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Okay, That was a good 5-10 years BEFORE Orochimaru Returned for the chuunin exams..

Age doesnt really 'mean' anything in Naruto... if anything it is a bonus as the older person has EXPERIENCE and Wisdom, This doesnt apply to certain characters I.e Naruto and Itachi who are geniouses and beyond their years.

But Orochimaru would have lost back when he 1st stole them as he didnt have time to perfect or even learn them, so i would have done the same thing.

But the fact of the matter is, when they fought, Oro was stronger, and even the vast exp of the 3rd wasnt enough to beat Oro, so in the end he died.

Look at Madara, im sure we all know he would beat anyone right now 1v1 as he is strong AND wise, and he has the most experience out of everyone in naruto, after having fought the 1st and the 4th and Toyed with Naruto and Kakashi...

Age does mean something, but you are only taking the negatives away from age but it does have positives which you fail to notice.
actually age matters alot even during the fight between oro and the 3rd the anbu dude said that he doesnt have the chackra reserves that he once did and then said he has grown old....that man has mastered more than a 1000 jutsu then why did he only use 3 or 4 ?

and about madara he's a special case cuz if u havent noticed he's the only person that has lived for so long that means that there's some secret to it
but even with that he has grown alot weaker as itachi told sasuke(he's only a mere shell of his former self) if that wasnt the case then he would've captured all the hosts on his own think about it he could've just defeated them and then teleported them right back to exctract the biju from them.