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    [Sharingan Activation Injury] -EdwardSama

    Reason for injury: Sharingan Activation
    Description of Injury Punched to the face hard, stabbed in the stomach (side) by a spear made of lightning, repeatedly whipped by a whip made of lightning, somewhat paralyzed. Some bones in my chest are broken because of A rasengan, hard breathing and tossed around by five kunais with explosive kunais around me.
    Location: Training Grounds.
    Type: Activation
    Severity: Verge to death.
    Link to the thread injruy occurred in:
    Link to the biography that is injured: Sasuke bio in Sig. Sorry but I'm on my phone so I can't make this application that well >.<

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    Re: [Sharingan Activation Injury] -EdwardSama

    The door slams open as a shadow appears within the door way, it comes closer and walks into the room. The shadow appears to look like Sasuke, but as it comes closer to the bed, one can see the clear difference. Now completely visible, Noctis smiles.
    But his smile fades quickly as he sees Sasuke lying in the bed. Looking at all the injuries, and a person that does not seem to breathe. Noctis quickly grabs his wrist and tries to find the pulse but there is none..
    After trying to find any signs of life, Noctis is forced to give up. He shakes his head pulls the blanket over Sasuke's head.
    "Rest in peace my friend"

    The wounds of the training are too severe and you would have died. Stabbed, hit by lightning twice and rasengan did it. You would have bled out and/or died of suffocation.
    This counts towards the three bio deaths.

    Unfortunately, this renders your training invalid and you will have to get your sharingan activated properly. Vìncent will have a word with Cobalt about this incident.

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