Same that did the artworks. This is a tiny snippet from my story

enjoy (scene)

(The crowd look back at the body of the women and then look at Craig convulsing on the spot. The crowd anxiously waiting for someone to act. "I'll go get help," a woman in work clothes stutters, disappearing from the scene her high heels hitting the floor. More people take her space, joining in to watch.
Craig moans again doubling over. As he does so he feels his skin crack on his arm but there is too much in pain to notice. He feels as if he’s being torn apart. The crowd notice this in horror, with each painful crack; some of the crowd start to back away. Bits of skin seem to blacken along the crack edges, spreading. Black smoke starts pours forth from his arm as a mental battle inside him takes place. Deep inside his bones and muscles are being consumed by the presence of the creature. All his insides are being reduced to ash, as it slowly spreads without mercy. Parts of his face start to crack under the being’s presence. Seeing this most of the crowd back away, most of them are too scared as to what will happen. They abandon him and run away in fear.
The cracks get longer as lines join with it, stretching across his arm. Now with little skin remaining. He screams again this time sounding less like Craig, as tears start to form. Then he feels a tingling sensation in his eyes and they flicker. Then his eyes turn pale, the pupils lose their colour until they become clear white. His skin starts to blacken in parts, especially around the eyes. Cuts appear on his body, as black smoke pours out. Craig lets out one last inhuman scream as a huge flash envelops him causing a huge shock-wave. Glass breaks shattering, casting shards all around. Car alarms blare. The entire crowd is consumed. Leaving nothing but dust and silence.
Time seems to slow. The dust caused by the shock-wave settles. The scene has been utterly changed. Everything has turned black as if burnt like one fire aftermath. Cars destroyed, windows smashed, anything that was alive in the blast has died. There are lumps of ash on the floor marking where people once stood. Where Craig was standing is now an ash like being, smoke swirling around it, reprising its form. The ash of the fallen people start to rise into the air slowly before joining with the creature standing amongst its destruction There are cracks in the body which glow from the light of his soul. Its eyes are like darkness as it surveys the damage it has just caused, admiring it, smoke surrounding it. Revelling in the carnage and dismay that he has unleashed.
Chapter 5:
Dervish hears sirens approach and lazily turns his attention to the noise. A police car and ambulance drive in a hurry towards the creature. Dervish tilts his head to the side completely complacent of their arrival. Dervish gives a smirk and with one arm hits the ambulance, toppling it over. The ambulance slides down the road screeching, the bodywork making contact with the road, denting the viechle until it skids to a stop; the tyres still rotating. The policemen get out of the car, cautiously looking at the creature; they withdraw their guns nervously, after just witnessing an ambulance being toppled over. "Stop right there, or I shoot!" one of the policeman shouts. Dervish turns his head to the side, slowly and takes a step towards the police menacingly, its feet cracking and blackening the ground "Stop right there damn it! I'm warning you!" Panic can be heard in his voice as the creature intimidatingly steps closer, smoke pouring from him, purposely trying to break the policeman’s resolve. "Alright take him down!" The officer yells. As they pull their triggers a hail of bullets close in on the being, Dervish stands patiently there waiting and they watch in horror as the bullets take chunks out, only to have no effect; the body repairs itself as more ash seems to grow and fill the gaps. The being looks at the police giving a large smile. It starts to move purposely towards the squad who start to back away panic-stricken, still shooting at the being, hoping for the impossible.
hen as quick as a flash the being moves his arm forward with lightening speed, passing right through one of the policemen. The policeman screams in pain, his body impaled. His body starts to blacken at the base of the arm until it completely spreads, then he evaporates into smoke, silencing the policeman’s screams. It starts circling around the creature. The being then looks to where one of the policemen was, only to find he has disappeared.
Out of the blue the policeman gets behind the being and shoots, shooting chunks from his back. Angered the creature violently turns around and its face is contorted with anger; sending black smoke towards his enemy, it wraps itself around the policeman and thickens. The man screams in agony begging for mercy, but none is given. The smoke slows down as his screams finally stop. The smoke- now thicker returns back to its master.
He turns his head as he hears sirens approach, then four police cars pull up in different directions, circling around him skidding. Policemen cautiously get out of their cars, carrying rapid fire weapons and looking straight at the being with fear and anger. "Okay, men circle him", orders a police officer wearing a bullet proof vest, his head bald. Each policeman takes position, raising their guns
To their surprise the being just stares, doing nothing except looking at each one. It's eyes fixed upon them, filling their very souls with fear and dread."Shoot!!" A hail of bullets fills the air, hitting their target. The bullets impact on the being, each hit knocking it backwards. The bullets keep coming doing much more damage, tear chunks out of the being; small parts of ash break away. They continue firing; the being takes a step forward awkwardly, bits of its legs break away. Realising his body can’t repair fast enough; the enraged being looks at the policemen, his face filled with anger.
With renewed hope, the police’s nervous expressions suddenly change. They keep shooting. The beings’ eyes and several cracks in his body start to glow, rays of light shine through the cracks as its anger manifests. It screams out in rage, releasing its energy as small particles of debris and dust are forced away by the sheer force. The policemen desperately struggle to hold their footing; only to be disintegrated by the sheer force.
Again the area is quiet. Black lumps on the ground are the only reminder of where the police once stood. Their cars are now cloaked in thick black ash; Piccadilly is calm once more. Then a single lump of the ash on the ground becomes alive rising to the air, the other lumps following suit. It then joins with the being, its bullet holes now completely covered. The being’s eyes flicker open and speaks "More..." )

Sorry if it's a bit long. I've written more than how much the first Harry Potter book was..