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    Naruto 646 Prediction

    Naruto manga 646-

    The opening panel shows Obito as he begins to undergo his bijuu transformation.

    Tobirama-( Damn, he's transforming into the Juubi) 4th! Naruto! Hurry and prepare your attack!

    Naruto- (I can't keep this chakra balance with senjutsu chakra) Dad! I need you to put more power in while I infuse the senjutsu chakra!

    Minato- Alright!

    Minato's bijuu cloak begins to flutter violently as he exerts more and more power.

    Naruto- (Damn this still isn't enough)

    The bijuudama is shown atop Naruto and Minato.
    Then, it begins to shrink.

    Minato/Naruto- What?!

    The next panel shows Bee and the Eight tails.

    Eight Tails- Bee, Naruto is struggling! He needs our help!

    Bee- For Naruto to live, my power I must give, gotta contribute to this fight, time to show them our might! WEEEE!

    Bee uses Naruto's chakra to gain enough power to undergo his bijuu transformation.

    Bee rushes towards Naruto and Minato, stopping at the barrier Obito put up.

    Bee- Can't get thru this barrier, Naruto needing help makes the situation scarier, since I can't go around, my only option is underground. WEEEE!

    Bee is shown jumping into the air, turning upside down.

    Bee - Eight tails twist!!

    Bee begins to twist rapidly in the air as he dives downward drilling into the ground.

    Obito is shown watching as Bee emerges from the ground.

    Obito - (How foolish, all the power I was after.. Is now trapped in this barrier)

    Madara is shown standing in front of Hashirama, looking over at the barrier.

    Madara - ( Obito has skewed of the path of our plan too many times, he can't be trusted anymore )

    Madara looks over and look Hashirama directly in the eye.

    Madara - ( It's time to use.... *THAT* )

    Hashirama is shown with a confused look on his face as Madara suddenly stops in the middle of their fight.

    Hashirama - (What is he up to?)

    Madara closes his eyes, drops his weapons and deactivates his Perfect Sussano'o.

    The next panel shows Sasuke standing with Jugo in front of the alliance.

    Sasuke - ( Naruto... I won't.. )

    Sasuke activates his EM.

    Sasuke- ( I won't let you achieve MY goal!)

    Sasuke activates his Sussano'o only to the second stage.

    Sasuke- Jugo! Help me break through this barrier!

    The next panel shows Naruto, Minato, Tobirama, and Bee standing in front of Obito, who is shown having trouble undergoing his transformation.

    Naruto- Octopops!

    Bee- Drilled thru the dirt, didn't even get hurt, 'cuz it's me, the rappin' Killer Bee. WEEEE!

    Minato- (the eight tails jinchuuriki? He can help us!)

    Obito is shown with only half of the Juubi transformed from his body, standing in front of Naruto, Minato, and Bee.

    Obito- ( This is bad, I need to complete this transformation quickly)

    Naruto- Octopops! Help my dad form a bijuudama while I infuse the senjutsu chakra!

    Bee - Triple threat, that's no joke, time to launch an attack that will make the Juubi croak.WEEE!

    Bee and Minato are shown standing face to face in the bijuu modes while Naruto stands in the middle of them with six chakra arms surrounding the bijuudama.

    Naruto- ( with Bee here, adding senjutsu chakra is easier)

    Naruto is shown focusing trying to absorb more nature energy.

    Naruto- ( I can't let everyone down.. this has to end here)

    The panel shows Sasuke and Jugo arriving at the barrier, attempting to break thru it.

    Jugo- This isn't working!

    Sasuke is shown looking around , until he notices the hole Bee made in the ground.

    Sasuke- There!

    Sasuke and Jugo run towards the hole.

    Sasuke watches inside the barrier as Naruto, Minato and Bee form the bijuudama.

    Sasuke- ( I need to hurry)

    Naruto is shown still focusing , absorbing Nature energy.

    Naruto- Let's go!

    Minato/Bee/Naruto- Sage Art: Massive Bijuudama!

    The bijuudama is launched at Obito as he completes his transformation.

    The final panel shows the bijuudama in front of the Juubi about to hit it.

    Sasuke- Narutoooo!


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    Re: Naruto 646 Prediction

    Interesting prediction, the only thing I was confused about was what Sasuke planned on doing. Either way, nice job!

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    Re: Naruto 646 Prediction

    good prediction dude

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    Re: Naruto 646 Prediction

    nice read bro

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    Re: Naruto 646 Prediction

    Good job that was real good

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    Re: Naruto 646 Prediction

    Nice prediction sounds possible

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    Re: Naruto 646 Prediction

    This was really good!

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