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    How did the other supernovas survive the New World for 2 years?

    If I remember correctly, there was a poll or a thread regarding how to survive in New World, and many agreed that
    they need Haki to survive in the New World? now, how in the hell did the other Supernovas survived it in their early
    appearance in the New World? in what was happening right now in the NW, with no doubt, Haki is a must have
    weapon for a pirate to survive the strongest warriors or even monsters in this part of the grand line.
    if they do have haki now where do they train themselves? if they don't have haki up til now how the hell did they
    survive? if they have haki before they entered the new world how did they get beaten up by a pacifista and not
    landing a hit on admiral Kizaru?

    This confuses me.

    Thoughts about this?

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    Re: How did the other supernovas survive the New World for 2 years?

    It bores my mind too. Imo, they most definitely did not have haki when kizaru stormed sabaody archipelago..

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