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    [Sharingan Awakening] x iiiMPerFeCT

    Reason for injury: Sharingan Awakening Training.
    Description of Injury Bat broken after several successful attacks on my abdomen & ribs, several punches to my face, a kick to my abdomen, a Rasengan to my chest, several explosions made directly to my body, soaked & electrocuted and a series of several successful punches.
    Location: Mainly upper body, but injuries all over.
    Type: Awakening.
    Severity: Pretty Severe.
    Link to the thread injury occurred in:
    Link to the biography that is injured: Shayde Uchiha (also in bio)
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    Re: [Sharingan Awakening] x iiiMPerFeCT

    The door opens and a young man walks in. Whistling Noctis walks towards the bed, but suddenly he stops whistling, seeing his patient, whose name is Shayde according to the paper on the bed. But Shayde's eyes are closed, there seems to be no breathing. Noctis grabs Shayde's wrist carefully, and tries to feel his pulse, but there is none. Desperately, Noctis tries to find any signs of life, but Shayde does not seem to be still alive. Noctis shakes his head and pulls the blanket over Shayde's head.
    "The second one today already.. Rest in peace"

    The wounds of the training are too severe and you would have died. Rasengan to your chest is severe and near death, soaked and electrocuted is severe and near death, several explosions directly to the body, death. Two near death and one death definitely makes the conclusion easy.
    This counts towards the three bio deaths.

    Unfortunately, this renders your training invalid and you will have to get your sharingan activated properly. Vìncent will have a word with Cobalt about this incident.

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