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    Naruto manga 638 prediction.

    ( ) Thoughts, face expressions and reasons.

    The smoke cleared . Obito merged with juubi. His hair and face is now white. Obito's appearance changed too.His injury heals so fast.

    Kyuubi : Sages power ?

    Minato : Your wounds ?

    Obito : Juubi's power. Isn't it interesting sensei ?

    Minato : This is not real you. ( I need to attack him before its getting too late)

    Obito : You don't know what happened to me sensei.

    Minato quickly come behind him and use rasengan.

    Minato : Rasengan!

    Minato's rasengan hit Obito but Obito absorb the rasengan.

    Minato : ( Surprised) How come ?

    Naruto : Dad he has got the ability of Pein.

    Sasuke : If physical attacks don't work on him then genjutsu will sure work.

    Obito : As though I would let you

    Obito moves in flash , appear behind sasuke and Kick him. Sasuke fall near a katsuyu clone.

    Naruto : Sasuke !

    Sakura : Sasuke kun! kathsuyu sama quickly heal him.

    Kathsuyu clone attach in to Sasuke 's body

    Sasuke ( Pant,Pant ) Damn ! I didn't able to see him.

    Hokages are already disabled the barrier and come near Minato to aid him power and Killer bee too. Madara joins with Obito.

    Madara : Good job Obito.

    Obito : You bastard I won't trust you anymore.

    Madara : Even though you became jinchuriki you won't be able to defeat everyone especially these edo hokages

    You will need my help.Otherwise they interrupt you when you cast the illusion.

    Obito : Ok do as you wish.

    Hashirama: Me ,Tobirama and Hiruzen will take care of Madara.

    An evil smirk appears in Madara's face.

    Bee : We wil kick the juubi worm. Yea.

    Gyuuki : Bee it's not time to rap bee.

    Gamakichi is standing behind Naruto. Suddenly a voice ring in his head.

    "It's about time."

    Gamakichi : Ok. Kuchiosen no jutsu!

    Large smoke appears in the ground. When the smoke clears its reveal great elder frog.

    Great elder frog: Things are going in the same way as I predicted.

    Naruto : What ! Great elder frog.

    Great elder frog : Don't worry Naruto I am here to tell you what you should do now.

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