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    God has no patience for heresy
    And lovers don't like others
    who deceive..


    We spend a lot of time just in search
    For the meaning of this life we live
    But we just can't see it from our precarious perch
    So in the end we just accept the knife death gives

    And while we all strive to make our mark
    Most of us leave the world unaccomplished
    But that's because we lack will and our demise is stark
    Why try for what we've already wished

    No we're not immortal or even bulletproof
    But why don't we even try for what some would die
    Call me crazy.. but if you ask me, something is aloof
    We all want to be remembered but we never want to cry

    Heaven requires some effort and sacrifice
    Both living and beyond our end of days
    Selfishness, greed, and laziness will not suffice
    You can always do better, no one is set in their ways

    Maybe this is true or maybe I'm a fool
    That's for the individual to decide
    I might be naive, but I am not a tool
    I will be accomplished by the time I have died
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    Re: Accomplished

    Nicely written man! I honestly liked it.

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    Re: Accomplished

    Wow splendid dude

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    Doubt them. Question them,
    suspect them…and take a
    good, long look into their
    hearts. Humans are the kind of
    beings who can’t put their
    pain into words after all.
    Akiyama Shinichi, Liar Game

    Re: Accomplished

    The time for us to say goodbye is near
    The day I hoped would never come is here
    Though many hearts are broken we must somehow carry on
    Cause I think you're gonna miss me when I'm gone

    I thought my life was over when we met
    So little to remember, so much to forget
    Though it was you who saw me through the darkness to the dawn
    Still I think you're gonna miss me when I'm gone

    I'm a modest man
    And it hurts me to say these things to you
    After all we've been through it's the least that I can do
    So instead of just goodbye I'll say so long
    And as for the light by which you see me leave it on
    I'm a better man than I was before
    Knowing you has made me strong
    And I sure am going to miss you when I'm gone
    Yes I sure am going to miss you when I'm gone
    ~Randy Newman

    by the way i liked your poem keep up the good work this is just a from one of my favorite artist who greatly inspires me and i hope he can inspire you also.

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    seems like i'm almost in a
    hapy place

    Re: Accomplished

    that's so good...very well done.

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