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    The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 6- The Keepers

    - Chapter 1- The End is Just The Beginning
    - Chapter 2- The Traveling Man
    - Chapter 3- Naruto’s Retrieval Team
    - Chapter 4- The Power of a Name
    - Chapter 5- Naruto’s Summit

    Hope you enjoy the chapter 6.... tell me what you think

    The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 6- The Keepers

    Scene continues where we left off…..

    We pan around the room zooming in on everyone’s shocked face. The panel cuts to Onoki who suddenly stops floating and falls and crashes in the center of the table.

    Naruto- are you okay flying gramps?

    Onoki nods at to say he’s fine and then slowly sits up and looks at Naruto.

    Onoki- are you absolutely sure ?!!

    Naruto leans back in the chair arms crossed

    Naruto- Yes!

    Kakashi- The Sage of Six paths, I thought he was a myth.

    Onoki- NO no no, Kakashi he is no Myth he was a god amongst men.

    Raikage- Don’t be so foolish old man. People can call themselves a god all they want, but that does not make it so…

    Onoki looks at Raikage

    Onoki- That may be true, but that’s what made him so different he never once called himself a god…It was the people around him that gave him that title.

    Gaara- Onoki how do you know so much about a man that has been gone way before our time?

    Mei- yeah!

    Kakashi- yes, please tell.

    Onoki sighs

    Onoki- …OK you must understand the info I have gathered on this man comes from a very credible source.

    Kakashi- how credible can it be? As Gaara pointed out he’s been gone for quite some time.

    Onoki pans his gaze at all the Kage, first to Mei, Katsuchi, Raikage, Gaara then to Kakashi

    Onoki- My source came directly from the Keepers of History… the Guardians of Our Past…

    Gaara- The Keepers of History?

    Onoki looks at Gaara

    Onoki- Yes, the Keepers of History… Gaara you yourself have pointed out the sage came way before our time. Which is certainly true for us but not for them..

    Kakashi- what do you mean not for them?

    Raikage- WHO ARE THEY ?!!!

    Onoki glances at Raikage but turns and focuses on Naruto, who is still leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed.

    Onoki- The Keepers of History…The Guardians of Our Past…. {sighs}… were None other than the Uzumaki clan.

    Everyone is in shock except for Naruto who has no reaction.
    Kakashi glanced at Naruto but quickly brings his attention back to Onoki.

    Kakashi- please continue…

    Onoki nods

    Onoki- as I was saying before, we might be connected with the sage 15 degrees of separation generation wise… but the Uzumaki’s would have only needed 5 generations to be connected to the sage.

    Raikage- how is that even possible?!!

    Onoki pans the Kages faces but ends up focusing on Naruto once again

    Onoki- Naruto….

    Naruto opens his eyes and looks at Onoki

    Onoki- Your clan was known for their Longevity… while on average a normal shinobi could live to a feeble and barely mobile age of 92. Your Clan the Uzumaki’s surpassed that… They on average lived to be a healthy and very much active 125 years of age sometimes more.

    Mei is now looking at Naruto

    Mei- I knew they were know as the longevity clan, but 125 years that just sounds so unlikely…

    Onoki- It is very much true… I was told by an elder of the Uzumaki clan himself.

    Onoki sighs and looks down at the table

    Onoki- They were such a peaceful clan, and yet they had to be feared.

    Naruto- FEARED?!!! FEARED?

    Kakashi- Calm down Naruto…

    Onoki- You must understand Naruto, that every village feared the Uzumaki clan, their seals were legendary, their life seemed never ending and when threatened…. They would become the fiercest warriors anyone has ever seen!... and Naruto they were the most respected clan in the Shinobi world.

    Naruto- Then who tried to wipe them out?!!

    Gaara- Tried?

    Naruto points to himself

    Naruto- I’m still here aren’t I.

    Gaara smiles All eyes go back on Naruto and Onoki

    Onoki- I do not know.

    Naruto- How is THAT Possible?! You just said it yourself that the Uzumaki clan was known to be the fiercest warriors in our world and the most respected clan….and YET you do not know the name of who tried to wipe them out!!

    The room goes silent

    Naruto- Their Names should be Legendary with that feat alone!!

    Onoki- You are correct, they would be legendary, and yet I know not who attacked your clan…

    Naruto abruptly gets up from the table and faces away from the kages and Onoki…

    Kakashi- Naru…..

    Onoki- Naruto!

    Naruto turns around


    Onoki is on his knees on the table bowing in front of Naruto …

    To Be Continued....
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    Re: The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 6- The Keepers

    well, as you said only 15 gennerations or some but as described in anime and manga it is way more than that.
    Anyhow i like this chapter too. keep writing bro, you're doing great!

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