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    Gin no Saji - Silver spoon

    General Info:

    Series Name: Gin no Saji - Silver spoon

    Year of Serialization: 2013

    Author(s): Hiromu Arakawa (He also made FMAB)

    Genre(s): Comedy, School, Shounen, Slice of life

    Current Status: Ongoing

    Moment of Reviewing: 1 Episode

    Series Summary:

    The series evolves around Yugo Hachiken, who started a new life on the agriculture school because he wanted to separate his life from his family. He is smart and learns quick so he didn't see any problem in the school he was going to attend. Oh boy what was he wrong about that! Knowing nothing about agriculture and stuff like that this anime is easy to enjoy in you like to laugh the tears out of your eyes!

    Critical Review:

    I never would've thought that I would enjoy something like slice of life anime. It doesn't seem to have a plot so I can't spoil anything, but I can honestly say this anime is awesome. The comedy is outstanding and in the first episode it makes you laugh as much as some anime do in their whole series. The characters are different, no one is the same or has the same dreams or passion, they all have other personalities which are very funny and the main character is clueless about the agriculture which makes him do stupid stuff.

    Some things that may need to improve are: Plot development and Story development which didn't seem to come through in the first episode.

    I hope you enjoyed this review and if you decide to watch it I recommend watching it in 1080P or 720P the animation looks amazing!

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    Re: Gin no Saji - Silver spoon

    I followed the manga series when it was first released for a while to around 20 or 30 chapters. I stopped reading it at a certain point, so I still need to catch up. Can't say anything about the anime.

    I always found it intriguing why the creator of FMA, a series that reach a semi-iconic status, now made a series about a farming school. The contrast couldn't be bigger.

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    Re: Gin no Saji - Silver spoon

    Small correction, Arakawa Hiromu is a She.

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