Well i really dont know if someone else maded a tread like this one.

But i was thinking something with The Shadow Clones and MS.

Kakashi said that all the Knowledge you collected with a Shadow Clone transfer to the other ones. We all know we seen it a few times already.
but if a Shadow clone suffers damage he disappeers and the Originel and the others will not get that Damage. If you use them alot just like when Naruto trains he becomes Mentaly tired.

Everytime The MS is used the field of vision will be decreased.

But if a Shadow Clone uses a MS tech and suffers Eye damage. Will the Originel also get it?

Because if the eye damage is not shared then you can also have an EMS. as long as the Originel does not use it.

agree or not agree

Discus plz. i want to hear your idea's.

(I know My english sucks i am typing this at 3.19 in the night)