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    P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Paths!

    Alright everyone! Part 2 of my prediction has arrived! This one covers Chapters 647 and 648! Hope you all enjoy!! Put a lot of effort into this one!

    Naruto Chapter 647:Madara's Trump Card Part 1!

    [Naruto and Madara are in a deadlock.]

    Madara: (Speaking in his mind) (Angry, Sadistic and Insane look) Damn! This brat is really starting to get on my nerves!! He's stronger stronger than Hashirama!!! No matter how hard I try! I still don't seem to get anywhere! I have no choice....If I want to continue with the project, I must get this kid out of the picture for good. He is the heart of the Shinobi Alliance after all!

    Naruto:Madara, can you stop thinking of just yourself for once and actually help save humanity in any way possible!! If you don't, there won't be any world! Fake or Real! It won't matter because the Juubi won't stop until all of humanity is wiped off the face of the Earth!!


    [Madara uses all of his might to break out of the deadlock, but fails]

    Naruto:Wow...That's a lot of firepower you are putting into this fight. You must be desperate!

    Madara:(Angry look) Wha...WHAT!?

    Naruto:You heard me!! You know that you can't defeat me! And now you are starting to get a little frightened aren't you? Face it Madara! It's over!! Even the former Hokages have acknowledged that I have surpassed them! There is no point in fighting against one another anymore when we, including you are all in danger of the Juubi! Let's set our differences aside for once and work together to defeat him!

    [On the other side of the battlefield, Hashirama, Sasuke and Tobirama are standing their ground against the Juubi.]

    Hashirama: Sasuke! Tobirama! I have an idea!! But it's a risky one!!

    Tobirama:Yea!? Spit it out now!! What is it!??

    Hashirama:I am going to use my Gate of the Great God technique to stop him and Wood Dragon technique to drain it of it's chakra as a distraction while you two go on top of the Juubi and start the sealing process! I will catch up to you both shortly! It's now or never!!

    Tobirama: I hope you know what you are doing brother!

    Sasuke:I'll enter sage mode in case if things get really out of control! Senjutsu is the Juubi's primary weakness after all.

    Tobirama:You can enter sage mode?

    Sasuke:Don't underestimate me Second. Naruto isn't the only member of Team 7 that can use this technique! Allow me to demonstrate!

    [Sasuke enters Sage Mode. Giving him reptilian features similar to Orochimaru's features.]

    Sasuke:Let's get this over with!!!

    [Hashirama performs the Gate of the Great God Technique in attempt to seal the Juubi and the Wood Dragon technique as a distraction.]


    [The Juubi destroys the Gate of the great God and the Wood Dragon and sends Sasuke, Tobirama and Hashirama spiraling across the battlefield. The Juubi then starts rushing toward Naruto and Madara.]

    Naruto:God Dammit Madara!! Come to your senses!! The Juubi is now heading straight for us!! HAVE YOU COMPLETELY LOST IT!!???

    [On the other side of the Battlefield, Sakura and Hinata are watching from afar in horror.]

    Hinata:This is awful, The Juubi is heading straight to Naruto and Madara's position. Everyone else is severly wounded and cannot move! We must do something now! We must help Naruto!!

    Sakua:(Speaking in her mind)(Sad and distraught look) Naruto is all alone out there now....even if I go out there right now to help him! All that I would be doing is just getting in the way now. I just know it.....but I have to try! I have got to do something!! I can't stand to see him get killed!!

    [Sakura rushes toward Naruto's position in distress and desperation. Hinata follows her suit.]

    Sai:Sakura! Hinata! What the hell are you two doing!?

    Choji: Are they going toward Madara or the Juubi?

    Shikamaru:They are probably heading toward Naruto's position to aid him in battle, but at this point we should focus on stopping the Juubi rather than worrying about them! Naruto can hold out on his own against Madara, but not the Juubi! There is no time to waste anymore. I'm going out there!

    Kiba:I'm going out there too!! We should all go out there! He has done plenty for us whereas all that we have done so far ever since we got here is sit on the sidelines!

    Rock Lee:Shikimaru and Kiba are right!! We have done little for Naruto! He has given us portions of his power throughout this battle! Now it's time that we return the favor!!

    Temari:Everyone follow through!! We must stop the Juubi at all costs!!! Naruto is our only hope and we are going to do what ever it takes to prevent the Juubi from getting to him! If he wants to get to Naruto, he will have to get through the Shinobi Alliance first!! Naruto has done enough for us already!! We shall hold off the Juubi at all costs!!

    Shinobi Alliance: Let's go!!!

    Sai:You all go on ahead! I'm going to follow Sakura and Hinata!! They could use some help over there!

    [The Shinobi Alliance rush over to the Juubi and blocks his way to Naruto!]

    Juubi: Well now!? It looks like the Sage has rallied up an alliance of filth in attempt to stop me!!! This is going to be FUN!!!

    Madara: (Speacking in his mind) Excellent! All going according to plan! It's now time to get Naruto out of the picture and activate my trump card at long last!!

    Naruto: [Looks over at the Juubi and the Shinobi Alliance] God dammit! What are you all doing!!??? You are just giving the Juubi precisely what he wants!! It doesn't matter if he wants me first or not because he is just going to after everyone else next!!!

    [On the other side of the battlefield, Orochimaru, Karin, Suigetsu and the five Kage arrive and heal Sasuke, Tobirama, Hirizen and Hashirama.]

    Hashirama: Tsunade....Is that It's been so long since I've seen you..

    Tsunade:(Sad and Worried look) Grandpa!! Are you alright!? Hang on! I will heal you!!

    Hashirama: There is no need for that...I'm just made of Edo Tensei remember..

    Tobirama:You're wrong brother..The Juubi nullifies all ninjutsu with it's Yin-Yang release...We are essentially mortal until the effects wear off...which won't be for a while...It's best if Tsunade heals us immediatly...we must stop the Juubi..The Shinobi Alliance have decided to attack it all on their own...they will all be killed if we are not there by their side..

    Karin:(Sad and Distraught look] Dammit!! Sasuke!!!


    Karin:Don't worry!!! I'm here for you!! Bite down right now!! C'mon! Hurry up!!!!

    [Sasuke, Hashirama, Hirizen and Tobirama are now fully healed and immediatly head towards the Juubi and Shinobi Alliance. Everyone else except for Tsunade and Orochimaru follow suit.]

    Hirizen:It's good to be back! How long was I out?

    Tobirama:Quite awhile! You have missed out on a lot of the fighting!! It's good to have you back!

    Hashirama: Let's go!! Hop to it!!

    Sasuke:(Pondering look) Something doesn't add up with Madara and Naruto...

    Tobirama:What do you mean? The fact that the two are still fighting each other or that Minato and Bee haven't aided him in the battle so far?

    Sasuke:Minato and Bee and heavily wounded right now! Minato is still suffering from the effects of the Juubi's Yin-Yang release! That's understandable..However...I am starting to get the feeling that Madara is planning to do something involving both the Juubi and Naruto!

    Hashirama:What do mean exactly!? Are you saying that Madara is planning to somehow use Naruto against the Juubi??

    Tobirama: Don't be ridiculous brother! There is no way that he can do that!! Unless if he somehow is able to cast a jutsu that is capable of manipulating Naruto's body against his will then the only logical thing that I can think of is him extracting the Kyuubi from Naruto to which he can't do at this point! Naruto is winning the battle, not losing!!

    Sasuke:That's just it! He is losing the battle and is now getting desperate!! A year ago when I encountered Naruto outside of Orochimaru's lair, Naruto entered his one tailed state and I was able to enter Naruto's subconscious and suppress is the Kyuubi!

    Hashirama:(Shocked look) I know exactly what is going to do!! It is what he used against me during out battle at the final valley!!! (Speaking in his mind) Damn you Madara!!! (Speaking Tobirama, Sasuke and Hirizen) THAT'S IT!!! I AM GOING TO NARUTO'S POSITION TO SAVE HIM FROM MADARA!!! YOU ALL GO ON AHEAD!!!!

    Ohnoki:Kage! Disperse!!

    Ay(Raikage): Why? We all need to be there to stop the Juubi!!

    Mei Terumei(Mizukage): We also need to stop Madara as soon as possible! Otherwise all hope is lost!!

    Gaara: Ohnoki and I will go stop the Juubi!! Mizukage! Raikage!! Head to Naruto's position immediately!!

    Mizukaga and Raikage: Right!!

    Hashirama:Damn it!! What part of go on ahead do you all not understand!??

    Tobirama:Why brother!? Allow us or at least me to assist you in defeating Madara once and for all!!

    Hashirama: No brother!! I am the only one who can stop him from doing what he is about to do!! You are needed with the Shinobi alliance!! Besides, this is not even his trump card! But it's the key to activating it!!! He needs a living vessel for this!! And if he can't get what he wants from the outside--

    Sasuke: Then the only way he can get it is--

    [On the other side of the battlefield, Madara begins to laugh maniacally at Naruto's resolve.]

    Madara:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You nieve little brat...very well then! If I can't defeat you....THEN I GUESS THAT I WILL JUST HAVE TO BORROW YOU FOR A LITTLE WHILE!!!

    Naruto:What the hell are you talking about!???

    Kuruma:Naruto!!! Don't look into his eyes!!!!

    Minato:Naruto!!! Get out of there now!!

    Killer Bee: Naruto!! Out of the way!!! I'll hold him off!!!

    Madara:TOO LATE!!!

    [Inside of Naruto's subconscious, Madara appears before Naruto and Kuruma.]

    Naruto:Shit!! You entered my mind!! Just like Sasuke!

    Madara:You thought he was the only Uchiha who could do that!? Pitiful!

    [Madara manipulates Kuruma inside of Naruto's subconscious and has him pin Naruto to the ground.]

    Naruto:Kuruma!! God Dammit!! Snap out of it!!!!

    Madara:It's no use boy!! Izanagi no jutsu!!!

    [Sakura, Hinata, Mei Trumei(Mizukage) Ay(Raikage and Sai appear on the battlefield where Naruto is, only to find that something is not right.]

    [Madara equips Naruto's tailed beast mode onto his final Susanoo, forming the Tailed-Beast Susanoo!]

    Hinata:(Sad look) Naruto!! Don't give in!!

    Sakura:(Sad and Distraught look): Naruto!!!! Wake up!! Wake up!! Please don't let him do this to you!!

    Raikage: Naruto!! Snap out of it!!!

    Madara:(Insane look) It's no use now!! He's mine to control!!!

    Mizukage:(Angered look) He is not your puppet you bastard!!

    [Mizukage prepares to use lava release on Madara's Susanoo, but is interrupted by Madara.]

    Madara:Careful now! I wouldn't do anything that could possibly kill your precious hero! I can simply put an end to his life right now by manipulating his body to do so for me! And I can do that with ease!!

    [Hashirama appears on the battlefield]

    Hashirama:(Angry look Damn you Madara!!! What the hell have you done to that boy!!??? You are actually willing to sink this low!!!??

    Madara:(Sadistic look) If it means to continue Project Tsuki no Me, then yes!!

    Madara has now put his plan into action!! His trump card yet to be revealed!!Naruto Chapter 647: End.

    Naruto Chapter 648:Madara's Trump Card Part 2!

    Madara:It's time to wrap things up here!!

    [Madara sends the Kage spiralling out of proportion]

    Hashirama: EVERYONE!!! GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!! HURRY UP!!!!!

    Madara:If you think that these kids can escape me now then you are sadly mistaken!!

    [Madara looks down at Hinata, Sai and Sakura with the intention of trampling them to death.]

    Hinata:(Shocked look) I must save Naruto however I can!! I won't let him down!!

    [Madara looks down at Hinata in frustration.]

    Madara: And this time YOU won't interfere!!!

    [Madara slices Hinata's stomach open with his Susanoo blade.]


    Hashirama: (Infuriated look)!!!!!

    Madara: Oh please! You know full well of my cruelty by now Hashirama!! What's the matter!? You finally seeing this world for what it truly is for the first time? Don't worry! She will be alive and well within my new genjutsu world that I am about to create!


    Madara: Well that's a little too bad because it's now time for me to activate my trump card!! You will all slumber in my new world soon. So what does it matter if a child is dead or not!!

    Sakura:(Sad with tears and angry look) You...BASTARD!!YOU LET GO OF NARUTO NOW!!! He is not your puppet!!!

    Madara:Hehehehe! Of course he is!! Look at him! He is mindless now! How about I put him into good use! After all, I do recall him saying that it was his birthday today! How about his birthday present be a clean death by the end of the day once I no longer have a use for him? I think that sounds reasonable!

    Hashirama:Sakura! Sai! Get out of here now!! Take Hinata's body to a safe place!! I'll hold him off!!!

    Minato: Me too!

    [Madara looks at Minato with a look of curiosity]

    Minato:I am only going to say this once!! Let go of MY SON NOW!!!!!

    Madara:If you want him!! You are just going to have to peel him off my Susanoo and even then he won't be free of my control!! I'm inside his subconscious and placed him under a genjutsu in his own mind! I have even manipulated the Kyuubi to put on the extra grip on him!!


    Madara: Go ahead and try!! You kill me, then you also kill your son too!

    Killer Bee: Oh yea!! Let's see about that!!!

    Madara:Oh...I almost forgot about you!

    Gyuki:Bee! Get ready!! Whatever happens! We must break Naruto free of Madara's Susanoo and cast Madara out of his subconscious!

    Killer Bee:Got it!!!

    Minato:Hashirama! Bee! Let's seal him up for good this time!!!

    Hashirama and Killer Bee: RIGHT!!!

    [Hashirama activates his Wood Human technique and Killer Bee and Minato charge a Bjiuu bomb at Madara!]

    [Madara deflects the Bijuu bomb with his Susanoo swords and blocks Hashirama's attacks follwed by attacking Hashirama's Wood Human with a Bijuu bomb]

    [Madara rushes over to an incapacitated Obito]

    Madara: I believe that we will have to continue our battle another time Hashirama! It's time to revive myself without your interference!! I will now activate my trump card as planned!!

    [Madara throws chakra receivers that were spawned by Obito when he was a Jinchuriki onto Obito's back.]

    Obito:AAAAHHH!! Damn you!! Ughhhh!!!

    [Madara once again manipulates Obito's body to perform a successful Rinne Tensei jutsu]

    Madara:NOW it's time you repay me for saving your life all those years ago! And this time you won't be able to resist me now that the Juubi is beyond your reach!!!

    Obito: Yea......that's true! But I can at least resist you enough to do one last thing....!!

    Madara:Hmm? in his mind) Now we will finally be together...forever....

    [Obito dies with a smile on his face]

    Madara:How pathetic...

    Hashrirama, Minato, Tobirama, Hirizen:(Shocked look) Shit! We are alive now!? But how!???

    Madara(Shocked and infuriated look) WHAT!!!???? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

    [Madara remembers Obito's words before he died]

    Madara:Grrr! It looks like Obito managed to resist me long enough to revive the other Hokage. This will be trouble...!

    [Tsunade and Orochimaru appear at Hashirama, Minato and Killer Bee's side.]

    Tsunade: Grandpa! Where's Naruto!?

    Hashirama:With Madara...

    Tsunade:(Shocked look) What!?? Why the hell would he-

    Minato: It's not his choice! He is currently possessed by Madara..

    Killer Bee: Madara entered Naruto's subconscious and placed him under a genjutsu and manipulated Kuruma to keep Naruto from breaking free!

    Tsunade:Dammit! [Tsunade notices that Hashirama has been fully revived] Grandpa, did Madara use the-

    Hashirama:Yes, that is part of his trump card! He is going to try to become the Juubi's Jinchuriki and perform the Infinite Tsukyomi jutsu!

    Tsunade:Then what are we doing standing around!?? We need to head over to the rest of the Shinobi Alliance immediately!

    Hashirama: Right! Let's go!!

    [Hashirama, Tsunade, Orochimaru, Minato and Killer Bee leap to the other side of the Battlefield]

    Killer Bee: Has anyone figured out a way that we can free Naruto of Madara's control?

    Orochimaru: There's no need to fret about that!

    [Everyone except for Tsunade looks at Orochimaru with a look of curiosity and distrust]

    Orochimaru:I have just the right person to solve that problem! The only question now is if she will make it in time!

    [Hashirama remembers a zetsu that was left incapacitated in the Uchiha Clan's lair in Konoha and begins to wonder if Orochimaru used it or not.]

    Hashirama:Orochimaru..what did you do with that Zetsu corpse...?

    Orochimaru:You'll soon find out!

    Hashirama:(Look of Disdain) I think I already know!

    Minato:(Shocked and Angered look) Wait a minute!! Don't tell me you-

    [Hashirama, Minato, Tsunade, Orochimaru and Killer Bee finally catch up to Madara and engage in another fight.]

    Madara:Want to dance some more eh? Very well! Have it your way!!

    [Tsunade, Hashirama and Orochimaru enter sage mode and summon a giant slug, snake and a Wood Human to battle Madara with. Minato and Killer Bee enter tailed beast mode.]

    [Minato and Killer Bee attack Madara from behind while Hashirama, Tsunade and Orochimaru attack Madara head on. Madara attacks all of them simultaneously.]

    [ Madara then proceeds to fire a Bijuu bomb of immense size and combines it with his Amaterasu. Minato and Killer Bee fire up a Bijuu bomb rivaling Madara's Bijuu Bomb in size.]

    [Just when the Bijuu bombs are fired, chakra chains come out of nowhere and free Naruto of Madara's Susanoo. Hashirama, Tsunade, Orochimaru take this opportunity to deliver the finishing blow to the now fully resurrected and mortal Madara.]

    Madara:IM...POSSIBLE!!!!! I...lost yet you!? How...?

    Hashirama:Because evil never wins in the end Madara! Your days of terrorizing the world are over! And this time there won't be any young Uchiha that you can brainwash into reviving you! Because unlike the first time we fought, I will make sure that you are actually dead!!

    [Hashirama stabs Madara with his sword and uses Wood Release: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial to seal him.]

    Tsunade:(Look of Joy)It's finally over...

    Orochimaru: Not exactly..we still have a fully conscious Juubi to deal with.

    Tsunade:Shit! I almost forgot about that! Grandpa, we must aid the Shinobi Alliance immediately!

    Hashirama:NO! Not yet, we need to come to Naruto's aid first! He is the only one who can stop the Juubi!

    Orochimaru:Is that so?

    Hashirama:Yes, I am almost certain of it now! When Naruto was fighting Madara, the Juubi called Naruto the Sage. Also, Naruto had somehow recognized the Juubi in it's current form. That can only mean that he is the reincarnation of the Sage of the Six Paths!

    Tsunade:But that's impossible! Naruto doesn't have the Rinnegan!

    Hashirama:Wrong! He has the Rinnegan. He has yet to awaken it however, but he will awaken it very soon.

    [Hashirama, Tsunade and Orochimaru rush over to Naruto's side.]

    [Naruto begins to wake only to find a mysterious figure with red hair by his side calling out his name.]

    Mysterious figure:Naruto! Naruto!! Naruto wake up it's me!!

    That mysterious figure is? Naruto Chapter 648: End
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    Re: P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Pa

    Ooooh, this is great! I want to read more!

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    Re: P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Pa

    Interesting read... This is more of a complete fanfiction than it is a prediction. However, that's what makes it good!

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    Re: P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Pa

    I appreciate the work u've put in ur predictions....but i don't think thts gonna happen........First of all...its too pacy unlike Kishi's style.....I get the feeling tht too much is happening.....Btw no hokage has said tht Naruto has surpassed them......Tobirama mentioned tht Naruto could become an even better hokage than Hashirama...It was okay....But it was more like fan fiction than a prediction....

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    Re: P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Pa

    I was at the edge of my seat the whole time.Orochimaru you crafy crafty devil

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    Re: P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Pa

    No, i'm sorry, but no.

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    Re: P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Pa

    Quite nice

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    Re: P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Pa

    Great man .

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    Re: P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Pa

    Thanks guys. I honestly thought part 1 of my prediction was somewhat accurate until the actual chapter came out. I don't think that anyone who has made a prediction on Narutobase saw that one coming. A God Tree! Holy crap!!

    Btw, can anyone guess who the mysterious figure was at the end of my prediction?

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    Re: P.2 Naruto Chapt. 646-650! Kushina's Return! Madara's Trump Card & Sage of Six Pa

    impressive I must say

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