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    The Untold Tales of the Shinobi World - Moment 1

    The Untold Tales of the Shinobi World

    Moment 1

    A Snake's Pleasure

    The raven trudged down the narrow, rocky tunnel with his trademark scowl on show, his hands buried deep in his long, black locks. If a look could kill, at that moment, Sasuke Uchiha would have no trouble utterly destroying his brother.

    Two months had passed since the Uchiha scion had defected to Orochimaru’s den and so far, he was not pleased with his decision, not pleased at all. The power and strength he had been expecting to gain was nowhere in sight, not even a tiny drop of it. The Snake Sannin had barely even spoken to him in the past few weeks.

    Where was the tutelage he was promised under the supposed ‘Immortal Orochimaru’, where was the power he needed to accomplish Itachi’s death, where was the reason he’d chosen to defect?!

    Sasuke scowled for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, if he didn’t learn something soon, a certain snake would find hell to pay.

    The raven continued on his broody path, his mind plotting various methods to impart pain on Orochimaru, when a sudden groan caught his attention. An eyebrow shot up and Sasuke thought back, trying to remember which tunnel he had taken.
    This was supposed to be a restricted area, only accessible by either Orochimaru or himself and since Sasuke knew where he himself was, obviously, that left only one possibility.

    Ahead of him lay a wooden door, the room it hid having been the source of the noise. Another groan escaped its confines, Sasuke’s keen ears having caught a distinctly raspy tone to it. That was definitely Orochimaru, there was no doubt about it.

    The raven steeled himself, having come to a decision. He couldn’t afford to wait on the pale bastard’s whims anymore, leaving him with only one choice. He would convince the man to begin teaching him…or else.

    Sasuke gripped the cold handle and twisted the knob as silently as he could, planning on catching Orochimaru unawares. After all, a snake caught in surprise is an easier prey than a snake ready to strike.

    The scent of aromatic oils buffeted Sasuke’s face as he entered the room, noting the curious pictures that lined the walls. It was too dark to make out the shapes emblazed onto the portraits but they seemed like they were…people?
    Deciding to pay it no mind, Sasuke entered and silently shut the door behind him, inwardly cursing at how dark it was. He could barely see a thing.

    From the darkness, he heard voices moaning. “A little to the left Kabuto-chan.”


    If he hadn’t been before, Sasuke’s curiosity was definitely aroused by then. Still, he couldn’t find anything in such a blanket of darkness, and so, with a silent whisper, the Uchiha prodigy activated his Sharingan.

    Most of the time, Sasuke would be proud of his Sharingan and the various advantages it bestowed upon him, a form of night-vision being one of them, but at that moment, as he took in the scene before him, Sasuke cursed his blasted eyes for what they’d forced him to look at.

    Sprawled out before him on a mat was a naked Orochimaru propped up on a similarly naked Kabuto, seated behind him. The aromatic smell that permeated the air came from the various oils Kabuto was delicately rubbing onto the Snake Sannin, a perverted glint in his bespectacled eyes.

    “Oh yes Kabuto-chan, harder, yes, right there, move with the music.”

    In the background, the faint sound of banjo music cluttered the air. “Yes Kabuto-chan, string up my snake, oh, yes.”

    Sasuke clutched his stomach and fought the urge to blind himself then and there.

    “Hmm, Orochimaru-sama, I have the strange sensation we’re being watched.” muttered the spectacled man in a soft voice much to Sasuke’s revulsion. “Should I light the candles?”

    “No, no, the darkness helps me relax. Now stop blabbering and dance for me Kabuto-chan, dance with your fingers and play me like a banjo.”

    Sasuke silently began to tear out his own hair in an effort to control the lurch of his stomach. ‘Why, Kami, why?! Please, help me! Help me and I’ll return to Konoha! I’ll marry Sakura, I’ll befriend Naruto, I’ll make pink-haired babies, so please, save meeeee!

    The raven fought for control over his body, trying to will himself out the room but to no such luck. The shock of seeing a naked Orochimaru had glued him to the floor, his legs drained, numb and unresponsive.

    “Orochimaru-sama, can I sing for you now?”

    “Of course my precious.”

    The silver-haired medic cleared his throat, supposedly prepping himself before he broke out in a deafeningly high pitched voice.

    “Oh my dear Orochimaru-sama, you paint my heart a deep red!

    Come to me Orochimaru-sama, let’s indulge our bodies in bed!

    Oh my dear Orochimaru-sama, let us fornicate in the darkness of the night!

    Come to me Orochimaru-sama, it’s time to let our love take fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!”

    Sasuke wasn't really sure what happened after that, but the Uchiha scion was sure of one thing.

    He had never feared or despised any man more than Itachi but at that moment, as he let a blanket of unconsciousness whisk him away from the squeals of pleasure coming from Kabuto, he had decided, Orochimaru came a very, very close second, and that one day, he would kill him, if for no reason other than putting him off love and family for the rest of his life.

    Any future restoration of the Uchiha clan? Not likely…

    Authors Notes

    Yes, I know that this is some weird shit, stop annoying me, the Banana Munchkins are annoying enough as it is.
    P.S. Now you know why Sasuke is so demented during the majority of the Part 2, look at what he's had to deal with. No amount of therapy will heal this...
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