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    NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 646 "At Last moment" [BY KCMNaruto]


    • (actions)
    • (emotions)
    • [descriptions of scenery/surrondings]
    • *thoughts*
    • characters
    • techniques
    • SFX (sounds effects)

    Let's enjoy reading now

    646 - At Last moment

    Infinite Tsukyomii start... !!

    [Juubi is casted out of Obito's body forcefully but not completly as it lands on ground crushing it badly in process under it huge weight.]
    [Juubi is shown laying on it's back as dust rise along with throwing rubbles around completly covering it's along with still floating Obito.]
    [Naruto along with Minato in Tailed beast mode as Dark Kurama and Light Kurama are shown holding still charging huge Tailed beast bomb in front of their giant jaws.]
    Minato(worried look): It is bad (turns to Naruto and spot lack of surprise on still focused Naruto's face) Naruto, What he is trying to do ?!
    Naruto(focused with serious face): He is using special technique to catch everyone in unending genjutsu where he is God most likely...(sighs) but unfortunetly noone know how this technique will be executed
    Minato(suprised with frown on his face): ?! I see... so That is plan to which Obito is up...(focus) Naruto... we have to stop before it will be too late..
    Naruto(serious): I know dad, I am on it !

    [Madara in small Sussano cloak facing Hashirama as dust is rise at side of them is shown. ]
    Madara(bothered): Damn you Obito... *I have to act right away before it will be too late* Hashirama ! (cocky attitude) Our battle was great fun... but unfortunetly I have bigger concern to care right now. (put his war fan away sticking it to his armor's back.)
    Hashirama: ?! *This disturbance... what is it* (spot Juubi emerging outside of Obito along with Obito focused face while he claps both his hands ) *He is focusing chakra...* ?! (hear Madara) I agree Madara... let's put our battle on later. (looses Sage traits) Damn... I hit My limit at such time !
    [The most part of Juubi which emerged out of Obito's body is shown trying to roll over on it's front/stomach]
    Juubi: Gwargh !!!!
    [Sasuke next ot Juugo is shown watching all action from outside of the barrier. ]
    Sasuke(clench his fist): Damn it ! (angry look on his face) When..., you went ahead of me, Naruto
    Juugo(watches calmly Sasuke anger): *Sasuke...* (remembers when He said that Sasuke after Kimmimaro is only reason that for him to live in that world...) Sasuke... you are the reason of my existence. That why I will do everything to protect you and help you !

    Sasuke(snap out of his thoughts): ?! *Only Senjutsu works on him* ?!(reminds Kabuto mentioning that Juugo clan source power came from Ryuchi cave..., something about nature energy) I have idea(reminds Juugo merging part of his body with Sasuke to save him against Killer Bee ) Juugo, please merge with me completly !
    [Juugo is shown confused at suddenly burst of Sasuke's words]
    Juugo: Are you sure Sasuke ?.. I am not sure if we can seperate from each other after we once become one entity... I have nothing against this idea... after all you are only reason for me to live and like that you could become my eternal cage (smiles)
    Sasuke: I can't let them do all the work while I sit here (pauses) just get to work Juugo.
    Juugo: get ready, Sasuke (forms few handseals)
    Sasuke: I am ready(takes his t-shirt up unrevealing his chest and stomach) Let's do it, Juugo
    Juugo(forms last handseals): Nature force: merging !
    SFX: FORMS !
    [Juugo puts opened palm on Sasuke's chest as red flames spread from Juugo's fingers towards his shoulders . Juugo's palm slowly penetrates inside of Sasuke's body ]

    [Juugo's hand totally is absorbed into Sasuke's body as red flames continue to spread on Juugo's chest and back along with reaching Juugo's another arm]
    [Half of Juugo's body is shown being absorbed fully into Sasuke's chest as other Juugo half is enitre covered by red flames.]
    [Sasuke's enitre body is shown covered by dark black sclera with red flames pattern spreading around his body with his irides become yellow along with his lips turn grey. He grows claw-like nails and his hair grows to waist-length without losing its style also grow large webbed hand-shaped wings on his back. ]
    Sasuke: (check his body) I feel stronger... ?! (nature energy is drawn into Sasuke's body) It is about time for me to step in, Naruto(activates EMS.)
    [Juubi is shown trying to stand in big crater as it can't keep balance, while it is still conected to Obito]
    Juubi: Gwah !!!

    [Obito is shown being focused as his entire body is light by small like flames floating on his skin]
    Obito(frowns occur on his forehead): Silence (forms another handseal) Juubi !
    [Juubi is suddenly paralyzed by strange electro schockwave is shown comming across Juubi's body]
    SFX: SHOCK !
    [The Moon in background is shown slolwy moving down]
    [Entire Alliance Shinobi are shown outside of the chakra barrier.]
    Shinobi: ?!
    [Gai is shown standing close to Lee and Ten Ten , all in Kurama cloak]
    Lee: Gai sensei... we can't stand here like that... my youth energy is burning me from inside ! we have to join (fire in eyes)
    Ten Ten: Lee is right... sitting there will accomplish nothing...(bored look)
    Gai: It doesn't matter... (regret on face) Only Senjutsu works on this bastard !(serious look) besides
    [Mifune, along with Kitsuchi keeping tired Darui standing from both sides are shown walking towards them]
    Gai: everyone else put his hope also in Naruto (turns his look at chakra barrier) that is only left for us... belive in your comrade , Lee and Ten Ten (spot Juubi) *I hope I am right...*
    Lee, Ten Ten: Hi, Gai sensei

    [Tobirama is shown floating in Naruto Kurama shroud along with light Kurama and Dark Kurama still charging Tailed beast bomb which reach giant size already]
    Tobirama: Naruto... Fourth hurry up (gives serious glare to Obito) this guy is too focused... probably can finish his plan at any time.
    [Shots on Naruto in Light Kurama and Minato in Dark Kurama are shown holding giant bijuudama]
    SFX: HOLD !
    Naruto(focused): Damn it...
    Minato(concerned): What's wrong, son ?!
    Naruto: It is not easy to put nature energy in Tailed beast bomb... (sweating) I almost lost balance myself( pigmentation around the eyes along with horizontal bar-like pupils blink few times)
    SFX: BLINK !
    Minato: It is not good (worried look), however considering that Tailed beast bomb is the highest shape manipulation + specific ying yang energy ratio. It may seems impossible (hides his smile) but you are my son after all, I believe you can do this ! I and my half of Kurama will focus on keeping tailed beast bomb ! (spot Sasuke at corner of his eye) Second, please teleport Sasuke here as well... any help possible to buy some time for us will be important
    Naruto: Thanks dad (smirks) that is risky but please keep tailed beast bomb while I will insert nature energy into that !

    Tobirama: But Fourth... Uchiha boy (spot changes in Sasuke's look) I got it... I will be back soon !
    [Tobirama disappear from Naruto Kurama shroud]
    SFX: Disappear !
    [Tobirama appear next To Sasuke]
    SFX: Appear !
    Sasuke: ?!
    Tobirama: Grab me, Uchiha ! (extends his hand towards Sasuke)
    Sasuke: Hmpf (grabs Tobirama's hand with his own extended)
    [Tobirama and Sasuke disappear in flash as in background we see chakra barrier with Moon placed much lower now.]
    [Tobirama appear along with Sasuke next to giant light kurama and dark kurama holding giant tailed beast bomb]
    Naruto: ?! *I feel nature energy in* Sasuke..., I see that you can draw nature energy in your body as well, am I wrong ?
    Sasuke: No I can't (serious look), I merged with my teamate but it is not important now. (feel disturbance in his body...) I can't control this nature energy unlike you (enraged)
    Naruto: Heh... (extend one Kurama chakra arm and touch Sasuke's shoulder with it.)
    [The balance of Three energies: physical, spiritual and nature are slolwy restoring in Sasuke's body .]
    SFX: STOP !

    Sasuke: ?!
    Naruto: Interesting..., this nature energy feels same as mine... I will balance it for you, just give me few seconds
    Sasuke(impressed): * You changed Naruto(serious glare)*
    Minato (annoyed): Cut this chit chat Naruto and focus !
    Naruto(panicking): yes, you are right (become serious I almost finish)
    [Panel shows circle made of balancing physical and spiritual energies in right balance with nature energy being too small inside of Sasuke]
    [Panel shows circle made of balancing physical and spiritual energies in right balance with nature energy being too much, overhelming remaining of energies inside of Sasuke.]
    [Panel shows circle made of balancing physical and spiritual energies and nature energy in right balance inside of Sasuke. Sasuke get purple pigmentation around his eyes.]
    SFX: Transform !

    Sasuke: ?! *Amazing... I feel much stronger now...* (spot barrier enclosed from top) *I can't use Kirin here * I heard that you need to buy you some time... don't worry I will keep him occupied (smirks)
    [Sasuke is showng flying away in Obito direction in background with Light Kurama anad Dark Kurama's back along with Tobirama in front.]
    [Obito is shown floating still in place while looking totally steady in air with Juubi being frozen below.]
    [The ground below Juubi is cracking at rapid speed, ]
    [Rocks in near are melting while powerfull gush of wind occur around blowing everything away ]
    [Obito open just his sharingan eye as he feel incomming presence of someone]
    Obito: ?! (open his eye) Sasuke..., traitor will never learn it seems (turns his sharingan eye and open Rinnengan as well while watching Giant Bijuudama), What are they trying to do (serious expression), nothing will stop me !
    [Zoom on Sasuke's serious face expression is shown.]

    [Sasuke is shown in mid air while flying in Obito's direction]
    Sasuke: Let's try this...(widden one of EMS eye) Amaterasu !
    SFX: SHOOT !
    [Obito is shown being enclosed inside sphere made of this special black stuff ]
    SFX: Enclose !
    Sasuke: Damn... *I can't insert any nature energy into Amaterasu... Amaterasu just uses tiny bit of nature energy to appear and then I can't do nothing with it once released* but what about it !
    [Sauke activates Incomplete Sussano around himself as he string bow to shoort chakra arrow at Obito]
    Obito(thoughts): *Pathetic... can he ever give up*
    [Sage chakra is shows going into Sussano's arrows and enhance it]
    SFX: FLOWS !
    Sasuke(calm then enraged): Ok.. tank this bastard !
    [Sussano arrows is shows in mid air closing it's distance towards Obito. The moon in background is shown even closer]

    [Sussano arrow is colliding with Black sphere which protect Obito.]
    SFX: CLASH !
    [Sussano arrow is shown being pushed back a bit by Obito's black matter shaped into spikes]
    SFX: PUSH !
    Obito(inside black sphere): As I said... pathetic attempt, traitor (smirks) ?!
    [Sussano arrow is shown going through black sphere, piercing through it while surface of black sphere cracks where Sussano arrow hit. ]
    [Obito increases a lot density of his black sphere puting more layers while trying to stop Sussano's arrows from piercing]
    [Sussano arrow break and dissolve]
    SFX: BREAK !
    Obito: Cursed Sasuke... *i have no idea that you* ?!
    [Shot on Sasuke smirking face]
    [Barrage of Sussano arrows infused with Sage chakra in mid air flying towards Obito are shown]
    Obito: *can use nature energy* ?! (feel many Chakra arrows clashing with his sphere barrier) Damn *I has to focus The most of my power to execute mugen Tsukyiomi... I can't do that while protecting himself from him ! *(enraged) ARGH !
    [All Sussano arrows break in half suddenly as Obito unveil his chakra barrier shaping it into many black spikes which fly towards Sasuke at great speed. ]
    Sasuke: Shit ! ?! (spot Tobirama appearing behind him with his hand touching Sasuke)
    [Black spikes came through air as Sasuke is not in same place anymore.]

    [Obito is shown being suprised with dumbfound look on his face]
    Obito: Where is ?! (get hit by Blaze release arrow) ARGH !
    (Black stuff emerges out of Obito and push blaze release a side at great pace.)
    (Sasuke along with Tobirama standing few inches from Obito are shown)
    Obito(get back on his feet from sitting postion): Second Hokage... Flying Thunder God..., that annoying technique begin to piss me off !
    [Sasuke evolves his Incomplete Sussano into Final Sussano with blaze release sword in one arm with chakra shield in another]
    Sasuke: I will show you my power... imposter !
    [Obito and Sasuke glare at each other]
    Obito: be gone ! (moves his arm forward)
    [Black spikes came through air where Sasuke and Tobirama were standing just before again.]

    Obito: Flying Thunder God again... (looks around) *I will sense them and kill them before they understand what hit them.*
    [Sasuke appear on ground next to Tobirama, who are near Giant Tailed beast bomb hold by Dark and Light Kuramas]
    Tobirama: You are very powerfull , young Uchiha *Watches Sasuke's final Sussano* you resmbles Madara but with Izuna personality...
    Sasuke: ?! Not complete yet ?! How long until you complete it ?!
    Naruto: I almost finished, just a little more *Damn... it was my first try... actually I feel same as I first tried to use Tailed beast bomb in my previous state.*
    Minato: Obito is looking in our direction and he seems to be pissed a lot (sweating). Sasuke... Lord Second please try to buy us a litte more time...
    Tobirama: Ok fourth... but hurry up *It doesn't look good* (serious)
    Sasuke: I will use my most powerfull attack then !

    [Sasuke is shown preparing Yasaka no magatama between Final Sussano arms]
    SFX: FORMS !
    Sasuke(focused): Lord Second... lend me some help
    Tobirama: already on it, young Uchiha (put his arm on Sasuke's shoulder) Let's going !
    [Obito is shown being pissed a lot as he claps his both hands while emitting very powerfull chakra which has overhelming pressure]
    Obito: * I will speed up this processs, I have enough of them interrupting me *
    [Moon is shown quite low... almost being in range of chakra barrier.]
    [Sasuke appears close to Obito as his Finall Sussano hold The biggest Yasaka Magatama possible formed then cover it with Blaze release]
    Sasuke: *Take this bastard* Blaze release: Yasaka Magatama !
    Obito(suprised): ?!
    [Yasaka Magatma is shown colliding with black sphere which protect Obito in last moment]
    Obito(focused): Argh ! *Damn... I need to leave at least quater of my power focused on Moon to not let it rise again...* Damn you ... Sasuke !
    [Black sphere is shown cracking around as Yasaka Magatama covered by black flames shrunk just a bit then continue going finally hit Obito directly]
    Obito: Shit ! Argh!!! (engulfed by black flames which hurt him and burn) ARGHH !!!(suddenly Obito stop screaming as Black flames are still on him)

    [Sasuke is shown along with Tobirama totally surprised. ]
    Sasuke: How ?! You should be dead !
    Tobirama: * It has to be his trick...*
    [Obito is shown pushing remaining black flames out of his body with black stuff as he is regenerating slowly]
    SFX: PUSH !
    Obito: You may infused Amaterasu with your Sage chakra... somehow.. But Amaterasu destroy nature energy also... that why it burned nature energy in itself (pauses ), besides(smirks)
    [The moon is shown in range as Juubi eye is blinking at it, reflecting on it. Appear then disappear]
    Naruto, Minato: Finished ! Sasuke, Lord Second move aside !
    Sasuke, Tobirama: ?! (Tobirama touch Sasuke and they both disappear in smoke)
    [Obito is shown focused as he clap both his arms togehter]
    Obito: It is about time *First I will remove *
    [Giant Light and Dark Kuramas shrouds are shown shooting tailed beast bomb infused with nature energy as white aura glows around Tailed beast bomb ]
    [Zoom on Obito's face is shown]
    Obito(widden his both eyes): *Barrier* ?!

    [Huge mass of black stuff emerges out of Obito forming giant shield in front of himself as Giant Tailed beast bomb clash with it]
    SFX: CLASH !
    Obito: *Damn why this is not stopping, is this not just ninjutsu ?!* ARGHH ! (give all power left him into protecting himsefl)
    [Zoom On Naruto's and Minato's faces floating in their respective kurama shrouds.]
    Naruto, Minato: eat this ,Obito !
    [Tailed beast bomb is shown going further as black stuff begin to crack around as slowly dissolving one after one.]
    Obito: ?! NO !
    [Tailed beast Bomb enhanced with Nature energy hit Obito with full force as very bright light blinds everyone flashing at Obito with terrified expression on his face.]
    [Huge explosion occur inside of chakra barrier. ]
    [Huge mass of dust rise up in air, covering completly what is happeining inside of barrier]
    [Naruto, Minato, Sasuke and Tobirama appear outside of chakra barrier.]
    Naruto: Did it work ?!
    Minato: appearantly (smiles)
    [Chakra Barrier is shown strangly vibrating then cracking and finally dissolving completly into ground]
    [Dust completly clear up revealing huge crater at size of chakra barrier, along with blows of wind blowing around.]
    Sasuke, Tobirama: The barrier ?!

    [Obito is shown very badly damaged all over his body... his skin seems to be burned almost to meat... The blood is spread all over his body as blood continue to leak out of Obito's mouth.]
    [Obito makes just few steps forwards as he fall on his knees and arms]
    Obito: Curse...(pauses) you ! (cough blood as he fall down on ground.)
    SFX: PANT ! FALL !
    [Kakashi appears behind Sasuke, Naruto, Minato and Tobirama from the whirl]
    [Madara lands in front of very badly injured Obito kneeling on his knees]
    SFX: LANDS !
    [Madara is shown forming handseal with evil smirk drawing on his mouth.]
    SFX: FORMS !
    Madara: Finally It is time for my trump card ! (evil smirks)

    647 - Madara's Trump card !

    So, what do you think about my prediction guys ?
    Sorry for any grammar or typing mistakes

    I hope you enjoy reading it
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