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    Awards Showcase

    Silly Genin Battle: Neji VS Kiba

    Tiny short story I wrote cause I was bored.

    “Tsuuga!” barked the young Inuzuka as his body began to spin with such rapidity that he merely appeared a blur; a human tornado, which rolled widely through the air, headlong, towards Neji's face.

    Neji narrowed his eyes-Byakugan activated-at the incoming assault, analyzing the attack with every bit of intense scrutiny his dojutsu granted before he edged to the right, perfectly avoiding his opponent. Kiba whizzed harmlessly past Neji, sending his long brown hair into disarray, and the Inuzuka's head plunged into the ground with a noisy crash, bringing his rotating body to a stop.

    Neji leaped a small distance away from where his enemy was now bent over, head in the sand, with long cracks snaking away from the point of impact. “Kiba, stop this foolishness!” he said in commanding tone while adopting a Hyuuga battle stance. “I have to interest in fighting you!”

    With his head now lifted, Kiba was down on all fours, long, claw-like finger nails sinking deep into the dirt, glaring murderously at Neji with sharp teeth bared viciously. “If Naruto could beat you then I can to! I've been training!”

    They were in the middle of the wide street in Konoha and curious bystanders had already formed a circle around the both of them in order to watch the battle, the air alive with murmurs and whispers and the midday sun beat down on the rancor. Neji's eyes swam across the crowd in embarrassment and annoyance before returning to Kiba. “Ok, we'll fight later! You're making an absolute fool of yourself! We can't do this here! This is-”

    The Hyuuga was cut off by a shrill bark; Akamaru had leaped directly above him, and from the small dog's underside came a scattered spray of...urine? “Ewww!” Neji shrieked as he evaded every droplet of the 'attack,' which splattered the street instead and peppered the nearby spectators, causing some of them to flee the scene.

    “Kiba,” Neji started again, “what the hell?! Akamaru just tried to pee-”

    “Dynamic Marking failed. Damn it!” cursed Kiba as his little pup scrambled to his side. He extracted a small Soldier pill from the weapons pouch hanging from his lower back and tossed it in Akamaru's direction. With a small leap, a timely catch and a grinding of teeth, Akamaru's fur became more bushy and began to redden until the mutt was a crimson, feral looking beast worthy of his name.

    “We'll use Juujin Henge!” announced Kiba.

    “Are you barking mad?!” cried Neji.

    But a small cloud of white smoke had already surrounded Akamaru and as it cleared, it was apparent that the dog had transformed into the perfect likeness of its owner. Both Kibas grinned savagely and executed the same spinning attack at Neji.

    The Hyuuga evaded them in an impressive display of speed and alacrity, craning into another stance as they sped past and came to a stop a small distance behind him, both crouched like a duo of ravenous beasts. Neji saw small dribbles of saliva at the corners of the lips as they growled and sprung at him once more.

    “Alright Kiba, you asked for this....” Neji remained motionless as the two spinning beasts drew closer and closer. Where they were just an inch from drilling into the Hyuuga's torso, both twisiting bodies were stopped in their tracks. All over a sudden, a surge of chakra burst forth from Neji's entire body and began to spin, violently repelling Kiba and Akamaru, and flinging them into the crowd of spectators. With startled shrieks and alarmed cries, the nosy villagers stampeded away for fear of getting caught in this shinobi clash.

    Kiba was sprawled across three villagers who he had felled with his crash while Akamaru laid motionless on the ground about two feet away. The Inuzuka staggered slowly to his feet but ere' had he regained his footing before Neji darted his palm sharply into Kiba's belly, knocking the wind out of him and sending him to the ground once more. This time he stayed there.

    Akamaru, still transformed into Kiba, tottered to his feet and rushed to his master's aid. Neji was alerted of his approach by a furtive glance and in the next moment, Akamaru collapsed with a yelp beside his lookalike.

    With a disgusted wrinkle of his nose and an annoyed glare, Neji dusted his palms against one another over the defeated duo and muttered silent curses under his breath.

    “...damn dog-brained idiot..”

    The End
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