Kurama said that bijuu's power is calculated by the number of tails. But shukaku and gyukii as well as others dont agree!
But look here~! Just a half part of kyuubis chakra was able to hold his agaings atleast 4 fully transformed bujuus! THats not joke! The kyuubi wasnt even fully transformed and was able to create bijuu dama as much size as created by 4 bujuu! and naruto hasnt even done full transformation and it was just minutes after he transformed!
What do you say! Is it just that kishi wanted to show off kuramas power or that kurama's power*both yin and yang* is really atleast 5 times greater than other bijuu or even gyuki!
I understand juubi but kyuubi! 1/9th of juubi!
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bijuu=opposite of juubi! in sound as there are two!
is this coincidence