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    Re: Naruto's relationship with the nine tails

    I just edited my original thread in some areas, this is old thread and as you guys know you can't edit posts after 10 days. I did also add some extra info on the rasengan area.


    Hi all,

    These are just some thoughts about Naruto and the nine tail fox throughout the series so far.

    Sage mode as stated by Pa frog only can be achieved by people who have large amounts of chakra and the gutsiest. Now as we all know Naruto managed to master sage mode, but why was Naruto able to master sage mode and not Jiraya? So the only think I could think of that separated them was the nine tail fox. Naruto actually if you think about it has been training for sage mode his whole life. Naruto’s chakra circulatory system has been trying to find an equilibrium with nine tails fox’s chakra ever since it was sealed in him. I believe his experience in handling the nine tail’s chakra essentially an external chakra source like natural energy, allowed him to handle natural energy easier and hence mastered sage mode. Though the nine tails stopped Pa frog from fusing with Naruto for unlimited sage chakra, but he also helped Naruto in my opinion to master sage mode over the years. You can’t have everything I guess. I reakon this is a far better reason as to why Naruto mastered sage mode other than the fact he’s the hero of the series. And yes I know plot no jutsu is very powerful, but my theory is plausible.

    Another instance where I believe the nine tail fox is making life difficult for Naruto (not in sage mode) is the rasengan. Even though he’s capable of making a technique like fuuton rasengan he still needs a clone to form a rasengan. It was stated by Jiraiya that Naruto can't spin his chakra randomly very well in one hand so Naruto uses a shadow clone to spin the chakra randomly while Naruto supplies the chakra and makes sure the chakra remains compressed during the random spins. Jiraiya implied at that time Naruto was too young to spin his chakra and Kakashi also stated Naruto is a bit young to use the Rasangan on top the hospital roof after the encounter between Naruto and Sasake. But after the time skip(3 years) Naruto was still unable to perform a rasengan with one hand and ironically three years was same amount of time it took the Forth hokage to complete the rasengan where the Forth hokage would have been able to do it in one hand, as Jiraiya has never saw the method used by Naruto to spin the chakra using hands up until that time. Konohamaru I believe is the exception, Naruto taught him the rasengan at a even younger age than he learned the move, so I'm willing to put it down to age as to why he needs a clone to form a rasengan. I then came to the conclusion Naruto has major difficulties spinning his chakra and it has nothing to with his age. Basically the fox is fooling around with Naruto’s chakra making it difficult for Naruto to spin, simply by being present in Naruto’s body. This also would explain why Naruto uses shadow clones a lot to bypass problems when he is forced to deal with high degrees of chakra control. But on the flip side with the ability to make so many clones he can train a lot faster than anyone else and his skill in using shadow clones increased through repeated use which allowed him to add wind chakra to the rasengan, again you can’t have everything.
    Here is a page referring to Naruto's chakra spinning difficulties.

    Naruto 152 | Read naruto chapter 152 manga online | Manga Share

    Here are pages from the manga regarding the fox making it difficult for Naruto to control his chakra.

    Naruto 90 | Read naruto chapter 90 manga online | Manga Share
    Naruto 94 | Read naruto chapter 94 manga online | Manga Share

    Finally I’d like to sum up what I think is happening between Naruto and nine tails there are the obvious advantages the nine tails gives, stamina, regen, strength and speed etc. But also he tries to make Naruto dependent on him by being a burden and not allowing Naruto to use his chakra effectively. With this all in mind now I would like to share with you a cunning plan the Fox has been orchestrating from the very beginning. I see all the advantages the fox gives as bait to show that Naruto can confine in him to achieve Naruto's goals so Naruto would use him often. While the fox hides his true motives which we saw during the fight with Pain clearly was to be released. Now your all probably wondering how I could come up with such a conclusion with the nine tails fox orchestrating a complex plan for complete control over Naruto and here's why. Based on how the seal works it allows the nine tail's chakra leak from the seal and mix with Naruto’s over time. I also believe that “jutsu” the Forth left for Naruto to complete will accelerate this process. So the fox realizes he’s fighting a losing battle for control and eventually all of his chakra will mix with Naruto’s, which would explain the Nine-Tail’s reluctance to aid Naruto in battle and desperately trying to trick Naruto to take the seal off his cage like when he was fighting Pain.

    Here are pages referring to the nine tail's chakra leaking from the seal and mixing with Naruto’s.

    Naruto 49 | Read naruto chapter 49 manga online | Manga Share
    Naruto 91 | Read naruto chapter 91 manga online | Manga Share

    Here is a page regarding the nine tail fox's reluctance to aid Naruto.

    Naruto 95 | Read naruto chapter 95 manga online | Manga Share

    And finally here is a page outlining the nine tail fox's desperation and anger when the forth intervened just in time to stop Naruto from releasing him.

    Naruto 440 | Read naruto chapter 440 manga online | Manga Share

    That’s pretty much all I wanted to discuss, Lets us know what you guys think.
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