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    Naruto-Tōchaku: Home

    You can find all the other chapters here!

    Chapter 2: Home

    It was a cold night in Konoha, a cool autumn night to be more precise. Sukai was walking home in the bitter cold. Then suddenly his sensei, Sasuke came behind him and asked if he wanted to train. Despite being worn out, cold, and obviously tired, Sukai went against his better judgment and agreed for a training session. "Wont my father be worried?" Sukai said, obviously nervous. Sasuke was silent. Then then walked on and little by little, they got closer to the training field. Sasuke then told him, "Kakashi was the one who requested me to do this with you, it's not like I want to be out here with you and not my clan" He said as coldly as ever. Dread came over Sukai as he walked with his mentor. He couldn't think of anything worse than losing your family and friends. "Look sensei, I'm sorry about your family, dont get me wrong, the Uchiha are great but--" "That's enough. I dont need your pity." Sasuke said. In the crisp, cold night, the moon had an unusual yellow glow about it. The rest of the walk was quiet. Noone talked, and finally they reached the training field. "Now Sukai, since you already know your natural elemental affinity, Im going to teach you more to expand your range of jutsu, that is if you can handle the training." "I'll be fine, lets just train." Sukai said stiffly.

    They trained for a night, and into dusk. Exhausted, Sukai frantically got up to his feet after dodging a Chidori blade from Sasuke. His clothes ruined and stained with blood, he goes on the offensive.

    With his intelligence, speed, reflexes, and jutsu, he gets the upper hand fighting his sensei and gets a hit on him. Stumbling back from Sukai's hit, Sasuke unsheathes his blade of Kusanagi. In fear, Sukai then backs up. But after all, his sensei wont kill him, will he? Sukai holds his ground in front of the Sharingan master, and then last known remnant of the infamous Uchiha clan. Sasuke walks over to him and holds out the hilt of the blade to Sukai. "Hmm? Wha--are you giving me your sword?" Sukai said cautiously. "Take it, with your speed, you could become a very good Kenjutsu user. You remind me of someone i used to look up to." Sasuke says to his student. "Lets get you home and rested, we'll continue your training today or tomorrow." "But what about Kumo?" Sukai says. "They'll be training with seperate teachers. We're preparing you for the chunin exams. Kumo will be with Hinata, her mother, and Suta will be training with Naruto." Sasuke said.

    Sasuke then walked Sukai home, where his father was waiting.

    "So, how did he do? Good I hope." Said Kakashi, nonchalantly walking to the door of his home. "Sensei, your son is special. He's got talent. you mind if I train him for the chunin exams?" Sasuke said suspiciously excited. "We'll just have to see how his training goes..." As night came over Konoha, Sukai slept his well deserved rest, awaiting his training for the Chunin exams he so desperately wanted to be apart of.

    Authors note:
    I sorta changed up the style of how I make Fanfics, instead of the traditional people talking on the right, I did it like a book. I hope it was okay. I wont focus just on Sukai, although he is the main character. I will mainly focus on their team. Hope you enjoyed!

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    Re: Naruto-Tōchaku: Home

    nice little short but i like it hope to see more

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