This is my sequel for my Naruto 645 prediction which you can find it here:

Scene starts with Naruto and co. smiling.
Next panel shows them inside the barrier.
Obito:So you returned, ha?Let the fun continuing!
Naruto:You know Obito, when I fought Pain, I thought I will die!And I will never see my friends and my masters!But I still won with Kurama help!Now there are more help than you imagine!My friends are here, the Kage are here, evan Sasuke and my dad!And evan Orochimaru will help us to kick your ass!
Obito: You trust them more than your strength, more than you ninja way!But they failed this world and the shinobi outside!And your dad failed to often !
Naruto:You know, Obito, thank you! Because of you, now I've got more friends than I ever dreamed! And I will never dissapoint them because I never back down!And this is my ninja way!
Minato(thinking)Naruto...You truly are The One who will save this world!Like our master thought!
Naruto:Dad, our master was proud of you ! You know, I wish to be here, to see us how we beat this guy!
Minato:You're right!Now, let's finish him!
Next page shows Naruto and co. running toward Obito.Obito prepares some bijuu damas and fires them to Naruto, but Naruto's team dissapears.Than they apper in another place inside the barrier.
Obito:Crap!It's ok!I know What to do!Yin-Yang Clones Technique!
Obito makes 15 clones.The clones atacks Naruto's team!
Naruto:Damn:(inside his mind)Kurama, lend me some chakra!
Kurama:Sorry, but you used it all earlier!
Naruto:Than I will retun to my old tactic!Tajuu Kage Bunshin no jutsu!
Panl shows hundreds of Naruto's clones.Another panel shows the Kage fighting with Obito's clones!Next page shows Taka fighting with another clones.Tobirama and Orochimaru are in a corner preparing something.
Tobirama:Such many clones!He masters my technique very well!Impressive!
Orochimaru:This is Naruto-kun...Always in the spotlight!Second, do you have a strategy?
Tobirama:Well, I can't think at anything right now?Do you have one?
Orochimaru:Actually, yes!Kuchiose:Edo tensei no justu!
Panel shoes 5 coffins summoned!The coffins are opening.
Last page shows every one astonished.

Who summoned Orochimaru?And why are they astonished?
The End

Sorry for misspeling and grammar.So what are you're thoughts about my prediction?