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    I'll Always Win

    So, I got another poem from my friend, that she wants me to upload. Sorry for the errors. She typed all of this on a cell phone.

    So here it is!

    Always Win

    My heart is breaking
    My body is shaking
    You dnt understand me
    I jus wanna be free
    Im done with guessing
    Especially with second chancing
    Im done with bein down
    I haven't even begun to frown
    I wear a smile on my face my love echoed through the space
    I've built a wall around my heart
    U almost tore it apart
    I had to push u away
    More n more day by day
    I saw me inside ur eyes
    U were my sun inside the sky
    Now everything's to late
    I jus cant wait
    Im standin tall
    With this unbreakable wall
    U try to tear me down
    But ik the truth
    im alone in this one horse town
    I guess I jus feel used
    Im honestly just tired
    Of all the fights and taunts
    I feel like I jus hot hired
    For a job I didn't want
    What's done is done
    We cnt change the past
    Guess I actually won
    Even when I came in last
    Am I completely whole
    Why do I feel like im loosing control
    Its all worth it in the end
    Those memr will last forever
    Even if we jus become friends
    If I know im under the weather
    I might as well die
    I cant seem to fly
    I know I cnt soar
    Thats why I feel so sore
    I got shot in the wing
    So I cant even think straight
    But all I can do is sing
    Guess my destiny has met my fate
    I know I can love again
    And I will always win

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    Re: I'll Always Win

    I can put Minato in this poem, he fits perfect, especially at the end where he dies and he won... just boss

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