha to not overcharge him, ever! Even his old Teacher Iruka was the only teacher he ever felt tried teaching him anything and treat him like any other student, he even brought him here on occasion and treated him to all of the ramen he could eat... Naruto almost felt bad for emptying his teacher's wallet like that so whenever he did it, he volunteered to clean any mess he made with his pranks or even around the class or campus to a point.

    Naruto dug out his froggy pocket wallet while Ayame handled his dishes and Teuchi was writing down Naruto's bill regretfully. However, Naruto opened his wallet to find that it was empty! He didn't get paid for his last mission yet! But before he could say anything, a hand was placed on his shoulder, surprising him,

    Kakashi, pulling money from his pocket: "It's alright Naruto, It's on me ^_\. Oh, and here's your mission pay." Naruto: "Kakashi-sensei, did you already tell the Hokage about what happened? And, did you tell him what Exactly happened..." Kakashi: …. "Naruto, It's been four hours, and don't worry Naruto, he was very understanding, let me pay your bill for you then we can go for a walk..." Naruto: "Sensei, no, you can't I'll just-" Teuchi: "He's right, you can't pay for him." This surprised if not confused the other three people, but he continued before Ayame could interject as she stuck her head out of the kitchen door. "You can't pay for him because it's on the house ^_^." Naruto: "Teuchi-san..." Ayame: "No, really Naruto-kun~, we missed you and you must be exhausted from being away for so long, consider it as our welcome back present, O~kay teehee ^^. "

    Naruto, putting on the most real smile he's had on since he left wave: "THANKS! You two are beautiful people you know that!?" He said getting a cheeky grin from Teuchi and a blush from Ayame.

    Kakashi: "Thank you, alright Naruto, let's go." Naruto: "Where are we going?" Kakashi: "I already told you, for a walk."

    |Two hours later, on top of the Hokage Monument|

    Naruto, forcing breath back into his lungs: "You said we were going for a walk! Not a damned two hour hike!" Kakashi, ignoring Naruto's shouting: "Naruto, it was almost 13 years ago now..."

    Naruto: "Huh? What was?" Kakashi: ... "Naruto, do you know what happened to you on the bridge...?" Naruto: ! …...

    Kakashi: * Sigh *" You were tapping into the power of the demon fox..." Naruto: !? Kakashi: "It's alright though, I am more than sure that the seal holding him in you is still solid, so as long as you can control yourself better from now on, we won't have to worry..." Naruto, terrified: "Worry about what Sensei..?" Kakashi: "If you are not careful, there is a possibility of the fox breaking out of you one day. If you get out of control again, I may have to take you out for the safety of our village and innocent lives.." Naruto, getting as angry as scared now: "Take me out, how, Sensei..?" Kakashi:... Naruto: "DAMN IT! Sensei! I swear I was in control! I wont let it happen again! But I felt fine! Better than fine, amazing! I, I-" Kakashi, staying stern: "Naruto. Would you call tearing a hundred armed mercenaries with your bare hands, roaring into the crowd and into the air, being in control?" Naruto, calming down: … "I wasn't bare handed... I had gauntlets..." Kakashi, sympatheticly: "Naruto, you know that is not the point and-"

    Naruto: "I still have nightmares..." Kakashi: !?... Naruto, beginning to tear up: "I see their faces, terrified, running, worst of all are two. Haku was so young, and had a future, had potential, even if to just be a tool for Zabuza, a partner, I looked right into his innocent face then, then... Then Gatou, he got what he deserved, I know he did, but through the crowds of people, when that sword lifted him into the air, he looked into my eyes, and I recognized them. Everyone in this village has those eyes when they look at me, calling me a monster, a demon, the shear fear alone probably broke his mind before he died..."

    Kakashi, rubbing the top of Naruto's head as he looked down at the boy holding back his tears: "I understand Naruto, everyone is haunted by their first few kills, some more than others. I understand what it's like to look into the eyes of a person as they die by your hand... It is part of being a ninja, you in particular happened to be unlucky enough to have a particularly traumatizing experience, especially for one so young as yourself. One with the life you have led... I also understand that look, and have had it before myself..." Naruto looked up at this statement to see Kakashi's solemn face.

    Kakashi: "Almost thirteen years ago, the fox attacked this village... Surely you have heard the stories. We took hundreds if not thousands of losses that day, friends, family, neighbors, parents, children, none of these would one forgive another for." Naruto: "But Kakashi! You know it wasn't me! It was the damned fox and-!" Kakashi: "Yes Naruto, I know, as do Iruka and the 3rd... and quite obviously your friends at the ramen stand. They are the sensible ones. Naruto, we understand that you are not Kunai itself, but simply the scroll it is sealed within, however, others in this village cannot see that so clearly. All of their loss, anger, sadness, directed to the fox that stole their hero and their lives as they had them, cannot be taken out on the fox itself. Rather than seeing you as great a hero as the fourth Hokage who sealed the fox away, being the host of such power and responsibility, they see the scroll just as dangerous as the kunai... and it is." Naruto: !? Kakashi: "however, that is only true if the kunai is released from the scroll that alone is but paper, ink, and wood, just as any other scroll in this village." Naruto: ….. "Sensei, I still don't understand why they hate me so much if I am but flesh, blood, and bones as they are. And it sounds more like they fear me then anything, if they can't respect me as a hero, why do they constantly attack and anger that they fear so much!?" Kakashi: "Because they are stupid. If one is to destroy the scroll a kunai is sealed in, they kunai is destroyed with it, however, and I know that they have tried many times to destroy you before, and slowly kill you every day since their direct approach only had the third sending them to death penalties left and right. We do not know if the fox will die with you like a scroll or be released like a shattered glass of water, but some of us assume the first given how it seems the fox tries so hard healing you, keeping you from dying."

    Naruto, standing: …. "I understand... I will show them all, show them that even as much as they pull me back, I will surpass anyone this village or world has ever seen! Believe it!" Kakashi: ^_/ "Alright, just control that seal in the meantime and try not to die. Let's go home Naruto-kun."

    |Two hours later then one more hour|

    Naruto's alarm clock screamed loudly into Naruto's ear telling him it was time to meet his team.

    Naruto, hurrying to get dressed and fed: "WHAT!? I only had an hour of sleep!? You've gotta be kidding me! AAAAAAHHHHHH! I Am going to kick Kakashi's ass today if he shows up late today after letting me only sleep for an hour!" Naruto ran out of the door with a dry, uncooked, block of ramen in his mouth.

    |With Sasuke, arriving to the meeting place|

    Sasuke: 'I. Hate. Everything... I was up all night reading those damn scrolls and only got an hour of sleep...' Sakura, upon seeing Sasuke's arrival: "Hey! Sasuke-Kun! There you are! I got such a great sleep last night I had plenty of time to get ready and show up a few minutes early!" Sasuke deadpanned at seeing how awake and ready Sakura was, wondering how she could have possibly pulled it off, when he saw Naruto arriving in the distance. Sasuke: 'Hn, I still showed up before he did, heh.'

    Naruto: 'Great, I don't see him anywhere... oh well, I better put on my team face so I don't worry them...' Naruto, putting on one of his foxiest grins he could force on his tired face: "Hey everybody! Is Kakashi late again!? Hey Sasuke! You don't look so hot, quite unlike the Pinket here! Haha!" This caused Sakura a slight blush and Sasuke to glare and point his face elsewhere, followed by Naruto who repeated the action. Sakura: 'Huh? Are they still at each others throats after wave country!?' 'THEY BETTER GROW UP ALREADY OR I'LL BE AT BOTH OF THERE THROATS! AND WHERE THE HELL IS KAKASHI!'

    |Two hours later... Again|

    Kakashi: "Hey guys! Sorry, I got lost!" Sakura: "Stop lying with such a straight face!" Naruto: "Yeah! Give it a rest already! How can a ninja be such a bad lair and call themselves a ninja!?" Sasuke, Equally irritated: "You probably just decided to sleep in didn't you..?"

    Kakashi, making his team deadpan: "Your all really annoying this morning..." 'Especially Naruto, wearing that mask again...' "Alright everyone, we have some missions lined up today, let's go already." Sakura: "WHAT!? We just got back from a long mission!"

    |A long day of missions later|

    Sakura, helping a limping Naruto on her shoulder: "Naruto, you have to stop pushing yourself so hard..." Sasuke: "Pft, Can't you take care of yourself?" Naruto, to tired and letting his mask slip a bit on accident: "Pft, look who's talking, you almost died acting like a human pin cushion or shield or some shit and I save all of your asses. Some one has to protect you ingrates..." A shocked, almost speechless Sakura: "Naruto!?" 'Is he okay!? Where did that come from!?' Sasuke, almost equally caught off guard: 'I knew it, something is wrong with him...' Kakashi: …. Naruto, seeing the worried stares of his team, lifting his mask back up: "Hehe! I'm just messing with you guys! Haven't you ever heard of dark humor haha!"

    Kakashi, while Sakura put a fresh lump on Naruto's skull: "Alright everyone, that's it for today. I have to submit this mission report..." Sasuke, after sending a questioning look to Kakashi: "Then I'm going home" Sakura: "Hey Sasuke! Wait! How about we train a bit one on one? Since NARUTO has some recovering to do, huh?" Naruto: 'Recovering from your punch to my head *****...' Sasuke: " Sorry Sakura, I have other business to attend to, but I do suggest you get some training in, frankly, your abilities are probably lower than Naruto's." Sakura: 'Below Naruto ' 'He's right, in every mission, I do the least... I need to step my game up! Cha!'

    Naruto, as Sasuke jumps off and Kakashi Sunshins out of sight: " Hey Sakura, don't let him get to you. Look, I'm free okay? We can train together and you can even help me on my crappy chakra control =^_^=." Sakura:... "Yeah, sure..."

    Suddenly, Naruto and Sakura noticed what was obviously a box that was drawn on to look like a rock with eye holes sneaking up to the blonde. Naruto, stopping it's approach with his foot: "Is that supposed to be a rock..? I have never seen a worse disguise! Stop disrespecting me like that and get out of there!"

    The box lifted to reveal three kids wearing goggles on their foreheads. The one that appeared to be the leader had hair like Vegeta or some shit and an overly long scarf around his neck. To his right was a kid wearing a sweater with, Trunks like hair I guess, with snot hanging from his nose. On his left side was a little girl who's only real distinguishable feature was her hair that stood up like a straw training dummies arms. ?: "That's my rival for you! Seeing through even the most flawless of disguises!" Sakura: "Umm... Naruto, who are these kids..?" Naruto: "No Idea, that one in the front is just a spoiled brat who I taught a jutsu or two and keeps following me..."

    ?: "Oh come on boss! Give me a proper introduction to the lady! I am Konahamaru Sarutobi! The Honorable grandson of the Third Hokage which I will surpass one day! And these are Udon and Moegi! And together, we are the Konahamaru Ninja Squad!" Naruto: "What's with the goggles huh?" Konahamaru: "Hehe, we're copying the old you bro!" Naruto: … "Huh?" Konahamaru: "What do you mean 'Huh'!? Why have you been so cold lately bro!?" Naruto: "Whatever, what do you want?" Moegi: "Well boss, we were wondering if you were free today?" Naruto: "Nope, I'm training with Sakura-chan over there today!" Konahamaru: "WHAT!? But you said that you would play Ninja with us when you got back from your mission!" Naruto: … "Right, damn, you actually remembered that?"

    Sakura, irritated with the conversation: "Um.. Why would a ninja... 'Play' Ninja..?" Naruto: "Uuhhh..." Sakura: 'I'm below him..?' Konahamaru: "OH! This is Sakura huh!? Not bad bro..." Naruto: "Huh..?" Konahamaru, making crude hand gestures that caused Moegi to blush and Sakura to fume: "She's your, you know..." Sakura, slugging Naruto into a fence: "WHAT THE **** HAVE YOU BEEN TELLING THESE KIDS!?" Konahamaru: "Bro! How dare you!" Udon: "No Boss! Don't die!" Konahamaru: "YOU UGLY *****!" Sakura, inner and outer had visible flames of anger as they cracked their knuckles for a chase to then ensue.

    |Back With Sasuke moments earlier|

    Sasuke Met up with Kakashi in an ally to ask some questions, and Kakashi was there waiting for him.

    Sasuke: "Sensei, What is wrong with Naruto" Kakashi: "Well, that was blunt enough, I can say that much." Sasuke: "Answers, ever since Wave, he has been different, hiding something. What happened while I was passed out..?" Kakashi: "Well Technically, you were dead." After a strong glare from his student, he continued. "Sasuke-kun, there are things you will have to find out on your own... these are one of those things. As your teammate, I am sure he will let you in on it eventually, but he has a S-class secret that you won't be able to dig out of any adult, and I suggest you don't push Naruto too hard, he is on edge as it is..." Sasuke: "Your trying to tell me that dead last has an S-class secret!?" Kakashi:... "Sasuke, why do you really think someone as adaptable as Naruto who absorbs information like a sponge is dead last? Hm? It is obviously not his fault, so, who's is it..?" With that last clue, Kakashi disappeared.

    Sasuke: 'What is that supposed to mean... No adult will tell me, and it is somehow someone else's fault his grades were as bad as they were... I wonder, could it have been the teacher's-?' Sasuke's thought was cut short as a fence nearby exploded and went over, only to stop up in a tree to watch an interaction between his team and ninja he had never seen before.

    |Back with Sakura's chase of Naruto and team brats|

    Naruto: "Sakura wait! I can explain! What I told them was actually-" Konahamaru: "Forget it boss! Run! You won't be able to get it through her thick,ugly,large forehead!" Sakura: "Say that to my face brat!" Moegi sticking her tongue out: "He would but your forehead would be in the way!" Naruto: "SHUT THE **** UP YOUR MAKING THINGS WORSE!"

    One sharp turn later and Konahamaru ran into two figures, one specifically who picked him up by the collar. Naruto: "Konahamaru!?"

    ?, holding a struggling Konahamaru: "That hurt you little piece of shit!" Said the boy wearing makeup in a pattern n his face and black pajamas something large on his back surrounded by bandages.

    ?: "Drop him, it's not worth the trouble we'd have to deal with." Said the blonde girl that had four spiky buns in her hair and a large rectangular object on her back.

    Sakura: "I'm sorry, we were playing tag and just messing around, please put him down!" 'Who are these people?' Naruto: "Hey! Let the brat go Jackass or else I'm going to shove whatever's on your back up your ass!" ?, looking at Naruto's head-guard: 'Hmmm, looks like a Leaf Gennin..' "Let's play a little before the boss comes." Konahamaru: "Ugh.." Naruto, charging: "Bastard!" With a twitch of the mystery man's finger's, Naruto felt a tug on hos feet, causing him to slip and fall on his ass.

    Naruto: "What the **** did you just do to me!? Was that Ninja wire or something!?" ?: "Oh my, Leaf Gennins are so weak..." Sakura, looking at the mans headband: ! "That looks like an hour glass, why are foreign ninja hear!?"

    |With the Hokage and an assembled group of Jounin Sensei|

    3rd Hokage: "You've been assembled for only one reason. It should be obvious by the members here." Kakashi: "It's already that time..." ?, wearing a head-bandana backwards and holding a senbon in his mouth: "It's already been reported to the other countries, I saw them in the village. So, when is it?" 3rd Hokage: "I am getting to that Genma... In one week." Genma: "Wow, that soon really?" 3rd Hokage, taking another puff of his pipe: "Well, I'll announce it properly 7 days from now. On the first day of the seventh moon... The Chuunin Selection Exam will commence!"

    |Back with the public disturbance|

    MoegiUdon: "Konahamaru-(Chan/Kun)!" Konahamaru: "Let go of me!" Naruto stomping towards him: "I am ****ing warning you, if you ever want to walk again, let him the **** down!" Sakura: "Naruto don't!" ?, flinging his hand and Naruto into the fence: "Heh, you're annoying- Huh!?" Konahamaru suddenly slugged him into the other girls arms causing his nose to bleed. "You brat! I'll kill you!" Konahamaru only chuckled and in a poof of smoke, revealed himself to really be Naruto! The Naruto in the fence held the real Konahamaru and puffed away.

    ?: "Heh, looks like he got the upper hand on you huh Kankuro?" Kankuro, back on his own feet pulling the thing off of his back: "Shut the **** up Temari! How dare you embarrass me like that you- AH!" Both of his hands were struck hard with stones causing him to drop whatever he was taking off his back.

    Sasuke, Sitting in a tree, playing with a rock in his hand, staring Kankuro down: "What are you bastards doing in our village? NaruSaku: "Sasuke!?" Kankuro was speechless to his own embarrassment and Temari found herself thinking about these Gennin might actually be. The cute blonde and the handsome guy in the tree in particular.

    |In the Hokage tower meeting room|

    Kakashi stood to the left of a long, black haired beauty who straps of cloth over what appears to just be a net shirt underneath. To the left of her was a taller bearded man who was smoking, a scarf with the symbol for fire around his waist.

    3rd Hokage: "Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma... Well...? Are there any Gennin you would like to enter into this years Chuunin Exams? I'm Sure that I do not have to tell you this, but after a Gennin has properly completed at least 8 Missions... They may take the exam if nominated by their Sensei. Of course completing more missions than that is the norm." Iruka, in the group of other Sensei: 'He doesn't need to ask. They aren't ready...'

    3rd Hokage: "Now then, starting with Kakashi..." Kakashi: "The Kakashi led Team 7, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki, Under the name of Kakashi Hatake, I nominate them to take the Chuunin Exams." Iruka: 'WHAT!?' Kurenai: "The Kurenai led Team 8, Hyuga Hinata, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame, under the name of Kurenai Yuuhi, The same as to my left." Asuma: "The Asuma led Team 10, Ino Yamanaka, Shikimaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi, under the name of Asuma Sarutobi, The same as to my left." 3rd Hokage: "Hmmm, all of them... How rare..."

    Iruka: "Hold on a second!" 3rd Hokage: "What is it Iruka:?" Iruka: "Hokage-sama, please let me have a word! I may be speaking out of my place, but most of these nine were students of mine at the academy. Of course they are all very talented, but it is far to early to put them through those exams! They need more experience! I cannot understand the Jounin's reasoning." Kakashi: "I became a Chuunin when I was 6 years younger than Naruto." Iruka: "Naruto is different than you! Are you trying to get these kids killed!? The Chuunin Exams are-!" Kakashi: "They are always complaining about the missions being to easy and boring. Experiencing some pain may be good for them... Crushing them could be fun." Iruka: "WHAT!?" Kakashi: "Well, that was a joke Iruka. I can understand your feelings, it must upset you but..." Iruka: "Urgh..." Kurenai: "Kakashi, stop already..." Kakashi: "Stay out of this. They no longer are your students... Right now, they are my soldiers." Iruka, clearly upset: …..! Asuma: 'Geez, so troublesome' 3rd Hokage: …...

    |Guess where|

    Kankuro: "Ah great, another guy to piss me off..." Sasuke: "Get lost!" Kankuro, picking up his accessory off the floor: "Hey punk! Get down here! I hate show offs like you the most!" Temari: "Hey! Are you really going to even use Crow!?" ?, standing upside down on a branch across from Sasuke, surprising said Gennin: "Kankuro, stop it now." The boy had short, messy red hair and black around his eyes that looked like a racoon's with a tattoo that said Love in Japanese kanji on the left side of his forehead. He also had a giant guard strapped onto his back, his headband on said strap. "You're an embarrassment to our village."

    All on the ground were as surprised as Sasuke at the boys presents, for who knows how long he could have been there. Kankuro, with a nervous smile: "Ga-Garra, how much of that did you, umm, see?" Sasuke: 'When did he get there!? That's Kakashi level stealth...' Garra: "Losing yourself in a fight, how pathetic... Why do you think we came to the leaf village..?" Kankuro: "Wait! Listen Garra, they started it and-" Garra, causing Kankuro to just about piss himself: "Shut up or else I will kill you..." Kankuro, afraid for his life: "Okay, I'm sorry!" Temari: "I am also really sorry..."

    Sasuke: 'So, this one is the leader then... He has strange eyes...' Garra: "I am sorry to you ninja of the leaf..." He said as he shunshinned down to his comrades in sand. 'Pull a transfer like that off under Kankuro's nose, and to hit Kankuro like that with stone... They are good' "Looks like we arrived a little too early, but... We did not come here to play around, let's go..." Sakura: "Hey wait!" Garra: "What is it?" Sakura: "Judging from your head protectors, you are ninja from hidden sand right? You may be allies with the leaf village, but, it is forbidden for Shinobi to enter eachother's villages without permission. State your purpose, depending on your answer, we might not be able to let you go..."

    Temari: "Hah, talk about clueless! Don't you know anything?" NaruSakuSasu: !? Temari: "You're right, we are Gennin from the Village Hidden in the Sand. We have come to your village to take the Chuunin Exams." Naruto: "Uuuuh... The Chuunin Exams..?" Temari: * Sigh * 'Why are the cute ones always so stupid..?' "The Chuunin exams are when Ninja villages such as the Leaf, Sand, and others all around the Ninja nations, come together and take a series of tests to become Chuunin. It is not always in the same village, and we do this to strengthen relationships between the ninja nations and raise the level of Shinobi. Also, each country likes to maintain power, balance, and...-"

    Konahamaru: "Hey boss! You have to enter! You have to show everyone how great you are!" Naruto: "Huh? You really think I could do it..?" Temari: "HEY! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING OVER THERE!?" Sasuke, shunshinning down from the tree: "Hey, what's your name..?" Temari smiling with a little blush: "Who? You mean me?" Sasuke: "No, you with the gourd." Garra: …. " I am Garra of the desert. I am also interested in your name, aswell as your orange comrade." SasuNaru: !? " Sasuke: …. "I am Sasuke Uchiha..." Naruto: "Hi, and I'm-! …. I'm Naruto Uzumaki... Hey, Garra-san, your eyes... they're the same as... never mind, nice to meet you..." Garra, a little caught off guard, aswell as everyone else by Naruto's sudden personality change, looked into Naruto's eyes, then widened his own: "We are going, I will see you Uchiha, and you, Uzumaki, again. Goodbye for now..." The sand Ninja then disappeared from the area. Naruto: ….. Sakura: "Naruto, are you okay..? What was that about..?" Naruto, straightening out: "Huh! Oh! Nothing! He just looks like he needs to catch up on his sleep hehehe! = ^^''= "

    In another tree nearby, a bandage faced boy with overly long sleeves and a bunch of fur on his back had watched the whole thing with two others who like he had headbands with music notes on them. Another boy to his right and a girl to his left, they all had average Shinobi pants with snake patterns aswell as scarfs.

    ?, sitting in the middle: "Heheh." ?, standing to the right of the one sitting: "So, what do you think?" ?: "Well, nothing serious, but... the black haired boy from the leaf and the Sand with the gourd... Let's keep our eyes on them..." ?, grinning to herself: "Hmhm, I plan too... and to be extra careful, I'll watch the cute blonde one, he has a secret side to him..."

    |On some Training Ground|

    We find a dozen or so training dummy's hung around riddled with hundreds of Kunai and Shuriken alike.

    A Green clad boy with a bowl cut appeared by the one who so thoroughly pierced all of the straw bodies. ?: "Hey, did you hear? For the first time in 5 years, there are going to be rookies in the Chuunin exams." A response came from a girl with two buns in her hair twirling a kunai. ?:No way! It's probably some stubborn Jounins in competition or something..." ?: "No, the story is that three of them are the students of that Kakashi." ?, with his long smooth black hair and his white, short sleeved jacket, that was as white as his pupil-less eyes: "That does sound quite interesting.." ?, throwing a bulls-eye: But in the end, you have to feel sorry for them."

    |The next day on a bridge|

    Sakura: * Sigh * "Hey! How can he be allowed to do this!? Why does that person ask us to meet and then make us wait!?" Naruto: "MOTOIN SECONDED! This is bullshit!" Sakura: "What about the emotions of a young girl who overslept and didn't have time to blow dry her hair!?" Naruto: "Yeah! I overslept too! I didn't even have time to wash my face or brush my teeth!" Sakura: "EW!" Naruto: "Hehe!" Sasuke: 'Why does everything have to be so high tension with them...'

    Kakashi, appearing out of no where: "Morning people! Sorry, today I got lost on the road of life!" NaruSaku: "OH COME ONE! YOU DIDN'T EVEN TRY THAT TIME! APLOGIZE!" Kakashi: "Well, anyway, I know this is sudden, but, I have nominated you three for the Chuunin selection exam." Team 7: "WHAT!?" Kakashi handing them each a piece of paper: "Here are your applications." Naruto: "This almost makes up for your tardy ass!" Kakashi: "Right, well, this is just a nomination. Whether you take the exam or not is up to each of you. Those who wish to take it should sign those papers and turn them in to room 301 by 4PM tomorrow. That's all." He finished as he disappeared

    Sasuke: 'Heh, the Chuunin exams already as a Gennin, I'm catching up brother...' Then a smile came to his face. 'Heh, and I might be able to fight that sand guy haha!' Naruto: "Finally! Now I am just one step closer to surpassing the Hokage and becoming the strongest ninja in the world!" 'I will get the respect as a hero I deserve!' Sakura: 'I, can't do it... I can't even keep up with Sasuke-kun or Naruto-kun... No way can I handle the Chuunin exams...'

    |The next day in the academy|

    Naruto: "Hey guys!" Sakura, forcing a smile: "Yeah, hey Naruto, good morning..." Sasuke: 'Great, now Sakura is faking, whats up with her today..?'

    As they walked through crowds of people, they eventually came to the door for room 301, however, they see two people blocking the way beating the crap out of some Green spandex wearing kid and bun haired girl with a pink shirt who just keep trying to get through. The guy with two weapons of some sort strapped too his back starts to speak up. ?(Ridiculous, ain't it..?): Listen brats, this is our kindness! The Chuunin exams aren't easy, even we have failed it 3 times in a row! There have been those that take the exams and end up quitting as Shinobi, those that die during the exam, we've seen it all. And Chuunin often become captains of military teams. The failure rate of a mission. The death of a comrade. That is all the captain's responsibility. Yet kids like you think you can pass!? Ha! We are just thinning out those that will fail anyway. What's wrong with that?"

    Naruto, growling: "Why you...!" Sasuke and Sakura stopped Naruto with a hand to the shoulder. Sasuke: "Naruto, it's a Genjutsu, it's to weed out weak contestants so we don't have to worry about as many, just wait" Naruto: "oh really huh!? Ya, I knew that! I still don't like those guys!"

    After 30 or so minutes of people getting too hurt trying to get through, some people crying, many people had left. The other man with a backpack began to speak. ?, smirking: "Alright, so those of you that are still here must have noticed by now, yes, this is an illusion, this is still the second floor, go on through now to the 3rd floor when ready, you still have some time left to spare." With that, the 301 over the door blurred to a 201."

    Naruto: "About ****ing time! I was about to push through illusion or not!" Suddenly, the Green clad ninja, with huge eyebrows, walked up to Sakura. ?: "My name is Rock Lee. You must be Sakura! You do not have anything to fret! * Removing fake Injuries. * It was all an act! I can assure you that I am the strongest ninja here physically!. Let us go out together! I will protect you 'til I die!" Sakura, while Naruto's Jaw dropped: "Sure you are. And no way... you're lame..." Naruto while Lee lamented: "Hahaha! Loser! And that coming from dead last!" Then the guy without pupils walked over to Sasuke. ?: "Hey you, what is your name?" Sasuke: "Hn, it's rude not to introduce yourself first." ?: "You're a rookie right? How old are you?" Sasuke: "I don't have to answer you." As he turned away, he became exited over all of the strong people he would be facing. With that, they all walked on.

    The two ninja that were guarding the door suddenly revealed themselves, behind semi closed doors, to be Izumo and Kotetsu who were simply in disguise. Izumo: "Hehe, so, those are Kakashi and Gai's prize pupils... I guess they pass this unofficial first test..." Kotetsu: "Yeah, this exam is going to be fun for us examiners too."
    A.N. Ooooh, so close, we are getting there, like it so far? I told you I would pull it into a new direction from here haha Original no? Alright, whelp, I am already working on the next Chapter, so I hope you enjoyed, and see you next time!

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