Art Contest of the Month
[July 2013]



1: -Yami- with Strawhat Luffy Drawing

2: geehara with Team 7

3: skehan17 with Luffy/Brothers

4: LegendaryShinobi with Natsu Dragneel


6: Eternal Solitude with Akatsuki

7: Zack Blade with Kakashi Stab

8: Gunjan with Dino

9: Tobi IsA GoodBoy with Blade Maiden

10: YokoKurama with Itachi Uchiha

11: Chibakuu Tensei with Godaime Mizukage

12: Gun Robin with Don't Mess with the admin

13: Nakamazi Itchigo with Kurosaki Ichigo - "Saigo no Getsuga Tenshō"

14: BestFriendsForever with Another Orange Hokage's mischief...

15: Akasha with Troll

16: Nimmy with Levy McGarden

17: Synister. with NaLu

18: Harm with Hokages Reanimated

19: Nocturne with Juubito

20: « Killer Vision » with Cloud Strife

Voting Rules:

  • No Voting for yourself
  • No Asking for people to vote for your work
  • No getting on alternative accounts to vote for yourself
  • No saying mine is better than their
  • Any breaking of any of the rules can result in disqualification
  • Advertising the contest-poll with VM/PM's or in any other way is forbidden

Good luck everyone and don't forget to vote for the the best artwork and not for your friends ^x^