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    Naruto fanfic: A future without you, chapter four

    Since this has a slightly-different back ground than the actual story of Naruto, I decided to include someone.
    Please comment.

    Chapter four: Punishment

    Karin woke up at the inn, with Sakura, Hinata and Ino leaning over her. The three looked very concerned, and fuzzy. She had to distinguish them by shape and color.

    “Are you okay?” Hinata asked.

    Karin sat up, groggy and bruised. “Where are my glasses?”

    “Ummm…” Ino said awkwardly, holding up a pair of smashed spectacles.

    Karin gaped. “No! Wait… What happened to the guys who jumped me? And how’d I get back here?”

    “You don’t know either?” Sakura asked. “We were planning on asking you.”

    “I remember going out with Jugo and Suigetsu.” She recalled. “We were going to try and break into Amegakure, when we were attacked by…”

    She gasped. It was a group of cloaked individuals using ancient fuinjutsu. They caught Suigetsu and Jugo, and offered her an invitation to join them. After she refused, they beat her up. But she managed to escape and hide in some alley way.

    “What is it, Karin-chan?” Hinata asked.

    “Why were you trying to break into Ame?” Ino asked. “We don’t need to break in. The retainers will escort us to Tsubasa soon.”

    “It was just a silly whim of Suigetsu’s.” Karin crossed her arms. “And I was bored.”

    The door opened, with Sasuke, Kakashi, Neji, and Kiba walking in. They looked grim and serious. Sasuke looked more so than usual.

    “You’re up.” Kakashi smiled.

    “What’s wrong with you guys?” Karin demanded, reaching up to push her glasses back when she remembered they weren’t there anymore. “You act like someone shot your puppy or something.”

    “Hey!” Kiba reached down to cover Akamaru’s ears. ‘Don’t say that around Akamaru.”


    Sasuke stalked over to her, more angry than usual. “Explain this.”

    “Explain what?” She straightened up, grinning and trying to fix her hair.

    Sasuke took a paper or flier or some such blurry nonsense and waved it at her.

    Karin squinted. “What am I supposed to be looking at?”

    Sakura took it in her hands. “It’s a wanted poster. ‘Rogue clans on the loose; Beware!’ Wow, there’s a lot of them here… Yuki, Sora, Yota, Amagiri, Jugo—”

    “Look at the bottom right. The third clan symbol from the bottom.” Neji told her.

    She scanned with her eyes and tightened her grip on the paper.

    “The Uzumaki…” She whispered, making Karin flinch.

    “You told us there was no way.” Sasuke said, with just a faint trace of rage. “That all the Uzumaki were wiped out, and You, Naruto, and Nagato Pain were probably the only ones left.”

    “I was sure we were!” She said defensively. “Or at least, that’s what Orochimaru…”

    “You’re information source was Orochimaru?”

    “Enough!” Sakura put her hands up between them.

    “Who rescued you last night?” Sasuke asked. “Tell the truth.”

    Karin drummed her fingers against her head. “I… I don’t know. I remember someone carrying me. He was talking to someone… But I was so out of it… And then they panicked for some reason. Next thing I know I wake up here…”

    Two men in rain coats walked in. “Are you ready? We really should be going. The rain will just get harder.”

    Sasuke took the flier back and stuffed it in his pocket. This was probably code for “Don’t trust them.”

    Karin laced her fingers together between her knees. Who DID rescue her? He was so gentle with her, and his voice sounded familiar.


    “Karin, get dressed okay?” Sakura told her. “We’ll wait for you out here.”

    “Ah! Okay!” She said, getting up as Sakura closed the door. “I guess I’ll just have to forget it for now…”
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________
    Naruto peeled his face off the ground and tried to stand up when Tomoya yanked him into the air again by his collar.

    “How dare you!” He spat.

    “Partner!” Tsuna cried out to him as Uri and Yuuki held him back, looking tormented and furious with Seto, who motioned for Tomoya to drop him.

    Naruto landed on his knees, bending over in pain and gripping his stomach as he hacked up blood.

    “Ugh…” He sighed.

    “Do you understand now, half-blood?” Seto towered over him. “The next time you find one of our own, you bring them back here by force if you must.”

    “Shut up.” Naruto pressed his fist into the ground and got to his feet. “There’s no way I’ll betray… My family… To scum like you.”

    Kairi and the other children were crying as their parents held them back.

    “Leave him alone!” Rika yelled.

    Seto “Humphed” and turned away. “That’s all this time. Don’t screw up again, half-blood.”

    Others joined in as they followed Seto out of the room.”




    “Shut up!” He yelled. “I’m not ‘half-blood!’ I’m Uzumaki Naruto…”

    He started to fall forward when Uri caught him, hugging him as he gripped his head.

    “I’m sorry.” He told him.

    “Partner!” Tsuna was at his side, too. “Why’d you do that? I’m the one—”

    Yuuki clapped a hand over his mouth, and bent down to whisper in his ear: “Quiet, or it’ll all have been in vain.”

    Naruto pushed away from Uri and steadied himself.

    “Aniki!” Kairi called as her parents led her out of the room.

    He gave her and the other children a reassuring smile.

    “Why didn’t you bring the one you found back here?” Uri asked him.

    Naruto blinked the pain from his eyes and wobble back and forth.

    “Because… The curse was telling me she was also a half-blood.”
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    Re: Naruto fanfic: A future without you, chapter four

    Lol, its good

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    Re: Naruto fanfic: A future without you, chapter four

    Well that was interesting... I can see naruto and tsuna leaving the clan. Great chapter

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    Re: Naruto fanfic: A future without you, chapter four

    awesome chp.

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    Re: Naruto fanfic: A future without you, chapter four

    I had a bit of catching up to do, but nice work! This is all very interesting so far.

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    Re: Naruto fanfic: A future without you, chapter four

    Great thus far, notify me when the next chapter is up please

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    Re: Naruto fanfic: A future without you, chapter four

    intersting chapter,, please inform me when you will make next chapter,, nice

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    Re: Naruto fanfic: A future without you, chapter four

    great fanfic keep it up

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