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I thought Naruto loved Sakura which was my only reason to think he wasn't. But in the last chapter rather than getting pissed at Sasuke, seriosly taking him on and acting protective towards Sakura he starts talking to Sasuke about how he was glad to meet him. There is a limit to friendship. You don't try and negotiate with some psycho who plans to eliminate your own village and all the people you care about. The only justification for Naruto's actions might be that he is gay with Sasugay. For some reason I'm feeling really lame reading a manga about a gay fool like Naruto.

No offence intended to any homosexuals or Naruto Fans.

NarutoBase.net - Naruto Manga Chapter 484 - Page 15

NarutoBase.net - Naruto Manga Chapter 485 - Page 7

NarutoBase.net - Naruto Manga Chapter 485 - Page 15

looks to me like naruto loves the ladies

also i didnt really notice how when katsuya told naruto about the fox destroying the village his first thoughts went straight to hinata.

the first time really that he tought about someone else above the village.