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    Itachi and Azuza's love story (modern) dattebayo!

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    Chapter no.12 Special lesson 2.

    Finally Orochimaru Sensei stood up,
    causing the students to become silent."Good afternoon students."
    He said in his snaky voice.
    "Today's lesson is going to be slightly different."Everyone starred at him,
    waiting for him to go on and to tell them of this lesson.
    "Today's lesson will be on the experimentation
    of human bodies." Orochimari Sensei said.
    No one said anything but only looked at each other in confusion,
    whispering a few words to each other.
    First of all I will explain what I mean by this."
    He continued.
    "Humans only live for a certain amount of time obviously and they are so fragile."
    He began. "So,
    do you think somewhere out there someone is experimenting on bodies to create the perfect body to make them live forever."
    He explained.Azuza scanned the classroom, studying the students reactions. Some looked completely confused,
    some looked curious and a lot of them looked slightly uncomfortable about the subject.
    The teacher continued. "If you were going to try and create the perfect body you will need the best bodies possible."
    He explained. "Meaning, they must have a strong mind and body,
    this will help the effects for living forever and keep the perfect body strong."
    Orochimaru told the class. "Now that I have explained,
    I want everyone to give their thoughts on the subject by filling out these questions."
    He said as he grabbed a pile of word sheets from his desk.He began going around the classroom handing them out to all the students.
    Azuza glanced at Itachi who then looked back at her.
    They both knew how weird this lesson was and didn't know what the purpose of it was.
    Azuza knew Itachi had already come up with the answers,
    but was she thinking the same thoughts?
    She noticed Orochimari Sensei give Itachi a slightly blood thirsty look as he handed him his papers.
    She saw Itachi trying not to make eye contact with the teacher as he received his test.
    Finally he handed Temari her sheets and then handed Azuza hers.
    She could have sworn he heard a slight chuckle from the teacher as he handed Azuza her work sheets.
    This made her a little edgy."Whats with this all of a sudden?"
    Temari asked in confusion. "This lesson isn't all."Azuza didn't answer. Honestly,
    she didn't know how to answer because she didn't really know herself.
    Her only thought was that this certain lesson and the missing students were somehow connected...somehow.
    Unfortunately she couldn't understand why she thought that.
    Maybe she should talk to Itachi about it, to see what he thought.No, she thought.
    She didn't want to talk to him. She didn't want to give him a whiplash with her mood swings anyway.
    Azuza wanted to distance herself from that strange kid and that was that.She looked down at the first page.
    She didn't really want to answer these weird questions but she knew she had no choice.
    She grabbed her pen and began scribbling down her answers.
    Every now and again Temari would comment about how weird the questions were." Azuza." Someone whispered to her.
    Azuza looked up to her right and saw Nagato holding out a small folded piece of paper to her.
    She hesitated but reached out and grabbed it.She opened the piece of paper and read Nagato's writing.Weird class right.
    Azuza wrote her answer underneath Nagato's comment.Yeah, it is a little.She folded it back up and handed it back to her friend.
    Itachi looked up from his work and noticed Nagato handing a note to Azuza.
    So there is something going on with them, he thought. It wasn't any of his business
    and he had more important things to think about,
    but for some reason this situation bothered him. So what if Nagato liked Azuza,
    she probably liked him back. It was like he was almost...jealous.
    He watched from the corner of his eye as Azuza passed him back the note.
    Nagato read Azuza reply and quickly scribbled his question.
    He handed the note back to her.Azuza once again opened the paper and read the question.
    This is kinda awkward, but I really wanted to ask you something if that's alright?,

    Hope you like it comment please and let me know what do you think about the story and sorry for the late update i have been so busy.Thanks for reading.dattebayo!

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    Re: Itachi and Azuza's love story (modern) dattebayo!

    I see that happening

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    Re: Itachi and Azuza's love story (modern) dattebayo!

    sho nice ... azuzaaaaa.

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