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    Re: Naruto Manga 486 Discussion and 487 Predictions

    i really liked the chapter.

    1. madara mentioned kisame, which may indicate that hes not just dead and can somehow be saved, or he's inseide samehada or something. otherwise, zetsu could just have reported that he's dead.

    2. madara says something about taking out the rinnegan. not quite sure what that means. does he want to gain rinnegan? don't think he got nagato's eyes because the leaf should have them. does he want to bring it out in someone else? "because it appears in times of war"... very confusing. maybe an other translation will help here.
    or does "take out" means that he wants to destroy nagato's eyes so no one else can use them? i'm just helpless here^^

    3. did anyboddy recognize madara getting a new arm?
    Naruto 486 - Read Online at Manga Stream
    his right arm is wet just like oro's reincarnation-jutsu. i think he lost that one in the fight against danzo's underlings.
    he's surrounded by thorns just like zetsu when he comes out of the floor.

    once again, very good chapter. and i think naruto's answer is a good one and leaves good options for the end of the manga.
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