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    [Sharingan Activation] Shadou Uchiha

    Reason for injury: Sharingan Activation training
    Description of Injury Shadou was placed under a genjutsu that made him relive a very traumatic experience in which he had try to forget. The forgotten memory was of his parents being dead along with his clan. He also felt responsible for all of their deaths.
    Location: Mental/mind
    Type: Sharingan Activation training
    Severity: Very Severe
    Link to the thread injury occurred in:
    Link to the biography that is injured: heavy updating)
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    Re: [Sharingan Activation] Shadou Uchiha

    *Noctis walks in and looks at the patient. He looks at the information on the board clipped to the bed and looks up. He then leaves the room without saying a word, as the patient is in a coma.*

    I asked Vincent what to do about mental problems, and since we cannot do anything about it in terms of medical ninjutsu, you will be in a coma for three days.

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    Re: [Sharingan Activation] Shadou Uchiha

    *enters the room and approaches the patient. by doing a quick check on the notes and using his chakra to diagnose the patient he quickly comes to a conclusion*

    Hum...Genjutsu.... Darn! Well, this isn't a lost cause though...

    *Because the Genjutsu wasn't really released, stioll affecting his consicience and his mind, he puts his right hand on the patients forehead while doing the confrontation seal with his left hand and uses his chakra to forcefully stop his chakra flow for a mere moment, restarting it soon after*


    ( Genjutsu: Kai ) - Illusion Technique: Release
    Rank: C-S
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 15-40
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: The user does one hand seal to focus and then proceeds to disturb his chakra flow by forcefully stopping it momentarily and then "spiking" his spiritual energy, unbalancing his chakra. This dispels any genjutsu set upon the user except MS Eye Techniques, Paralysis-like Genjutsu and Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant. The effectiveness of this technique is dependent upon the skill of the user. A Jounin rank ninja can dispel Genjutsu up to C-rank. An S-class ninja can dispel Genjutsu up to B-rank. A Sannin rank ninja can dispel Genjutsu up to A-rank. A Sage rank user can dispel Genjutsu up to S-Rank. The user may use this technique through physical contact on others to dispel them from Genjutsu. The technique can only be used once per turn and the user still needs to fully follow the logic as to why he figured out it was an illusion.

    *patient wakes up hazed, confused and weakened*

    You were under a power genjutsu for a long time. You'll need a few days of rest until your stamina recovers and your mind settles. Drink this 2 days a day and rest for 3 days. Then you can leave

    *leaves a bottle of pre-made medicine with an assormtnet of seditive herbs, antidepressant herbs and energetic herbs*
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