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    The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 7- The Lesson

    - Chapter 1- The End is Just The Beginning
    - Chapter 2- The Traveling Man
    - Chapter 3- Naruto’s Retrieval Team
    - Chapter 4- The Power of a Name
    - Chapter 5- Naruto’s Summit
    - Chapter 6- The Keepers

    Hope you all enjoy chapter 7

    The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 7- The Lesson

    Scene starts where we left off, Onoki is on his knees on the table bowing in front of Naruto …

    Onoki- Naruto I’m Sorry for the loss of your clan but I’m more sorry I can’t tell you what happened to them

    Onoki moves his hands to his face and shakes his head

    Onoki- and the troubling thing is I should know what happened to them, I had many friends that were Uzumaki’s

    Onoki removes his hands from his face and looks at Naruto, Onoki’s eyes are red but no tears are present…

    Onoki- How do you all think I came of this information, Interrogation… NO! I went to them to learn about our history, they were my teachers they were my friends they were my comrades that I had complete respect for the Uzumaki’s. Yet Naruto I cannot tell you how they met their demise…

    Onoki bows again

    Onoki- I’m sorr…..

    Naruto- Stop!… Please know more bowing, I know your being sincere…{sighs} and I am not mad at you.

    Onoki lifts up his head to see Naruto smiling

    Naruto- Gramps please come sit here…

    Naruto motions his hands to invite Onoki to come sit in his seat… Onoki nods stands up and floats over and sits in Naruto’s seat. Naruto pats him on his shoulder and moves to the opposite side of the table.

    Naruto- Let us please forget about the past for right now and focus on the present. I did not just request this summit just to tell you about the sage, I requested it, because I need your help and your guidance.

    Mei- Guidance?

    Naruto nods his head… and stares at the Raikage..

    Naruto- Raikage you once told me, “ Ninja Respect actions and strength!{…} The Weak Will Be Crushed! That Is The Inescapable Truth Of The Ninja World!” This is true but I learned one of my greatest lessons from….

    Naruto looks up into the Balcony and looks at Sasuke

    Naruto- The Great Itachi Uchiha, “ If Now that you are more powerful you start to forget about others, to be arrogant and to be attached to your Ego……. One Day you will become like Madara. No matter how powerful you become never try to shoulder everything alone. Otherwise you will undoubtedly fail.”

    Naruto looks back at the Kages

    Naruto- I do not want to fail anymore… I failed you all once and I don’t want to fail you again…

    Kakashi- You failed us? No Naruto…

    Naruto- Kakashi you must understand that I know my limits and I am weak…

    Raikage-Hmm... Weak, you got to be joking…

    Naruto- I am a fighter but I am considerably weak at many things. I know this now, but that is why I need your strength, your wisdom and your guidance to overcome my limitations.

    Gaara- what do you need from us Naruto.

    Kakashi- We will do whatever we can to help you.

    Raikage, Mei, Akatsuchi and Onoki nods in agreement….Naruto smiles

    Naruto- what I need from all of you is to teach me…

    Akatsuchi- Teach you what exactly?

    Naruto looks at Raikage

    Naruto- Lighting Affinity

    Naruto looks at Sasuke up in the Balcony

    Naruto- Fire Affinity

    Naruto looks down at Onoki

    Naruto- Earth Affinity…I know this is a lot to ask and on such a short time table but I can’t do this on my own anymore.

    Mei- wait…

    Naruto looks over at Mei

    Mei- what about Water Affinity

    Naruto- Oh!... Hehe, yeah I mastered that one.

    Kakashi- Really?!

    Naruto scratches his head and smiles

    Naruto- So… shall we get into the details of our war plan?

    Naruto looks up into the Balcony

    Naruto- Shikamaru… Get down here and tell us the plan already…

    Naruto waves Shikamaru down, but Shikamaru hesitate and looks at Kakashi…Kakashi nods and with that Shikamaru jumps down and stands next to Naruto. Shikamaru pulls out a scroll from his Vest pocket, unravels the scroll and {POOF} a map of the battle field appears……..
    Scene Fades out from the Kages Conversation and focuses on the Balcony.
    Scene zooms on Hinata who can’t keep her eyes of Naruto

    Hinata- Naruto is SO Incredible!

    Sakura- I guess, but he is still no Sasuke

    Sakura looks at Sasuke and Sasuke looks back at her and gives her a smirk, but quickly returns his focus to Naruto with a serious look upon his face.

    Sasuke-{thinking}- Though I myself have grown these 5 years Sakura, I’m surprised you still can’t sense this is a completely different Naruto…. Weak my ass Naruto, you were impressive when you left , so I’m excited but a little bit terrified at what you can do now.

    Kankuro- So how does it feel that Konoha will have Naruto for another Century or so? Hehe…

    Sasuke gives a smirk

    Sasuke -Tiring…

    Hinata- Happy …. but also Sad.


    Sakura- Sad…Why sad Hinata?

    Hinata- Though I am so happy I will get to spend my whole life with him…

    Hinata who is still looking at Naruto, her eyes begin to water

    Hinata- When I’m gone or Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Bee, or Even our entire Generation is gone…. Naruto will be all alone and that is too painful to think about.

    Sakura is now looking at Naruto with a tear running down her cheek, we see the tear falling towards the ground and when it hits the scene cuts back to The Kages Conversation.

    Naruto- So that settles it.

    Naruto Pats Shikamaru on the Back

    Naruto- I will send either Makura or Koudo to you when I am ready to train…So shall we officially make this meeting adjourned?

    Kakashi- Does anyone have any questions?

    The Kages are Silent

    Kakashi- Good, Because we have a lot of work to do.

    Kakashi stands Nods to the other Kages and looks at Naruto

    Kakashi- Shall we get going to Konoha Naruto?

    Naruto sighs deeply

    Naruto- NO.

    Everyone is Shocked and speechless

    Kakashi- …and Why Not?!

    Naruto- I’m Sorry..


    Naruto Looks up towards the Balcony at a crying Hinata

    Hinata- We have been waiting for you {Sniff..Sniff} We’ve been waiting for 5 years for your return…

    Scene zooms in on Hinata’s face which was crying but now has a shocked expression on her face. Scene pans out to see Naruto is standing on the Balcony Railing, Naruto kneels down face to face with Hinata…

    Naruto- Hinata…

    Naruto brushes her hair over her ear and kisses her on the forehead

    Naruto- It is not my time to return to Konoha, Not yet anyways, but very soon.

    Naruto flashes to the doorway where he first entered the summit…Stops and turns to everyone

    Naruto- Makura, Koudo Lets Go!

    Makura and Koudo come from under the Table and in a Black and White Flash land on Naruto’s Scroll. Naruto turns and starts to walk out the door buts sticks his hand in the air and says

    Naruto- See ya later everyone…

    Naruto leaves

    Scene cuts back to the Kage Table where everyone is still in shock

    Raikage- wha..wha….WHAT is the meaning of this Kakashi ?!!!

    Kakashi shrugs his shoulders

    Kakashi- I…I ….I have No Clue, but I will find out.

    Kakashi snaps his Fingers

    Kakashi- Sasuke, Hinata!

    Sasuke and Hinata jump from the balcony and land in on the table in kneeling in front of Kakashi…

    Kakashi- Follow Naruto and though it will be difficult try not to be detected.

    Sasuke and Hinata Nod

    Kakashi- GO NOW!

    With That Sasuke and Hinata Dash out the door after Naruto

    Raikage- Do you want Killer Bee to go with them?

    Kakashi looks up in the balcony and see’s Bee dancing and throwing Gangs signs..

    Kakashi- Bee doesn’t look like he can do under the radar, but thanks anyways.

    Raikage looks up at Bee and starts shaking his head

    Raikage- Good choice Kakashi, because you’re absolutely right.

    Killer Bee- Bro don’t be so cruel, I can dance and throw any beat, without any MoFo Havin the Slightest clue you dig!

    Onoki-{whispers}- Because people ignore you just so they won’t go blind and deaf from watching you dance and hearing you sing… Hehe

    All the Kages hear this and laugh to themselves

    Scene cuts to Naruto walking on a snowy mountain trail

    The scene cuts to Naruto Mind where we see him sitting with Kurama

    Naruto- Kurama, Were they all telling the truth?

    Kurama- there was no disturbance in their chakra network so it seems they were telling the truth.

    Naruto- Hmm….

    Kurama- I know what you mean, with all are research one of the Kages should have known something….

    Naruto- I Know… That’s why it makes it more puzzling.

    Kurama- Naruto, Koudo and Makura are…

    Naruto- yeah I sense it too…. Kurama can you go over and see if I missed anything, because this summit made me have more questions that I will have to go ask…

    Naruto sighs

    Naruto-.... that Geezer.

    Kurama- Grrr… It’s a pain but I will do it.

    Naruto- Thanks

    Scene cuts back to Naruto walking

    Makura- Boss!

    Koudo- We are being followed..

    Naruto- I know… Let’s put on a show for my two friends…

    Koudo- Right.

    Makura- You got it, what do you have in mind Boss?


    To Be Continued....
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    Re: The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 7- The Lesson

    good work again dude! i'm waiting for chapter 8 now. have you released it yet? if not then when are you gonna release it?

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