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    FanFic: Highschool of the Dead Season 3 Chapter 1

    Highschool of the Dead: Chapter 1 (Beginning of the Dead)

    (H.O.T.D. Opening Theme)

    At the beginning of fifth period, Raioneru pulled his books out and sat down in his desk at the back of the class. Mrs. Yurinaka called on him for a math problem.

    Mrs. Yurinaka: Mr. Jaku, can you answer this question for us? What is 7x+43*9-12x?

    Raioneru looked at his paper and began writing out the equation to solve it.

    Mrs. Yurinaka: We're waiting on you, Mr. Jaku.

    Kyano: Hey! Hold on April! He's thinking. I got your back, Raioneru.

    Mrs. Yurinaka: Excuse me, Mr. Tairo! How dare you call your instructor by the first name? I can have you for lunch detention for that comment!

    Kyano: Doesn't matter. I already have detention for Mr. Shido.

    Raioneru held out his fist low to the ground and aimed his knuckles at Kyano. They did a brotherly knuckle touch.

    Mrs. Yurinaka: You both can serve lunch detention! I will-!

    Just then, the PA system turns on.

    PA System: This announcement is for all the students. An emergency situation is taking place inside the school right now. All students must follow your teacher's instructions and evacuate. I repeat, a violent incident is taking place in the school right now. (Sudden Loud feedback from microphone)

    Everyone froze and was quiet.

    Male Student 1: What the hell is going on?

    Female Student 1: Shh!

    PA System: Urgh! Get away from me! Get back! (Short pause) Ahh! Aahhhhh! Help! Heeeelp! Heeeeel-aahhhhh! (Sudden stop, long pause)

    The whole school is silent. Everyone froze with terror on each of their faces. Then suddenly… Everyone began screaming and scrambling into the hallways. Kyano ran over to the window. Raioneru stood up and looked around the class and saw his fellow classmates falling over each other trying to get out of the class. Everyone was gone, even Mrs. Yurinaka. It was only Raioneru and Kyano left.

    Kyano: Raioneru! Come over here!

    He rushed over to him and put his face to the glass. And for miles along the streets, they saw undead monsters roaming around.

    Raioneru: How? How did this happen and no one knew about it?!

    Kyano: I don't know, but we gotta find the others.

    Raioneru looked at him and nodded. They darted out of the classroom and the hallways were a bloody mess. People screaming for their lives, innocent people falling to their backs with an undead monster on top of them. Blood was splashing everywhere. Raioneru's head kept whipping around back and forth at all the people getting attacked. Kyano already started down the hall and noticed his friend wasn't with him. He stopped and looked back.

    Kyano: Jaku! Come on!

    As he started to take off, a zombie grabbed him by the arm and roared in his face. A golf club came flying out of nowhere and hit the zombie in the side of the head. Once it was down, the person curb stomped it. When Raioneru looked up, he saw someone he hasn't talked to in ages. A childhood friend from a different district. It was Joji Furanku. A now muscular guy compared to his former self.

    Joji: It's time to go, Raioneru.

    He nodded. Joji led the way and ran in front. Since Raioneru was unarmed, he stayed close behind Joji. Joji elbowed a zombie in the face and kicked another one into the lockers.

    Kyano: What happened back there? You froze up!

    Raioneru: I'm fine now. It won't happen again. We need to find the others then get out of this ****ing school.

    Joji: Agreed.

    They continue down the hall.

    Raioneru: When the hell did you get back, Joji?

    Joji: This morning. I was transferred from Okinawa.

    Raioneru: And you didn't even call.

    Joji: I wanted it to be a surprise, but then this shit happened. (Hits a zombie in the face)

    Raioneru: I think we've had enough surprises for one day. And thanks for saving my ass back there.

    Joji: Anytime. (Looks at Kyano) Hi. I'm Joji Furanku.

    Kyano: Kyano Tairo. Nice to meet you.

    Joji nodded. Raioneru looked at his bloody golf club.

    Raioneru: Joji, where did you get a golf club?

    Joji: I joined Fujimi High's Golf Club.

    Kyano: You golf?

    Joji: It's always good to try something new.

    Kyano: I can relate to that. Like that time–

    Raioneru (cutting him off): Hanoki!

    Raioneru spotted Hanoki running up the stairs with another girl.

    Raioneru: No! No! We want to go downstairs! Not up!

    Hanoki: There's no going that way! Look!

    Everyone looked and saw zombies coming up the stairs.

    Kyano: Shit! We need another way out!

    Joji: Or at least a way to get off this ****ing floor!

    Raioneru: Stairs! East side of the building!

    Kyano: Let's go!

    They turned around and ran back down the hallway they came from. Kyano kicked a zombie in the chest, protecting Hanoki.

    Hanoki: Thanks, Tairo!

    Kyano: You're welcome!

    They get to the east wing of the 3rd floor and find the stairs.

    Joji: It's clear!

    Hanoki: Is that Joji?

    Raioneru: I'll explain later! Get down the stairs and run for the front door!

    Everyone dashed through the stairs and at the bottom of the staircase, they had to stop. Zombies flooded the area.

    Kyano: Oh…****…

    Raioneru (whispering): Nobody panic! And keep your voices down. Look. It's like they don't even notice us.

    The zombies were wondering aimlessly around the lobby and not paying them any attention.

    Hanoki: What's going on? They can't see us? But they were chasing us earlier.

    Girl: Maybe their sight is based on sound. We were making a lot of noise on the stairs.

    Hanoki: That's true.

    Raioneru: Um… Hanoki? Who's your uh?

    Hanoki (whispering): Oh! This is Annaretta. She was in my class when this whole thing started.

    Joji: That's a beautiful name.

    Kyano: We can make friends later. Now, we need to think of something.

    Annaretta (Soft, High-pitched voice): Well, since I think their vision is based on sounds, we need to be quiet. There's a science lab down the hall. If we move quietly, we can take a moment to think.

    Kyano: Why not just go slowly for the front door?
    Annaretta: That would be too much noise. The doors squeak every now and then and I don't think we should take that chance.

    Raioneru: She's right. We need to head for the science lab, see if we can find weapons in it, and think of a plan to get the hell out of this school.

    He took Hanoki hand. Joji took Annaretta's hand. He looked at her and gave her a gentle smile. She looked away and started smiling and blushing.

    Raioneru: Let's move.

    They all pressed their backs against the walls and moved slowly to the left and down the hall.

    Kyano: Are we there yet?

    Raioneru: Almost.

    Hanoki stepped on a severed arm and inhaled her breathe, preparing for a scream. Right before she could let it out, Raioneru covered her mouth with his right hand. Hanoki had a surprised look on her face and a tear formed in her eye. He put his index finger over his lips.

    Raioneru (whispering): Shh. Watch out. Severed arm.

    Kyano (whispering): Ugh. ****in' gross.

    Annaretta was holding Joji's hand and staying close behind him. A zombie walked into the wall behind her and she rushed into Joji's arms.

    Joji (whispering): Don't worry. I'll protect you. I won't let anything hurt you.

    Annaretta nodded. They continued down the hallway against the wall. Once they reach the door, Raioneru gently put his hand on the handle. He gave it a gentle push down and the door creaked. He paused for a brief moment and opened it fast. No one was in the room. He looked back at the others and nodded. Everyone ran into the lab and shut the door.

    Kyano: Okay… Don't get me wrong. I've got like 175 hours played on Left 4 Dead 2, but this shit is crazy! I would have never guessed zombies were real.

    Joji: My first day at Fujimi High and I already hate it.

    Hanoki: None of us could have seen this coming. This sudden outbreak of the undead shocked all of us.

    Raioneru: There's a T.V. in here!

    Kyano: Now is not the time for you to watch your soaps on Lifetime.

    Raioneru: No man… The news. We can find out if this thing is happening worldwide


    Raioneru walked to the television and turned it on. He flipped channels until they got to channel 5 news.

    Reporter: My name is Izanagi Kotaga . Right now, we are in the streets of Tokyo and we are witnessing survivors of this outbreak fighting back these… things. We are unsure if they are infected from some kind of infection caused by Prions, Mad-Cow Disease, or Rabies, or if this is some kind of "zombie outbreak". We still don't know where this outbreak originated, but we do have some useful information for you. (Holds the microphone to a survivor's mouth)

    Survivor: I'm Wyatt Johnson. I'm an American tourist from New York City. The infected are dangerous. One bite, and you will turn into one of them. It's been going around that if you shoot them in the head, it destroys their nerve system and their undead bodies will become dead again. If you have a melee weapon such as a bat, pipe, golf club, 2x4 block of wood, same rules apply. Aim for the head. It's the quickest way to bring them down. Now don't let them grab you. They might move slowly, but my travel body that flew in with me was grabbed by one of them and couldn't get free. They are strong and have really good grips. Try to keep your distance.

    Izanagi Kotaga: Thank you Wyatt. If you see, (Cameraman aims camera at a large group of infected walked towards them) they travel in large groups. So try to avoid corners or small areas with limited exits. We are currently experiencing an estimated 4,500 zombies in our country alone. If this is happening in other countries, we are unsure. This has been Reporter Izanagi Dosu, signing out. (Commercial began playing, Black screen)

    Raioneru had turned off the TV. He went over to the chalkboard and drew a stick-figure zombie.

    Raioneru: Okay, so we know the weak spot is the head. (Draws a line to the head and writes weak spot) Izanagi also said that they travel in large groups (draws a bunch of little stick figures behind the big one).

    Hanoki: They can't see and they're slow.

    Raioneru drew a line to the legs and wrote 'slow' and a line to the eyes and wrote 'blind'.

    Kyano: They're strong and have a good grip.

    He drew a line to the upper arm and wrote 'strong' and a line to the hands wrote 'strong grip'.

    Annaretta: They're keen on hearing.

    Raioneru drew a line to the side of its head and wrote 'excellent hearing'.

    Raioneru: So now that we know our enemy a little bit, we won't be clueless and run around the school hoping for an exit. We have strategy now.

    Joji: Our primary objective for now is to find weapons. We need to defend ourselves.

    Kyano: He has a point.

    Hanoki: We can pick up any survivors we find along the way.

    Annaretta: And no splitting up. There is strength in numbers. (Began walking to Joji and cuddle in his arms)

    Raioneru: Alright. First things first. Search this room for weapons.

    Everyone began searching the room for items to benefit them.

    Kyano: Oh shit! (Began taking off his book bag)

    Everyone rushed to him.

    Raioneru: What's wrong?

    Kyano: Nothing! I just remembered this!

    He pulled out a metal pipe the size of a six inch ruler.

    Hanoki: What is it?

    Kyano: My dad bought it for me as a souvenir. Are any of you familiar with Robin from Teen Titans?

    Raioneru: Yeah.

    Joji: Of course.

    Kyano: Well, this is a real life version of his collapsible staff!

    He flicked it open and it extended out to a 5 foot long staff.

    Hanoki: Oh shit! That is so cool!

    Annaretta: Keep your voice down please.

    Hanoki covered her mouth.

    Raioneru: How did you get this? It's amazing!

    Kyano: My father helped with the last 20 episodes of the series.

    Joji: Your father knows Glen Murakami?

    Kyano: Yeah. I was going to show it to my Public Speaking class but I never got the chance to.

    Hanoki: Wow. So I guess you found your weapon huh?

    Kyano: Shit yeah. It's lightweight. It only weighs about 5 pounds.

    Raioneru: Alright everyone. Keep searching.

    Everyone is looking around the room when Raioneru finds a small, locked door on the teacher's desk.

    Raioneru: Joji: I need you here for a sec.

    Joji came up to him and Annaretta was close behind him.

    Raioneru: Can you open this thing? It's locked.

    Joji: Let's find out.

    He wedged the golf club in the handle of the door and used the golf club as a crowbar. The lock broke off and the door swung open.

    Raioneru: Whoa.

    Hanoki: What did you find baby? *gasps* (puts hands over mouth)

    Kyano: Oh…my…****ing…God. This is cooler than my collapsible staff.

    Inside was a .9 millimeter pistol and two magazines next to it. Raioneru picked it up and examined it.

    Raioneru: .9 mm pistol. Standard issue. Not loaded. Two magazines. Why is it here?

    Kyano: That's a good question.

    Joji: Shit, who's complaining?

    Raioneru: Not me. We have three weapons on our side. Hanoki, you're a black belt in karate, right?

    Hanoki: Best kicks in the district. Why?

    Raioneru: Use your strong legs to defend yourself. Don't punch. It's harder for a zombie to grab you if you're kicking. Punching will make it easy for them.

    Hanoki: Right.

    Raioneru: Annaretta, do you have any special skills?

    Annaretta: Well, I-I may be timid, but I'm smart. And I can handle a handgun.

    Raioneru: Well, for now I have the only gun. I could use your brain power if we ever get in a tight situation. Are you able to think on your feet quickly?

    Annaretta: Yes. I got myself and 3 other friends out of a burning building and saved 2 others in the process.

    Raioneru: Excellent. We can use that kind of smarts and quick thinking in a situation like this. If you ever have a good idea, don't hesitate to tell us. It could mean life or death.

    She nodded.

    Annaretta: I was thinking that we could use the south emergency exit but that door has an alarm. It'll attract them.

    Kyano: Good thinking. I was actually thinking about that being a possible exit. But I guess not.

    Raioneru stopped and thought for a second.

    Raioneru: Kyano, Joji. Don't hesitate to **** up any undead bastard that threatens one of us. I'll do the same. Since they're attracted to loud noises, I won't fire unless it's completely necessary.

    Kyano and Joji both nodded.

    Raioneru: We're going to the roof. Try to flag down any helicopters or something to help us evacuate.

    Joji: Great thinking. I'm sure other students have that same idea and have already begun to head in that direction. We might find a lot of people on the roof.

    Raioneru: Alright. (Facial Close-Up) Let's get the **** out of this school.

    (Camera pans around to everyone and they all have a smile of confidence)

    Highschool of the Dead

    End Credits

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    Re: FanFic: Highschool of the Dead Season 3 Chapter 1

    I like that it has a different group.

    Though for HSOTD it surprisingly lacks fanservice !

    A great read. Nice names, nice development!

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    Re: FanFic: Highschool of the Dead Season 3 Chapter 1

    I'd have to watch the first (and so far, only) season again, but I hope you're not drawing too much off the canon group's escape from the school, cause there are a few obvious similarities.

    Pretty nice read, man. I'm looking forward to seeing how this group of survivors fairs

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    Re: FanFic: Highschool of the Dead Season 3 Chapter 1

    Thanks for the support guys! :D

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