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    Naruto 644

    Continuation to:

    Chapter 644: The Return of the Dragon

    *Naruto is seen pushing his Rasenshuriken in Obito`s chest, pushing the Jinchūriki back*

    Naruto: COOOOME OOOON!!!*Releases the Rasenshuriken, throwing Obito back and watching as the light blue wind shuriken sphere of death explodes in a short lived spectacle of destruction*

    Naruto: Heh…that`ll teach him…*Falls on the ground*

    Hinata: Naruto Kun! *Runs towards Naruto*

    Sakura: Hey, Hinata! Wait up! *Follows the Hyuuga*

    *Hinata is seen helping Naruto get up*

    Naruto: Thanks, Hinata…but im fine, I can’t take damage that easily while im in sage mode.

    Sakura: Hey, Naruto! You did it!

    Naruto: *Smiles* Yeah, I did! *Laughs* Now we just need to take out that other Madara and the job is done!

    Voice coming from the crater left by the Rasenshuriken: I wouldn’t be so sure…

    Naruto (thinking): This Chakra...! So hes still alive!

    Naruto: S*it!! *Jumps back and makes four clones, two of them start making a Rasenshuriken, two of them dash towards the Cratter* Sakura Chan!! Hinata!! DOWN!!! NOW!!!

    Sakura: Naruto what-

    *Naruto`s two clones are killed by two black lances that come out of the smoke*

    Hinata (thinking): But that…*Activates her Byakugan* He`s still there!

    *Out of the smoke a panting Obito comes out*

    Obito: You bastard…you actually damaged me with that last attack…but it wont happen again!

    Naruto: Don’t be so sure!! *His Rasenshuriken is finished so he throws it at Obito*

    Obito (thinking): He threw it! *His orb takes the form of his Juubi Khakkhara and he uses the staff with both hands to defend against the shuriken, it pushes him a bit back, but he is still able to hold his ground*

    Naruto: Here comes a thirds one!! *Throws a third Rasenshuriken towards Obito*

    Obito (thinking): Three?! That’s too much….i have no choice…*We get a close in his rinnegan*

    Obito: Shinra…*We get a close in his rinnegan*

    Hinata (thinking): But that`s…

    Naruto (thinking): No way…

    *The two Rasenshuriken are dismissed with a push of gravity*


    Naruto: He has Nagato`s abilities!

    Obito: Of course…*Smirks* Did you think that just because only one of my eye were Rinnegan I would be restricted to its abilities?*Looks at Naruto`s eyes that have returned to normal* No more sage mode, huh? Well, this makes my job a lot easier.

    Naruto (thinking): Crap! I ran out of Nature energy! I have to go sage mode again but I will have to stay still…

    *Hinata and Sakura, that are between Naruto and Obito take up their fighting stances*

    Hinata: We wont let you hurt Naruto Kun! *Activates her Jūho Sōshiken*

    Sakura: If you want to get to Naruto You`ve got to pass through us first! *Puts Chakra in her fists*

    Naruto (thinking): Hinata….Sakura Chan…thank you.

    Obito: Interesting Proposal…*His Juubi staff disappears and two spheres flies to the back of his hands, that are pointed both at Hinata and Sakura*…I accept.

    Naruto (thinking): What the-

    *Both Orbs turn into lances, but right before they hit Sakura and Hinata*

    Naruto (In his KCM): DOWN!!*Jumps on top of both girls, bringing them down to the ground and saving them from the Juubi lance*

    Obito: Well, well...managed to dodge this one, however…*A black sphere flies to Naruto`s side* Lets see you escape this.

    Naruto (thinking): Crap.

    *The Bijuudama is about to explode when Tobirama appears right behind Naruto, ready to save the day*

    Tobirama: Hirashin!! *Grabs Naruto`s shoulder and he disappears along with Hinata and Sakura to reappear at Minato`s side, leaving the Bijuudama explosion behind*

    Minato: I see…I never thought you were a ladies man, Naruto!

    *Naruto and Hinata blush while Sakura just looks plainly pissed off*

    Sakura: Naruto, can you please tell your father that I AM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND?!

    *Sasuke Lands near the group*

    Sasuke: Don’t think you are the only one here with trump cards, Naruto…Just because you`ve got sage mode doesn’t mean you are the only one here who can fight that guy.

    Naruto: Trump card? *Gets up* I didn’t use my trump card yet, Sasuke…

    Tobirama: *Sigh* Every one with their trump cards…whos next?

    Madara: *Snezes* What the hell?

    Hashirama: Keep focused in the fight, Madara! *His wood dragon dashes at Madara , who manages to dodge it*
    Madara (thinking): Hmm….even if this interferes with my plan…*Smiles while he makes a Susanoo to kill off the wood dragon* This is quite fun…

    *Meanwhile, back to the main fight*

    Tobirama: Well, all we can do is to buy you two time…

    Minato: Me and you alone could only buy time enough for Naruto to prepare his attack…I think that this time it will take a bit longer for them to ready their trump cards…

    ???: And that’s why you two will need some backup.

    *Sarutobi lands in front of the group with his adamantine staff in hand*

    Minato: Lord third!

    Tobirama: Saru…

    Sarutobi: Sensei, Minato…lets do this.

    Minato: Don’t let yourself be hit…even if you`re an Edo Tensei if his attack gets you, you`re as good as dead…

    Sarutobi: Understood!

    *The Trio dashes towards Obito*

    Obito: Do you actually think you can defeat me? *Makes a Juubi Blade and tries to slash, Minato and Tobirama disappear, however Sarutobi blocks the attack with his staff* What the- *Is hit by a Rasengan made by Minato on his bach, similar to the scene 16 years ago*

    Minato: History repeats itself…huh, Obito?

    Obito: Damn you….*Chakra hands come out of his back, but Minato teleports away before it can hit him*

    *Tobirama appears nearby making handseals*

    Tobirama: Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu! *A Gigantic Water Dragon appears out of nowhere and engulfs Obito flying on the air*

    Obito: Damn you, Hokages….DAMN YOU ALL!!! *Obito Shinra Tensei`s the Dragon and uses both his hands to do Juubi Blades and tries to slash the Hokages, while the second and fourth Hokage teleport away, the fourth endures the attack with his Adamantine staff before body flickering and landing with a knee in Obito`s face*

    Sarutobi: Don’t think you can cut through my adamantine staff…*Sarutobi then uses Obito`s chest as a trampoline to jump back and meet with the other two Hokage*

    Obito: Enough of playing!! Shinra Tensei!! *A wave of gravity pulls the three Hokage back* I will kill you all and then i`ll go after the Jinchuriki *Obito is about to be hit by an Amaterasu when he blocks it with his Juubi Shield* You…

    Sasuke: Did you think I would let you kill off the Hokages I worked so hard to bring back...?

    Obito: I will still kill them… But ill start by you. Any last words?

    Sasuke: Actually…yes…*Raises his hand up to the sky and suddenly out of the clouds a gigantic thunder dragon appears*

    Obito (thinking): The kirin…

    *Minato is seen getting up, no longer in his bijuu mode form*

    Minato: A giant lightning dragon…what the hell?

    Sasuke: Disapear….with the thunder clap.*Brings his right hand down and the dragon falls on Obito*

    Author`s note: I wont be doing some predictions in a while. If anyone likes this please check out my fanfiction (link is in my signature)
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    Re: Naruto 644

    Great work! I really liked this!

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    Re: Naruto 644

    easily the best prediction i have ever read

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    Re: Naruto 644

    Minato ftg seal has been erased on obito...hiruzen is dead....tobirama is more hot headed then minato thererore making him more talkative and involved then he was. and I doubt minato would be out of his tnj trans by next chapter!

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    Had a Todoroki gif before it
    was cool.

    Re: Naruto 644

    Quote Originally Posted by Miyata View Post
    Minato ftg seal has been erased on obito...hiruzen is dead....tobirama is more hot headed then minato thererore making him more talkative and involved then he was. and I doubt minato would be out of his tnj trans by next chapter!
    1. Tobirama survived, why wouldnt Hiruzen?
    2. I never said Anything about seals...
    3. Yeah, i never get Tobirama`s character right...

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    Re: Naruto 644

    I really liked this!

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