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    Fourth Kazekage

    Yondaime Kazekage


    The Fourth Kazekage (四代目風影, Yondaime Kazekage) was the previous leader of Sunagakure and Gaara's father. Like many Kages of his time, he was known for doing whatever it took to ensure the well being of his village, even going as far as sealing the Shukaku into his son. In the time he was Kage, Sunagakure was going through a shortage in money and mission requests and their political power was going downhill, mainly due to the inability to find a suitable and stable vessel for their Bijuu. Because of this, he had to use his own abilities to financially support the village with Gold. Like the Kazekage before him, the Fourth Kazekage was born with the ability to imbue magnetic abilities into his chakra but instead of using Iron Sand for his techniques, he used Gold Sand. By using his magnetic chakra, he could bring from deep in the ground, large quantities of gold dust that he then manipulated in a very similar way to Gaara's usage of Sand abilities. Unique to him, when he used his abilities, black rings surround his eyes, similar to Gaara's permanent crimson patterns.



    • He has the Magnet Release KG and uses it for his trademark Gold Sand techniques
    • He cannot use the generic application of Magnet Release
    • He is able to manipulate existing gold sand or to bring from underground his own supply of gold dust



    • Member must be S-Jounin Rank and have been a member for two months
    • Member must have started Lightning Release training
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