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    why do people say that naruto and saskue r on the same lvl

    i mean lol i dnt even like saskue but he would of gave pain a better fight

    1. how the hell can naruto beat susanoo plz tell me lol cuz i see nothing and no that fail rasnegan shurkin want work on it

    2. now imagine if he shots its arrow at naruto how will he dodge it.
    Because naruto sage mode aka fail mode dose not make you faster he is no were as fast as the raikage.

    3. now if he combains susanoo with amaterasu thats an over kill naruto would be fcked he can not avoid it. Amaterasu alone could kill naruto lol

    4. now kirin which is a one hit die i dnt even have 2 say anything about this

    5 saskue is way smarter and better at fighting the naruto
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