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    The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 4- The Power of a Name

    - Chapter 1- The End is Just The Beginning
    - Chapter 2- The Traveling Man
    - Chapter 3- Naruto’s Retrieval Team

    I hope you enjoy Chapter 4, which is again short

    The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 4- The Power of a Name

    The scene begins with us still following the mans feet

    ???- Boss man are we going to see some action today?

    ???- Bro you know we always do

    ???- well you never know boss could…

    ???- what could I do?

    The scene cuts to the man’s back.

    The man is wearing a black cloak that has orange flames. He also has a Giagantic scroll where to frogs the size of Fuskaku and shima sit. On the left is a white frog with black and gold eyes and on his right is a black frog with white and gold eyes.

    Makura{the Black frog}- you …Know exactly what i..i….Nevermind

    Koudo{the White frog}- Sorry about bro today

    Naruto- don’t worry about it, its been fun having you guys around these past five years, I was hesitant at first but Geezer sage was right again.

    Naruto pauses suddenly but then continues to move forward

    Naruto- we don’t have time for this, we are going to be late as it is.

    Koudo and Makura- what is it boss?

    Naruto- Makura it looks like you will be getting your action soon enough, so watch my back you guys.

    Koudo and Makura- Roger That Boss Man.

    Scene cuts to the wooded canopy above where we see 20 ninja come falling down from above to surround Naruto… Naruto calmly stops and looks around.

    Naruto- so are you trying to make a name for yourself ?...

    Naruto notices their headband protectors say Sound...Naruto nods his head in disapproval

    Naruto- Oh so you’re here for revenge then?

    Sound Ninja- Revenge? No we want your money and that scroll you have there.

    Naruto- Oh!?

    Naruto starts walking towards the enemy

    Sound Ninja- Stop!!! Are you stupid or something WE will Kill You!!!

    Makura- HA Ha ha, Kill Boss Man no way, who is stupid now

    Koudo- I must agree with my brother, how stupid can 20 ninja be not to know who you are attacking especially this man.

    Sound Ninja- we are not stupid we know exactly who you are!

    Makura- and Yet you do not run away.

    Naruto- shhh Makura…

    Sound Ninja- why would we run from ONE Leaf shinobi who is so stupid that he has two little frogs speak for him…Besides there are 20 of us and only 3 of you..

    Koudo- well boss they are stupid, they should fear any leaf shinobi and yet they don’t… and and they still don’t know who you are

    Makura- Please boss can I tell them your name, I want to see them shit themselves

    Naruto shakes his head as to say No but suddenly freezes with anger with what came out of the sound ninjas mouth next

    Sound ninja- Screw your name, screw whoever you are!! All we needed to know was you were from Kohona’s Hidden Leaf Village… Because every sound ninja knows that every ninja there are all WEAK!!

    Naruto violently turns and glares at the man. The Sound ninja step back all shocked, while Naruto shouts out.

    Naruto- Makura, Koudo…JUMP!!!!

    Scene cuts to Makura and Koudo Jumping up into the air
    Scene cuts back to them landing on Naruto’s Scroll where he has already began walking towards the summit.

    The panel zooms out to see all but the sound ninja who made the comment knocked unconscious

    Sound Ninja- Who… are You. WHAT… iiis..your Na..Name?

    The panel zooms to Makura and Koudo who are on Naruto’s Scroll staring at the man an yell out to the man while Naruto Keeps walking forward.

    Koudo- Boss man goes by many names

    Makura- The 1000 Man Army, The Toad Sage Kid

    Koudo- The Child of The Prophecy

    The sound ninja is seen shaking terribly

    Naruto – but in Konoha I’m just known as…

    Naruto disappears and reappears face to face with the sound ninja

    Naruto- Naruto Uzumaki….But if you ever speak ill of Konoha in front of me again the last thing you will ever see is Kurama’s face..

    Sound Ninja- wh..ho….who is Kurama?

    Naruto looks at Koudo and Makura who both nod their heads, Naruto then stares Directly into the Sound ninjas eyes and smiles

    Naruto- HeHE Kurama is part of me and my Family!!

    With that Naruto steps back and goes mini Kurama mode where Kurama gives a Evil smile and gargantuan roar in the direction of the sound ninja which pushes him 100 feet. Before the sound ninja starts to fall backwards and pass out.

    Sound Ninja- I…Thought…you…were…Just…A…MYTH… a man…of…legend

    Scene cut to a zoomed out panel of Naruto walking through the 20 unconscious bodies on the ground.

    Makura – See Boss we did nothing again, you always say we will see some action but this always happens instead.

    Koudo- well technically brother we did see some action but just was not a part of it.

    Naruto- Sorry guys I just got carried away again.

    Koudo- Don’t be Boss, Bro is being a whiny baby today

    Makura- No I’m not

    Naruto- hey I totally thought of a name for the two of you

    Makura & Koudo- What Boss?!

    Naruto – The Ying and Yang Brothers: Guardians of the Prophecy

    The scene slowly fades away

    Koudo- I like the Ying and Yang Brothers but not so sure about the rest

    Makura- Yeah and how can we guard something when we never get the chance to fight

    Naruto- Never mind you two….

    To Be Continued....
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    Re: The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 4- The Power of a Name

    cool! nice one..... keep going bro! you're doing great!

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