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When did Tobi state that?

Because if that's true then that would mean that Susanoo isn't specific to Sasuke and Itachi like many ppl seem to think. Also, it would imply that there were at least a few more Uchiha who awakened the MS even though we've only heard of 4...
Tobi stated it here It would seem their have been others that attained MS but Itachi stated this before but how many completed MS and gained EMS?

Currently Sasuke now knows how to use a complete Sasanoo which should make his Sasanoo even stronger. The final form of Sasanoo now has armor but as seem with his last Sasanoo a shoot from behind is its actually it weak point. In its previous state a FRS could penetrate Sasanoo in its weak spot. I'm sure a kyuubi+Sage mode FRS could end Sasanoo, if he doesn't have the mirror.