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    Create your Own justu!!!!!!!!!!

    Any body have any good ideas for a Jutsu of your own creation?!?!?!

    Original ideas only please (no improving on existing ideas) and try not to make it broken (HAX).

    Provide element type and a description of the effect.

    P.S. I did a search of a few different phrasings of this and got nothing and there are no plot elements here so i don't think it qualifies as fan fic in the strictest sense....

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    Re: Create your Own justu!!!!!!!!!!

    I know you said no improving on existing ideas, but this is sort of different. I really like Hidan's voodoo doll style technique, but I would like to see it used for good. Basically, a user casts it on somebody he wants to protect, and all the damage that the protected individual takes is transfered to the caster.

    Also, I would like to see some more poison type jutsus. Maybe something that releases a poison gas and seals off the casters lungs, meaning that he has to defeat his opponent before he suffocates. I like the risk/reward type jutsus.

    How about a magnetic jutsu? Shoots out a magnetic orb that pulls all the opponent's kunai towards it, also allows the user to bend his own shots towards the orb.

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    Re: Create your Own justu!!!!!!!!!!

    Theres a custom submission thread in the RP section that has about 70 pages of this already. :p

    But I've always thought an ice rasengan would be cool.

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