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    Pandaman Hide-and-Seek Official Thread



    Pandaman is a joke character created by the author, Eiichiro Oda. He is, so far, the most notable of Oda's joke characters, having appeared hidden in nearly every One Piece chapter, episode arc, movie, and such. He is also a playable character in One Piece: Grand Battle 2 for the PlayStation and a support character in One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World. In One Piece: Pirates Carnival, not only is there a minigame to find him, but he is a captain in a minigame set in a flaming mansion where you control where the flames go. In the 4th Japanese Fan Poll, Pandaman was voted the 39th most popular character in One Piece.

    Pandaman usually appears as a muscular man with a stylised panda's head, with the word Panda written across his forehead. Whether this is a mask or his real face is unknown. His arms are black with white bamboo tattoos, and on his chest are two heart tattoos. In the series, his appearance often differs from scene to scene. In one scene, he could be seen as a skinny individual with no black arms or tattoos at all. This is apparently because in order to be properly hidden in some scenes, Pandaman's body features need to be less detailed. The only thing that remains constant is his panda head.

    Pandaman appears throughout the series in crowds and backgrounds anywhere as an easter egg character. He can be found posing as a citizen, a pirate, a marine or Government agent, and many others. He can even be found in flashbacks, going as far back as 400 years and also has swapped genders and species on occasion.

    Pandaman's cameos are not limited to his physical appearance, but also include his name or simply his picture as well. So could for instance his name be seen once in Japanese on the Alabasta poneglyp and during the Impel Down arc his name was mentioned on a list of prisoners. It's even possible he's not hidden in the actual chapter, but in the cover page or color spread.


    Pandaman was originally created by Oda for a character design contest called the "New Super Human Contest". This contest allowed artists to submit character designs for wrestlers to be included in the popular anime and manga series Kinnikuman. In December 16, 1998, the comic in which these designs would be included, "Kinnikuman 77 no Nazo", was released and Pandaman was listed as entry number 12.

    When Oda wrote One Piece he decided to include Pandaman as a hidden character, along with a little more backstory. According to Oda, Pandaman is a man of unknown age who originated from Tibet with the mortal blow techniques: Bamboo Leaves Panda Drop, and Giant Panda Deathlock. He was abandoned in a bamboo thicket as an infant and was raised by Giant Pandas. Pandaman would often say that he had seen Kaguyahime. However as no one would believe him, he was often picked on. Since then, Pandaman resolved to become a strong demon superhero. Apparently at some point in time, Pandaman used to be a rich guy living on a certain island until he got into some trouble. Pandaman apparently owed a large sum of money. Since then, the debt collector, Tomato Gang, has been chasing Pandaman in order to collect his debt. Tomato Gang also hired Pandaman's rival Unforgivable Mask to catch him.

    Pandaman made his first appearance in Chapter 44 where Gin first showed up in the Baratie. He was later revealed and identified by Oda in one of the SBS questions of the next volume. In the anime, Pandaman made his first appearance in an actual episode in an earlier scene amongst the Black Cat Pirates. Since his first appearance he has been in every arc, with exception of the Amazon Lily arc, where Pandawoman replaced him due to the circumstances surrounding the arc. Oda later confirmed in SBS form that Pandaman is in love with Pandawoman; but it is currently unknown if the feelings are mutual.


    The purpose of this thread is to play a hide and seek-like game by trying to find Pandaman in the manga chapters and in particular in the most recent ones as those can't be found so easily yet on the internet. Logically however you can still search for him in older chapters too.


    ✘ By default the Basic Forum Rules apply.

    ✘ When you have found a PM cameo, you should at least mention the chapter number and page. The specific panel and/or actual image of the page are optional.

    ✘ It's important to realize that there exist differences in page numbering depending on who scanlated the chapter and/or where the chapter is hosted, so be sure to specify the source.

    ✘ Don't spoil the fun for other people who are still searching for Pandaman.


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