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    FanFic: Highschool of the Dead Season 3 Chapter 3

    Highschool of the Dead: Chapter 3 (Survivors Among the Dead)

    (H.O.T.D. Opening Theme)

    (Camera show a shot of the school at an angle)

    Hanoki (to Raioneru): Raioneru. You never told me how Joji came back.

    Jaku looks at Joji hugging Annaretta as they look out the window.

    Raioneru: Hm… if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here talking to you right now. Right when this whole thing started, me and Kyano went to the window and saw that the infected were in the city as well. (Quick flashback to that scene) We ran to the hallway and saw everyone being bitten and dying. (Quick flashback to that scene). I turned around and one of "them" was right in my face. It was about to bite me and then… Joji. He hit it in the head with a golf club and once it was on the ground, he stomped it's head it. He saved me. And I thank him greatly for it.

    Hanoki: Hm… Furanku is a good guy. It's been ages since either one of us saw him.

    Raioneru: He said he was transferred here because he and his family moved again. I hope they're okay.

    Hanoki: I hope all of our families are okay.

    Kyano turned the TV on and began searching for the news channels. Lisa walked from the window to Raioneru. She put her hand on his chest and began rubbing him.

    Lisa: So. What's your name? Raioneru I think?

    Raioneru: Uh… yeah. That's it.

    Lisa: Mmm… you have some nice, tight chest muscles.

    She puts her body on his.

    Hanoki: Hey, *****! Back off!

    Hanoki pushed her into a desk. Kyano, Joji and Annaretta look at the same time.

    Lisa (smug): So. I take it this is your girlfriend?

    Hanoki (serious face): Yeah, I'm his girlfriend. If you touch him again, it'll kick you into last Saturday.

    Lisa (with a smug smile): Okay. (Walks away humming a melody)

    Hanoki looked confused.

    Hanoki: What the **** was that? (looks back at Jaku then back at Lisa walking away) You rub my boyfriend's chest then just walk away like nothing happened?!

    Kyano: Whoa! Hey. Cool it. We're all on the same side.

    Hanoki: I'm not going to be a part of a team that has a cocky ***** like that in it!

    ? (male voice from the hallway): Hi-ya!

    Everyone attention went to the door. They see two shadows out there killing zombies in the hallway.

    ?: I heard voices in the classroom! C'mon!

    They began knocking frantically on the door.

    Joji: Move the desks!

    Kyano, Joji, and Raioneru began tossing the desks out of the way.

    The two pushed the door open and closed it quick. They pressed their backs against the door and sunk down until they were sitting against the door. Their uniforms and weapons were blood strained.

    ?: *huff huff* Thanks for opening the door.

    Raioneru: No problem. Who are you guys?

    ?: My name is Setemaru Setsaiko. This is Tobi Kuretazu. We met this morning when this zombie apocalypse shit started and we've been working well together since. I called my sister and she said her and her boyfriend are trapped in a room in the maintenance building.

    Tobi: Will you help us save her?

    Kyano (looks at Raioneru): We gotta help them.

    Annaretta: It goes against my murals, but I'm ready to help!

    Joji: Anywhere she's goes, I go.

    Lisa: I'm game. Let's help these guys.

    Raioneru looked at Hanoki and she was standing by herself staring down at the floor with her arms folded. Raioneru walked over to her.

    Raioneru: Baby, are you coming with us? You know if you stay, that means I'm staying. 'Cause I'm not leaving you alone in this school.

    Hanoki looked at his and shrugged her shoulders, then looked back at the floor.

    Raioneru: Don't let Lisa get to you. I'm not a tad bit interested in that girl. Only you, Kuransu.

    She smiled.

    Hanoki: I'm going with you, Raioneru.

    Raioneru smiled.

    Raioneru: Alright everyone. Let's get to the maintenance building and save them!

    Joji kicked the door down and everyone ran into the hall.

    Kyano: Ya know, we could've just opened the door…

    Raioneru: Shh! You guys heard that?

    Everyone listened carefully. They heard distant footsteps down the hall. Raioneru and Setemaru ran to the end of the hallway and peeked their heads around the corner. Zombies flooded that hallway.

    Setemaru: Shit! They're everywhere.

    Raioneru: Shh! Keep your voice down!

    Setemaru: Does it make a difference?

    Raioneru: They're blind. They're main sense is sound. (looks back at the others) Come on. Let's tell the others we can't go that way.

    They run back down the hallway.

    Setemaru: Bad news. That hallway is crawling with the undead.

    Tobi: That's okay. I saw another way. C'mon!

    They ran the opposite way of the undead hallway and came across a bridge leading to the upstairs of the maintenance building.

    Kyano: Hell yeah! Good job Tobi!

    Annaretta: Uh… guys…? We got company!

    They looked back and saw the undead approaching.

    Raioneru: Get across the bridge!

    Tobi and Joji ran across with the girls and made sure they were okay. Raioneru, Kyano, and Setemaru hung back a little bit to hold them off long enough for the others to get across. Raioneru took 2 shots and killed two zombies with headshots. Kyano and Setemaru rushed the zombies, covering each other's back at the same time.

    Kyano: Get down!

    Setemaru ducked and Kyano swung above him. He smacked a zombie in the face and knocked its head around 180 degrees. The zombie dropped to the floor.

    Setemaru: *huff huff* Thanks.

    Kyano nodded.

    Joji (calling out): Jaku! (Signals hand to come)

    Raioneru nodded.

    Raioneru: Let's go guys!

    Setemaru bunted a zombie in the face with the middle of the handle of the sledgehammer. He cocked back and slammed the hammer down in the zombies face. Kyano kicked one zombie's kneecap in and it fell down. He hit another zombie with a 3 hit combo then roundhouse kicked it in the face and it fell back into more zombies. The two gripped their weapons tight and ran behind Raioneru. Once they got to the other side of the bridge and in the building, Joji slammed the door behind them.


    Raioneru: Okay. We're on the second floor of the maintenance building. We need to get downstairs a quick and quietly as possible. We don't what's in this building. Setemaru, did your sister tell you what room she was in?

    Setemaru: No. She didn't. The phone disconnected before I got the chance to ask.

    Raioneru: Alright. I don't know if this is a bad idea or not, but we'll have to split into two teams.

    Everyone began murmuring negatively over the idea.

    Raioneru: Just listen! This building is only 2 stories high. The school building for Fujimi High is 3 stories high. There's a lot less ground to cover here. Kyano, Joji, Annaretta, and Tobi will cover the upstairs. Setemaru, Lisa, Hanoki, and myself will cover the bottom floor. Meet back in this spot in 10 minutes. If you're not back, I hope you understand we can't wait for you.

    Kyano: Jaku, are you sure this is a good idea?

    Lisa: Yeah, this is kind of dangerous.

    Raioneru: Yeah. It'll be fine. Now, get going. Let's get this over with fast.

    Kyano's group left and continued down the hallway.

    Raioneru (quietly): At least… I think it'll be fine…

    Hanoki rubbed his back.

    Hanoki: It'll be fine. (Gentle smile)

    Raioneru smiled back.

    Raioneru: Come on. Let's get downstairs.

    They find a staircase and advance slowly down it.

    Raioneru (whispering): Alright everyone. Keep quiet. We don't know what's in this building.

    His group nodded. Hanoki gasped in excitement. She bent down and picked up a crow bar.

    Hanoki: Yes! Now I don't have to kick as much.

    Raioneru: Good. We needed more weapons on our side too.

    At the bottom of the staircase, everyone noticed a ton of blood splashed around everywhere, but no bodies. Severed limbs every here and there, but no bodies to match the limbs. Hanoki covered her mouth and nose because she couldn't bare the smell. Lisa stopped for a second and bent over. She began gagging from the vomit at the back of her throat. Setemaru gently patted her back to help her spit it out. Once she threw up, she swiped her mouth with her sleeve then continued behind Setemaru. Setemaru stopped and pulled out a piece of gum and held it to her. He smiled and she chuckled. Raioneru found a classroom with the door opened. He poked his head in the room and looked around. He saw nothing but blood splashed around so he looked at his group and signaled them to follow him down the hall. After looking in a few more classrooms, Raioneru noticed something odd.

    Kyano: It's quiet up here… too quiet…

    Annaretta: Do you think there's anyone in this building at all?

    Joji: There has to be. An undead apocalypse and there's no one in this building? What are the odds of that?

    Tobi: Slim, but not impossible. Let's keep looking.

    Raioneru's group has paused in the middle of the hallway.

    Raioneru (normal voice): Have you guys noticed anything strange?

    The others looked confused.

    Raioneru: We've been across the whole bottom floor and we haven't heard or seen another soul, dead or alive.

    Setemaru: He's right. No one's in this building. It's completely vacant.

    Hanoki: Setsaiko, try dialing your sister again. Maybe she's hiding somewhere in this building and we just aren't looking hard enough.

    Setemaru: Right.

    He pulled out his phone and flipped it open. He speed dialed his sister and waited a few moments. Then suddenly, everyone jumped. A cell phone began ringing in a nearby classroom. The group inched their way two classrooms down. They all stood in the doorway to the class. The room, much like the others, was splashed in blood. The floors had puddles of blood sitting stagnant. Across the room, across from the door where they stood, a cell phone was buzzing and ringing in a severed hand attached to an arm. Setemaru alone walked slowly across the room. He kneeled down on a dry piece of floor and looked at the severed arm. The arm had blue nail polish and a diamond bracelet around the wrist. As the phone continued to buzz and ring, Setemaru had a flashback to this morning. His sister had the same baby blue nail polish and she had on their grandmother's bracelet. Setemaru's eyes began to tear up as he reached for the arm. He carefully removed the bracelet and held it in his hands in shock. He began gasping and taking shorter breathes. He looked at the phone in the hands' grip. The Caller I.D. had a picture of Setemaru and his sister posing and the contact was listed "Big Brother". Setemaru's heart sank. It sank deeper than it has ever sunk before. Raioneru walked up and stood behind him. He saw the arm and looked back at the girls. He shook his head in disappointment. The girls' eyes began to tear up as well as Setemaru's. Setemaru tried holding back his tears, but he failed and began crying. Tears rolled down his creeks and onto the floor.

    Setemaru (yelling out): I made a promise! I promised Mom I wouldn't let anyone hurt her as long as I walked this planet! I promised!

    Raioneru placed his hand on Setemaru's shoulder and he gasped.

    Raioneru: You couldn't save her, but there is something else you can do for her.

    Setemaru looked up at Raioneru.

    Raioneru: Survive. Survive and live for your sister. Don't give up, never give in, and let your sister live through you. I know she's in a better place now. I just know it.

    Setemaru whipped his face and smiled. He stood up and him and Raioneru locked hands in friendship.

    Setemaru (thinking): Isumi… I love you sis.

    (Camera does a screenshot of Raioneru and Setemaru locking hands with Hanoki and Lisa smiling in the background at the door.)

    Highschool of the Dead

    End Credits

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    Re: FanFic: Highschool of the Dead Season 3 Chapter 3

    Ahaaaa death! Game on survivors... Game on!

    Lol if one does a three hit combo Plus a round house kick... Is it not a four hit combo

    Thanks for the read man!

    Edit: Fanservice... This is now an official HSOTD FF
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    Re: FanFic: Highschool of the Dead Season 3 Chapter 3

    Quote Originally Posted by KGB Kakuzu View Post
    Ahaaaa death! Game on survivors... Game on!

    Lol if one does a three hit combo Plus a round house kick... Is it not a four hit combo

    Thanks for the read man!

    Edit: Fanservice... This is now an official HSOTD FF
    xD it's an official H.O.T.D. Fanfiction now?! Awesome!! I know the ending was sad... reading back makes me wanna cry ): but the survivors had to experience death to make then realize the seriousness of the situation. It isn't a video game or a TV show. The things roaming the school will actually kill them. I was aiming for more of a real life situation like, "If this happened in your high school, what would you do?" Did I succeed? O wo??

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    Re: FanFic: Highschool of the Dead Season 3 Chapter 3

    Please leave comments after you read guys! I enjoy constructive criticism, positive or negative!

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