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    NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]


    • (actions)
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    • [descriptions of scenery/surrondings]
    • *thoughts*
    • characters
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    Let's enjoy reading now

    645 - Rage of Juubi Jinchurki

    Feelings conveyed and connected !


    [Minato is shown with tears froming in his eyes on left side with Naruto smilling at him at another side]
    Minato: Thank you... (rise his hand to wipe out tears which leak out outside of his eyes.) My son
    [Minato lowers his arms with now serious look on his face as smile draws on his mouth]
    Minato: I am proud of you, Naruto, just give me few seconds
    Naruto(schocked): ?!
    [Minato is shown standing in front of dark half of Kurama]
    Minato: You was right... Kurama, I should listen you before(smiles)
    Dark Kurama: Finally (grins showing giant teeth), now focus on battle...
    Minato: I have to do just one thing before
    Dark Kurama: ?! (strange surprise on his face)
    [Minato is shown taking few step forward with his fist extended towards Dark Kurama while he keeps smile on his face. Water is shown splashing under Minato's feet as water was shown diffusing in curculer shape from under Dark Kurama]
    Minato: I was wrong about you... (become serious) I am really sorry for treating you like thing without emotions and feelings... I would like to know you, not as weapon chakra but as comrade
    Dark Kurama: *even him* Minato...
    Minato: Friends (extend his fist even further)
    Dark Kurama: Yes (extend his giant forepaw formed into fist towards Minato while grining )

    [Big panel shows Minato transforming into tailed beast mode on the left side while keep his left hand formed into fist bumped with Naruto in Tailed beast mode's right hand formed into fist. ]
    Minato: Ahhh !
    [Shot on Minato cloak turning into chakra cloak]
    [Black markings are spreading on his body]
    [Seal changes and new seal forms on Minato's stomach]
    [Black whiskers appear on Minato's both cheeks but thinner and not so bolded as Naruto has.]
    Naruto: Dad ?!
    [Minato complete entering tailed beast mode with serious look]
    Minato: I am ready Naruto !
    Naruto: You really did it (smiles) heheh

    [Naruto with Minato are still bumping their fists, Tobirama is shown standing near them with Sasuke and Juugo standing few steps behind Naruto and Minato.]
    Sasuke: *Fourth too... this amount of such powerfull chakra* (sweat is flows on both sides of his face)
    Juugo: *so he is Uzumaki Naruto... what a power* (turns to Sasuke) Sasuke...
    [Tobirama is shown being touched around his shoulder by Naruto kurama arm.]
    Tobirama: Like Father like son (smiles) *I look forward to your teamwork... Naruto and Fourth * (get kurama cloak as rest while Naruto Kurama arm retracts.)

    [Entire Obito's figure is shown levitating in place with no expresssions on his face as black matter dissolve retracting back into his body. Back Wall of chakra barrier is shown behind Obito, while dust is scattering on ground while falling down.]
    Obito: * Flything thunder god technique... how matter what I did... he always find way around * ?! (reminds Naruto's clones running around and touching alliance shinobi then they got kyuubi cloaks...) so that how (reminds Minato saying to Tobirama that he can teleport anything which has just a bit of his chakra.) I see...
    [Zoom on Obito's face is shown]
    Obito: (rise his right hand and clench into fist)They are really annoying... (rise his look from himself and lock this annoyed look at Naruto and company) I can attack them directly but it won't be effective... I may be outnumbered but real problem is their cooperation attacks and moves they can pull off...
    Obito: * Let's think... ?! Yes, this should surprise them * (smirks as he lower his arm)
    [Obito is shown forming few handseals while spikes on his back light with chakra ]
    Obito: Playtime is over [Stretch his both hands forward while keeping them close to each other with opened palms]

    [Obito is shown shooting off barrage of black matter which almost instant forms into orbs which are comming from both Obito's opened palms]
    [Wide panel shows back of Naruto, Minato Tobirama along with Sasuke and Juugo standing close to them with Obito as small figure levitating in air in background. ]
    Naruto, Minato, Tobirama, Sasuke, Juugo: ?!
    [Wide panel shows Alliance Shinobi army is standing scattered around with question-exclamation mark: "?!"]
    [Backs of Madara's and Hashirama's are shown in front with Barrage of black orbs reaching two front and one side walls of chakra barrier in background inside of giant barrier made of chakra which contain them along with Obito.]
    Madara, Hashirama: ?!
    [Black orbs are shown colliding/hitting chakra barrier in many places as holes forms and open up in each place where black orb hit chakra barrier.]
    Madara(serious face): That is ?! (spot black orbs changing shape take slowly human forms as they enter chakra barrier)
    Hashirama: Clones ?!
    [ All Black matters take human shapes resembling image of Obito as they come out from the barrier in fast blur movement]

    [Naruto along with suprised Minato are shown]
    Naruto: They are clones !
    Minato: You are right Naruto *strange... this chakra barrier shouldn't allow them to pass through it..., not even mentioning entering it...*
    [Tobirama, Sasuke and Juugo are shown.]
    Tobirama: We will counter with shadow clones ! (forms shadow clone handseal)
    Sasuke, Juugo: ?!
    Minato: you heard Lord Second, Naruto ?! Let's do this (forms shadow clone handseal)
    Naruto: I am already on it, Dad (keep shadow clone handseal) Let's go !
    [Many Minato's,Naruto's and Tobirama's clones are shown rushing at great speed in army of Obito's clones direction while bursting chakra cracks ground under their feet. ]
    [Obito's clones are shown charging at Alliance Shinobi Army]
    [Shots on black matter forming in their opened palms]

    [Zoom on Original Obito smirking in far away distance ]
    Obito: You rise to the bait... very well... (focus as he clap both his arms) this will be your end
    [Army of Obito's clones are shown charging at Alliance Shinobi. Some Obito's clones are shown clashing with some nameless shinobi who try to stop them]
    Shinobi 1: You won't get me easy... Fire release: Fire stream ! (blows fire stream)
    Shinobi 2: we will stop you Earth release: Earth spikes ! (slams his hands on ground)
    [Fire stream is shown being nullified at contact with Obito's clones body, same with earth spikes which grows from ground began to crack at contact with Obito's clones body]
    Alliance Shinobi: ?!
    [Some Obito's clones who were charging in forward of army are shown killing many shinobi with black matter technique while rest of them turns to approaching them army of Naruto's, Minato's and Tobirama's clones. ]
    [Suddenly huge and wide water walls explode from ground separating Alliance Shinobi from Obito's clones]
    [Tobirama is shown running at great speed among many of his clones on his left and right side]
    Tobirama: That should stop him (serious face) ?!
    [Obito's clones are shown nullifying giant water walls as they pass through them and pierce hidding behind them shinobi as chakra cloaks are dispersing and fade away.]
    [Naruto is shown runing in blur movement among all his clones on his right and left sides.]
    Naruto(scared): ?! (spot Obito's clones easily nullifying water, his chakra cloaks and killing shinobi)Impossible.. stop it !. *This must be that same stuff Obito used to nullify any ninjutsu ! but how* (forms and throws wind release: Rasenshuriken) Wind release: Rasenshuriken !
    [Minato is shown running in blur movement among all his clones around]
    Minato(worried): It is bad * Now I get it... He used this special substance which is able to nuliffy every ninjutsu to create clones of himself...(spot Wind release: Rasenshuriken being nullified by Obito's clones as well)but somehow it didn't nullify this clone technique...*
    [Suddenly all Obito's clones scattered in very fast movement in Naruto, Tobirama and Minato's clones direction.]

    [Sasuke is shown focused as Juugo forms handseals which cause his body to transform partially.]
    Sasuke: *They are in danger... I have to do something.... There is not other way* Juugo, do it (Sasuke takes his shirt down)
    Juugo(opens his eyes): Nature force: Merging process ! (put his opened palm on Sasuke stomach as juugo's hand penetrates inside his body as red flames cover spread on Juugo's body)
    Juugo: Sasuke... we will become one entinity... I am not sure if there is way to reverse this process once completed..., but you are last and only reason after Kimmimaro's death for me to live in this world..
    [Half of Juugo body is shown merged/absorbed into Sasuke who is in little pain]
    Sasuke(painfull expression): I won't fail you, Juugo
    [Shots on completation of merging process as Juugo's entire body merge perfectly with Sasuke's body]
    Sasuke(opens his eyes with Eternal Mangenkyou sharingan activated in both eyes): Watch me, brother
    [Sasuke's body is shown being similliar to cure seal level 2 but his ems remain as he takes off from ground weaving his wings-arms.]

    [Killer Bee is shown in Hachibi form weaving his tentacles to push Obito's clones away but instead his tentacles desintegrate into nothing as Killer bee cut them fast in half]
    Killer bee: I can't do anything to them... hattsan !
    Hachibi: I run out of idea... ?! wait... There is one way but you can't use it here with rest of shinobi... bee
    Killer Bee: Damn... this bastard is smartass...
    [Gai is shown clashing with one of them while being cloaked by his six gates aura]
    Gai(being pushed away): I see... this sweat like aura can protect me from their deadly attacks (spot wounds on himself) at least to some degree.
    [All remaining Obito clones who attacked alliance shinobi changes direction and charges at Naruto, Minato and Tobirama along with his armies of clones. ]
    [Obito's clones are shown nuliffying any attack used by Naruto, Minato and Tobirama's clones. Naruto's clones are using Rasengan, Minato's clones are using some lightining release attacks and rasengans while Tobirama shots water projectiles at them]
    Naruto, Minato, Tobirama: ?! (spot a lot of their clones being destroyed by Obito)
    [Suddenly many clones of Obito sourround them from all sides.]

    [Rain of chidori spears is falling down hitting Obito's clones and paralyzing them as Sasuke is flying above Minato, Naruto, Tobirama and Obito's clones heads]
    Sasuke: Naruto, Fourth, Second...
    Naruto, Minato: ?! (shot off their kurama arms to grab Sasuke's both shoulders) Lord Second !
    Tobirama: I will teleport to you later... now I will buy us some time!(forms another handseal) Water release: water tower !
    [Obito's clones still being paralyzed restore slowly their nervous system to normal works as they shot off tiny things at nothing suspecting Tobirama behind water tower.]
    [Naruto and Minato are shown picking up themselves using kurama arms which grabs Sasuke's shoulders]
    Naruto/Minato/Sasuke: Lord Second !
    Tobirama: I know (Obito's clones are shown charging at him)
    [Tobirama disappear and appear on Sasuke in next panel]
    [Sasuke fly away as he spot Obito's clones taking off ground and flying after them]
    Naruto: How is this possible ?!
    Minato/Tobirama: *as I thought Becomming Juubi Jinchurki gives many new abilities...*
    Sasuke: Chidori Nagashi !

    [Net of lightinings shot off from Sasuke's body formed around on wide distance hit Obito's clones paralyzing them]
    Sasuke: Naruto, listen... they can only be affected by nature energy as original one...
    Naruto: As I thought (reminds one of Obito's clone attacking Hashirama who block and destroys Obito's clone with no much efforts.) Very well... then I will go into Sage mode
    Light Kurama: stops it ,Naruto
    [Naruto is shown standing in front of Light Kurama]
    Naruto: Why ?! only Senjutsu works on him.
    Kurama: but your senjutsu doesn't make you fast enough to catch up with him... as well as tailed beast mode gives you few new very effective abilities... Unfortunetly your Sage mode pale in compare to Sage mode of the Sage of six paths...
    Naruto: He had it as well ?!
    Kurama: Yes... Sage of six paths created/found out first way to use Nature energy and amplify himself with it entering first Sage mode... also Sage mastered it so he could be in constant Sage mode, absorbing nature energy while being in movement. This was Perfect Sage mode which was taught to frog..., snake and some slug...,Exactly Pefect Sage mode was combination of Toad, Snake/Dragona and Slug Sage mode...
    Naruto: wow... Anyway what do you suggest me to do ?!
    Kurama: You should try to enter Sage mode while being in tailed beast mode.... it shouldn't be too hard but instead of balacing three energies... now you would have to balance four energies...
    Naruto: Ok... I will try it.

    [Some Obito clones avoided Sasuke's chidori nagashi attack and appear behind Sasuke's back]
    Naruto: Sasuke, Father and Lord Second... please buy me some time... I am going to try something !
    Minato, Tobirama: We will do our best Naruto !
    Sasuke: I will try something new... (barrels forms on Sasuke's back as some chakra blasts are charging aimed at incomming Obito's clones) Chakra blasts !
    [Obito's clones are not shown anymore as they faded away from chakra blast.]
    Sasuke: It worked ?!
    Naruto: ?!
    Light Kurama: Naruto, shoot bijuudama at them !
    Dark Kurama: Minato, shoot bijuudama at them !
    Minato: ?!, Ok, son let's do this !
    [Minato and Naruto extend both their arms in remaining Obito's clones direction]
    [small two balls of bijuudama gather]
    [Two small Bijuudama are shot off at Obito's clones, wipe them out from the world. ]

    [Obito is shown emerging outside of chakra barrier while still floating with smirk on his face.]
    Obito: they are persistent... but I will get them !
    [Tobirama is looking at impact of bijuudama's explosions as he suddenly feels strange disturbance in his body ]
    Tobirama: ?!
    [Suddenly roots sprouts on entire Tobirama's body then grows and then forms into big flower's tree with eight big flowers]
    Naruto/Minato: ?!
    [Black bijuudama begin to form close to each flower as dust completly clear up from previous bijuudama explosion]
    Tobirama: *These tiny black things shot off by Obito's clones before... they were seeds !*shit !
    [Obito is shown focused floating high in air]
    Obito: Farewell (Open his eyes) Naruto, Sensei ?!

    [Obito is shown being caught by giant arm covered by fur]
    Obito: ?!
    [Giant Hiruzen Sarutobi is shown covered by white fur around with giant tail comming out of his lower part of back.]
    Hiruzen: I don't let you do that... Obito
    Obito: Tsk... *He merged with Enma... so you finally revealed your full power Hiruzen*
    [Obito is shown crushed by both giant arms of Hiruzen who resembles some moneky-human fusion]
    [Sasuke is shown landing on ground as Naruto jump down on ground while Minato grab Tobirama by shoulder who's is covered by giant tree gorwn up on his body with eight flowers holding Juubi's bijuudama]
    Sasuke, Naruto: ?!
    Minato: I will come back soon ! (disappear along with Tobirama as only smoke is left after him)
    Sasuke: I am going to try one technique (weaves through handseals) Third Hokage keep him in place a little longer ! Fire release: Fire Dragons !
    [Sasuke blow few huge fire dragons into sky then uses blaze release to heat up the atmosphere even more as black thounder clouds forms at sky]
    Naruto: ?! *so much nature energy gather at sky..., what is that technique*
    [Huge explosion occur in far away distance as in instant many mountains are obliterated into nothing along with ground. The shockwave reaches even current battlefield]
    Naruto: Father, Second !
    Sasuke: Calm down, Naruto... They will regenerate and come back (rise his one hand imbued with lightining chakra like chidori)
    [Lightinigs occur at sky flashing across the entire sky above giant Hiruzen holding Obito]

    Sasuke: Third hokage... now ! Kirin!
    [Obito is suddenly released by Giant Hiruzen who shrink in size at very fast rate.]
    Obito: ?! ARGH!!!! (Obito is struck by powerfull lightinings shaped monster)
    [Huge flash blind everyone for split of second then dust rise up from ground covering where Obito was completly.]
    Naruto: *Wow... What a power... . so much nature energy was condensed into that attack*amazing work, Sasuke (smiles)
    Sasuke(smiles back): thanks, Naruto
    [Remaining Alliance Shinobi army is shown ]
    Shinobi: Did it work ?!
    Shinobi 2: he couldn't survive that ! (begin to cheer)
    Shinobi 3: We won ! (cheer)
    [Some dark blur figure is shown behind curtain of falling and scattering dust is shown ]
    [Obito body is shown very badly damaged but his wounds begin to heal already]
    Obito(pick himself up and float in air): who said you won ?! (deadly serious glare)
    [Alliance Shinobi Army is shown shitting in their pants with many shinobi having scared and powerless look while trembling ]
    Shinobi: Impossible... how ?!
    Sasuke, Naruto: shit !
    [Obito is shown caughing blood as his body is shown very much damaged while trying to regenerate]
    Obito: How... you ask... (lower his head) It hurted a lot... I am pissed now ! (rise his face with deadly glare) It will be your end (spikes on Obito's back fire with chakra)

    [Many black tiny things are shown shot off from Obito's body in all direction in huge number]
    Obito: Ahhh !!!
    [Madara and Hashirama are shown stopping their fight as they look with serious glare at screaming Obito.]
    Madara: these are seeds ?!
    Hashirama: What he is up to... don't tell me that (worried look)
    [Black tiny things looking like seeds sink into ground around entire battlefield as Shocked and terrified Shinobi are watching it.]
    Shinobi: What the hell is that ?!
    [Suddenly many tree sprout from ground around battlefield with four flowers forming at each tree ]
    [Naruto and Sasuke and Hiruzen in monkey mode with shocked expression are shown standing close to each other on small hill.]
    Naruto: ?! *I will try to enter Sage mode in Tailed beast mode what Kurama suggested * But What can I do ?!
    Sasuke: Shit... too many...
    Hiruzen: *That is similliar to tree before...* Is he trying to use... shit ! (sweat leak out on his face)

    [Obito is shown with crazy look on his face in distance as he smirks]
    Obito: let's me show you... forest of Bijuudamas ! (crazy laugh)
    [Giant panel shows Huge bijuudama forming at each flower on each tree... There is around twelve of these trees around. ]
    [Last panel shows Whirl appear in air as Kakashi emerges outside of it with serious glare which changes to terryfing face expression.]
    Kakashi: I don't let you... Obito ! (actives Mangenkyou Sharingan in his left eye)

    Will Kakashi stop Obito and save Alliance ?!
    Is the end of the World ?!

    646 - Risky move !

    So, what do you think about my prediction guys ?
    Sorry for any grammar or typing mistakes

    I hope you enjoy reading it
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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    Good but Minato can't form handseals with one arm

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    Liked it a lot ....Seventeen page with entertainment.

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    Enjoyed it :p

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    The story is about Naruto, not Minato. isn't it time to let the main character get his full power and for once in his story defeat someone without help. let go of support characters.

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    great ptedication

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    Sasuke giving hermit power was my thought too and i gave him like you did but this only kicked my prediction out of the lot. Well liked yours did u read mine????
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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    I enjoyed reading this and I like how Hiruzen powered-up. Keep it up!!

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    Way too long

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    I liked it, your predictions is always awesome!

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    Very good! it game me the chills except the final...

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    what a hell is this man just kidding . one of the best predictions as always

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    You did a really good job.

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    quite good but monkey sage mode was funny though

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    You really did a great job there man

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    This was an easy 5/5 Excellent work

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    Not bad, but I want you to write a prediction about the Gokage's arrival ;p

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    Quote Originally Posted by Fair Warning View Post
    Good but Minato can't form handseals with one arm
    Didn't Haku preform seals with one hand?

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    Re: NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 645 "Rage of Juubi Jinchurki" [by KCMNaruto]

    As always Good Job Bro.
    Missed your prediction last week. Were you on a S-rank Mission in the real world?

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